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  1. Please fix one thing
    Lance Maiden
    There's an Sprint ad right across the lap counter that won't go away. I can't see how many laps there is, please fix this. We all know nascar is sponsored by Sprint.
  2. Good game overall
    Josh Gotlo
    Graphics are awesome and all the real drivers are in the game. Only down fall is that if you don't wanna come in last place you have to race on high aggression most of race and you run out of "energy" with about 60 laps to go and fall from mid 20s to 38th to 41st place.....they want you to buy energy mid race. ......kinda whack
  3. Fix this..
    Lala Loopsy
    OK I was playing this game before I went to bed last night. Since this game is a battery hog my phone dies I was racing auto club I was 1st. I let my phone charge overnight to continue playing in the morning. When I loaded the game back up and before I hit play it still said I was first but when I hit play to resume it put me in 40th -3 laps down?? Wtf! Fix this..
  4. leaper141
    Love this game. Got where I can get E-bucks. Hopefully when there is an update they will be more sponsors and more time showing the cars racing on the track. And as drivers change teams just like the drivers are doing in today's nascar series. And like to see different series like nation wide and trucks would be nice. Now I am not able to purchase e bucks cause it says user not available please fix or give everlasting energy have to stop and wait for the energy to replenish before completing the race.
  5. Great Game, Small Glitch
    Graham Healey
    Great fun game. Really enjoy it. Only problem is that half way through the career season, all drivers end up with 3000 points. Any chance this can be fixed?
  6. Good game
    Ben Thoburn
    I like it, simple to play. Only dislike is the driver energy, it runs down too quickly during a race. Fix this and I would give it 5 stars
  7. It should be much more easy
    engli shehu
    The only way to get a top 10 reward is to be aggresive and to spend all of your energy if you can fix this i will give 5 stars
  8. Can't even play!
    O hai Der
    On download screen, game crashes and never gets past the download screen .-.
  9. Beginning Experience
    Teejay Handley
    While the idea of this being a strategy game is great, I thoroughly enjoy the quick time events, customization, and the financial realism that the game provides. I am most impressed with how the developers have kept up with paint schemes and numbers (though there's still a confusion on why JRM is on the hood of the 40 car). So far so good ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Good game bad advertising
    Nicholas Hassler
    The game is great only one thing I'd add. add a feature on the in race stats hub that says how far behind the leader you are. its hard to tell if youre on the lead lap or not. other than that the game is good. the one MAJOR issue I have is the annoying sprint add that pops up. I get it, its a free game so there has to be ads HOWEVER move it. when its up you can't see the very important info. like my stamina or money or Ebucks in race it blocks the lap counter so you have zero idea how many laps are left.
    Will Granzier
    I like the game, can become a bit repetitive after a while.. But I am glued... First Nascar game I've seen for mobile... BUT Sprint add over the lap counter is a bit of a dumb move... U can't play the game if u can't see the laps.... Pls fix... It deserves 4 stars.. But that's a let down
  12. Really loved it
    Mohit Bhanushali
    But it consumes alot of battery!!!!!!! It's better always to sit at home and play the game because in a single race the battery drops drastically!!!!!!!! Power banks can be really helpful while playing outside!!!!
  13. Can't sync data from phone to tablet
    Jim Lowe
    I have a few games where I can sync my saved game from my phone to the tablet so I can pick up where I left. This game doesn't give you an option so while traveling for work I have a week's worth of career that I can't finish on my tablet now. Gave up on the XBox 360 game so looks like I may be giving up on their mobile app also
  14. Good game
    Domonic Gregory
    Great app, no issues takes some getting used to but allows you get on with it A*****
  15. Brilliant game
    Adam Cruxon
    Wicked game to play. Graphics are cool and I love the speed challenges during the race. Great game for any petrol head.
  16. Great game
    Cody Colbert
    I've had it for a few weeks now and it's definitely a blast. I wish you didn't have to wait so long in between races, but I don't mind it.
  17. Really fun! Will loose money tho.
    Y L
    Great game if you are into simulation style games, only issue I have is i purchased 20.00 worth of items for game, game froze in the same spot.. Witch was the first race of the chase. Every time I tried to load it it would lock at the same point. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall and lost everything.. not very happy
  18. I like it, BUT....
    Dawson Wise
    I like the overall game. It is a fun game that keeps you playing for hours. The only thing is that the driver energy feature doesn't really make sense. The fatigue shouldn't carry over if you do another race right after another if the races in the real world are a week apart. So, refill the energy before the next race. That costs ebucks and it shouldn't. Make it like a video or something. But as it is now, o find myself finishing lower than I usually would because of the fact that driver energy carries over
  19. Good app
    Greg Clayton
    I like this app, but wish it had more in race interaction. I guess instead of a manager app maybe an actual sprint cup driver app.
  20. Eric Clevenger
    Love it. Just wish it was just a bit harder. WILL THE BE A NEW ONE FOR 2015 SEASON?


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Version 1.3.5
* Updated to 2015 drivers and teams
* Various crash fixes



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