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Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

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Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

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Romain Tisserand | Co-Founder, CTO at Playdigious

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Nicolas Lejeune | Product Manager at Playdigious

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Reviews 2,028

  1. Good but...
    Alex Maccagnan
    Great game but there's a bug with the new graphic option "HDR", when turned on, it makes the Fluid dissappear. But as long as I leave it off everything is fine. I trust that the devs Will fix it soon enough. My device is:HTC One Android version: 4.4.2 Im not using ART, still on Dalvik
  2. Good,nice,magnifique jeux HD
    Stan972 HD
    Rien a dire pour le moment... HD,jouabilité impécable (samsung galaxy méga 2)
  3. Crapy graphics
    tim shackleford
    And the liquids aren't to responsive to the tilting of my tablet, but other than that, it's a decent game.
  4. Good but....
    Glen Palmer
    hdr setting does not work (liquid will be invisible) otherwise good game . Samsung galaxy s5
  5. Good game but...
    Mike Larry
    The HDR graphics setting is not working... will give 5 stars after you fix please. I have a Galaxy 4.
  6. Fun game but...
    Jacob Dagenais
    This game is fun but I wish there was some form of multi player (say oil and water) or at least leaderboards.
  7. ⚠ You may find yourself holding your phone level after playing this game set up with accelerometer controls
    James Stec
    Puddle provides an all-around great gaming experience with plenty of challenging levels and beautiful graphics. Its flaws lie in the settings, where you might find yourself not being able to see the liquid after making adjustments. Another downside, however minor, is lack of Play Games support--you'll have to settle for playing against your personal bests rather than against others.
  8. Really fun
    Max Mckenna
    HDR issue make liquid invisible but other than that really good worth the buy
  9. Well I'm in love
    C.Michelle Greene
    This game has it long as u don't turn up hdr & leave things alone.... But u don't realle need to adjust! It looks awese how it is!! This is one of those rare android games tht brings me joy!! I so so so so hope there a even more to come...
  10. App is failing license check
    Michael Legge
    License check failing and no response from the developer for 2 days. I'll update if I ever hear from them. EDIT, still no response after 4 days.
  11. Very good game
    Hércules Dias
    The physics are well developed and the graphics are great. However, the screen rotation/accelerometer and gyroscope controls could be better tuned for a more realistic experience when you actually tilt your phone.
  12. What happened.
    Dectric Howard
    What happened to the clips. I played this before on my wii u but it had clips. But when I play it on my tablet it doesn't have clips
  13. Pauses itself constantly
    Celtic Chrys
    On note 2. Very slow, essentially unplayable.
  14. Great Game
    Samuel James
    BUT!! Don't like the way it was a Tegra exclusive for so long and then had to pay for it again on my Adreno device (I own the THD version too). Why not have made an all in one for all devices at the same time? Oh well still a great game with HID support :)
  15. Excellent Graphics, Excellent Game play
    Stephen Lam
    I got this game for sale for $.99. Easily worth it. It has a very indie feel which i like. The game developer seems to have a background in chemistry. There was bunch of concepts I haven't hear since high school chemistry. It's compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0" (Sprint), although not my Samsung Galaxy Express.
  16. Awesome game!
    Carl Meece III
    I first got this game on my OUYA game console . It's so addicting I had to get it on my 2013 Nexus 7 as well.
  17. Graphical issues
    Zhura Yuk
    Graphical distortions in main menu and black screen after level starts, unable to play on my i9500, return me my money!!
  18. Great Physics Based Game
    Rob Isenberg
    Very fun and challenging, accurate-looking physics engine, good replay value, plays great on my nexus 10. One of three apps I've paid for, and I have no regrets at all (especially since I snagged it at $1).
  19. Bah, hate it. Worst £3.99 ever spent.
    Dan Stevens
    Been after this game since seeing the THD version many months ago. What a let down. Runs like a dog on my S3. Even with all the graphical options turned down. Intro screens are plain and unanimated. Whole thing needs an update, pi$$ poor considering how much cash you're asking. Refund option dissapeared within a few minutes. Robbed !!
    trav whitmer
    Has anyone with a Galaxy Nexus gotten the program to open? Or gotten a response from the developer about it? Even if they sent me a message saying "Haha! We got your money, fool!" at least then I would know they are paying attention..


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Fix possible crash on non-nVidia devices
Fix missing explicit intent in Android 6 (License Check)
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