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Bartosz Brzostek | CTO, 11 bit studios SA

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Marta Fijak | Game Designer

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Blazej Zywiczynski | Producer at 11 bit studios S.A.

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Anna Hawrył | HR Manager

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Reviews 3,250

  1. Not good on the Nexus 7.
    Chuck Bridgen
    It's NOT HD and the walker's legs don't move on the Nexus 7. 9-13-14 graphics still not updated for Android.
  2. Great
    niklas rhöse
    Well-made, good looking and balanced. And above all no annoying in app store, just buy the game and play it. More premium games should choose this payment model.
  3. Tower offense game
    Sinder Hernandez
    Unique concept great visuals at times the game can get extremely challaging but there three type of difficulties if ur having trouble with some of the levels I suggest u play or harder difficulty tho it's more rewarding to succeed after many attempts
  4. Was great until graphics broke
    Noah Ward
    Beautiful, creative, fun game-- now unplayable just like other 11 bit games because the graphics constantly flicker and shimmer. Get a clue 11 bit and FIX YOUR GAMES. Buyer beware.
  5. Awesome game!
    Christophe Lecordier
    Finally a game worth downloading without all the ridiculous in-game purchases!! Great strategy game and very fun and challenging!!
  6. Outstanding TD game
    Albert H
    Very innovative and fun TD game with a twist. The gameplay is really smooth, easy to learn, and the controls are great; it leaves the only difficult part to you (strategy). Very high production values mean you will really enjoy the graphics and the sound too. Everyone should try it even if you are not fan of the genre. Also available on xbox live
  7. Great Game
    jacob moore
    Well worth the money! The difficulty modes make this game that much more challenging. My favorite offense tower game by far!
  8. Please fix textures on Nvidia Shield
    Matthew Roberts
    I remember this game being awesome... But my Nvidia Shield Lollipop doesn't like it.
  9. Loved It
    Robert Estes
    I really likes this game! Very polished and addicting and they added they're own flair to a genre that has been done many times.
  10. Super boring, they took out da graphics!
    antoine anderson
    Love the game, but unlike anomaly korea its missing the graphics. Like the walking with the rocket launcher things and other stuff you had working in korea is no longer in this one!, please put them back it made it a quality game!! Lacking quality!
  11. Great and easy to jump into even still!
    Brian Corey
    This game may be "old" by some peoples standards and would simply dismiss it since it doesn't look like a PS4 game, but those who never give this game a try are really missing out on a great game for mobile or a tablet (playing on a Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 which runs great!)... So if you have a newer Android device, of course this game will run very well but even some older Android devices will run smoothly with this game that's easy to pick up and play and no carrot on a stick IAP's to sneak into your wallet.
  12. Cannot save progress
    Jh Lai
    Everything is perfect, game play is engaging and amazing. One thing which annoys me is that the progress cannot be saved. Not so much of a game to play on-the-go as we must either finish the whole stage or start from the beginning..
  13. Does not work on Nexus 9
    Tony Frost
    Any chance of fixing this fault? Or a refund? Was fine beforehand and a good game but now broken. Please fix this!
  14. Not as good as Anomaly Korea
    Amir Ridwan
    The final level is too hard, it takes the fun out of it. They got it right with the final level if Anomaly Korea.
  15. Dustin Beuerman
    This game is impossible to finish. Each level gets harder as you would expect but the funds to build and upgrade do not go up.
  16. Great Game
    Srinivasan S
    Unique tower offense concept. Graphics is awesome and the strategy planning is good. Its worth buying.
  17. Try this game if you like strategy...
    Ronald Parker
    Great twist on old idea. Short game though, but still well worth the small price, and better on a tablet than phone.
  18. Graphical glitches
    Tony Klassen
    Like many other Droid RAZR users are reporting, an update somewhere along the line completely wrecked the engine on this GPU. Flickering and artifacting cover the map in both tactical and strategic view. It was a fun game I never got around to finishing! :(
  19. Love it... But there's a new problem...
    Michael Ordish
    The new lollipop update has caused the action button overflow to appear in the game. This is a programming issue. Only you can fix it. Please and thank you....
  20. Good, but.
    Simon Condon
    Great game but a little easy and short lived. Not enough levels only 15, 50 would have been value for money.


What`s new

1.15 and 1.17- Fixed some incompatibility issues that occured after the last update

a) "Half-screen" - usually you just need to restart your phone and/or reinstall the game
b) 2nd downloader - try another time or apply for a refund

If you have any other problems please describe it in detail to our support team.