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  1. Really disappointed
    Casey Keller
    I've been trying to figure this game out for a while, and its not working for me. I haven't found a tutorial, and some of the options don't make sense to me. Not worth $3, but it's the only a&a game on the play store.
  2. Fantastic digital remake of A&A
    Gawain Baxter
    Finally a gteat strategy game in the Play Story. This is very well done. I have only briefly played this so far, but I am a huge Axis & Allies (the board game) fan and have been waiting for some time for something to show up that compares. I think I have finally found it in 1941. Can't wait to get into it with friends on a tablet.
  3. Almost perfect
    Nick Henry
    I've had hours of fun with this game but one bug causes it to freeze when I can't land planes after flying and attacking too far. Its the only problem with this game I've found yet. Found another bug... Won't let me continue without landing plane that still has moves but WONT let me land the plane!
  4. Need to make 1942
    Cole Rybachek
    You guys need to start development on 1942 with anti aircraft guns, artillery, cruisers, and buying factories. Off shore bombardment and air raids to. You should try to make it for the ios if you can (better revenue). If you are a little understaff for this stuff, I understand. I think this game has lot of potential and money to be made. PS- Make free for all tournaments on 1941. Thank you for making a wonderful A&A game.
  5. Tutorial not enough
    Kevan Nelson
    Not sure how to play game given the State of tutorial. Needs more work explaining things like the selection wheel during maneuver phase just after combat as an example. Contacted the Dev and received a very courteous and helpful reply. Problem resolved. The graphics are A 1 as well as the game play too despite my game play misunderstanding. Given the assist I received I must change my assessment of this game to a 5 star rating. This one delivers and the support was an added bonus.
  6. Great game but...
    Great game, but there's a few things I either couldnt find or is just not included... First is that you cannot build factories.. this bothered me a little seeing how I play the board game a lot but it did not effect my enjoyment of the game... And secondly I just have a question, is this game compatible for iOS and can we play against others who use iOS instead of Android? My brother just got a new iPhone. I didn't want him buying it if we couldn't play against each other
  7. Decent remake of A&A
    Packie McBurgers
    Interface is a bit counterintuitive at first, and there are some key elements from the board game that aren't present here, but all in all this is an enjoyable recreation of my favourite board game. Has many of the same tactics and an overall feel similar to A&A. A lot faster to set up, too!
  8. Solid Game
    Jamie Patterson
    I have enjoyed the game but the one thing that irks me is the lack of the option to build new industry. Its terrible being Russia and it taking an hour to reach Japan after Germany is finished.
  9. Worth more than $3
    Jackson Loless
    For the time you could kill on this game it could easily go for $5+ I have only done solo games thus far but look forward to playing my old A&A buddies. Only actual criticism is that moving units from large armies (especially tanks/soldiers onto transports) can be a bit wonky. Requested features : offshore bombardment, defensive garrison structures to maybe boost up to 2 infantry defensive rolls on a given territory, make carriers like the transport, so they can possibly carry one bomber and one fighter
  10. Great game, takes mor strategy than A&A
    Isaac Lavoie
    Could have a few more options, but overall a great game. I've play maybe 20 games with no bugs. Could make AI better. Units cost to much, IMO to cause big battles. Also hold on to as many starter units as you can!
  11. Excellent Game, Would Love to See More!
    Paul Sterling
    Have only played the single player version so far and this game does a great job of replicating the Axis & Allies experience. Only thing that I think could use more tweaking is the AI (ie. They attacked my fleet with a single transport last game) but I can appreciate how hard it must be to program good AI for such a game. Would love to see different versions of the board game adapted and more attack optiona as well (offshore bombardment and bombing raids). Look forward to trying multiplayer!
  12. Fun game
    Steve Libby
    Easily worth the price, AI a little week, but still can find challenges.
  13. Just Like the Board Game.
    Jim Chamberlain
    Looks and feels much like the board game Axis & Allies. Even has simulated dice rolls. Pros: Detailed board & game pieces. Interactive battles. Multiple game modes, including online multi-player. Replay value is high. Cons: A.I. is predictable and a poor decision maker. Lacking some units like Artillery and AA guns. Missing rules and options like country - specific perks, technology development and paratroopers. Would like to see some changes, but still recommended.
  14. Nice version from the board game.
    However, it seems your side balancing for online play is getting more than annoying. It's infuriating when my bomber misses four times in a row on offense, yet the opponent's defending bomber scores hits each turn? This is happening a lot lately and not just bombers.
  15. Great Job.
    Micah Pegman
    This has to be one of the coolest remake board games I've seen on Android yet. Huge fan of the Drisk. Hope to see the same quality put into one of my favorite games.
  16. Jason H
    Fun game, but the AI is considerably weak. As an avid tabletop player on the premise this game is based on Axis & Allies, I would like to see improvement in the AI, whether that is responsiveness to what allies are doing or what the oppenent is doing in purchases, placement of units, possibilities of attacks and counterattacks and so forth. In other words, either have an option to select AI difficulty or turn into a real time strategy. Thanks. Subpar when successfully invading UK in three turns.
  17. Awesome
    Damon Roberts
    Love it. Isn't it axis and allies? If so I love axis and allies. Someone said that there was a bud where you can't land, I found a similar glitch, I took over Japan and got troops there, Japan takes over the sea and soon I have to fight while I can't so I was forced to quit. Can you add strategic bombing and Italy, also tank defends is 2 not 3. WAIT, I FORGOT, TECHNOLOGIES! This game is the best axis and allies game on the google app store, also the only one I know!
  18. Addicting
    Duncan Wood
    Few games are as compelling as this. I have been addicted for years to A&A and to discover this version, though not the beefed up version like 1942, has been a wonderful addition to my day. I see people frequently complain about the AI, this is a standard complaint of any game frankly. This is not a game for AI but instead for online battles. The online system is close to flawless and rare to have complications at all. I am excited to see the 1942 addition. To the creator, do you have an email address
  19. Really well done. My only gripes are with the ai
    Aaron Titman
    Ai game, me as Japan. German Ai collapses too quickly. It leaves holes that Russians can use, and doesn't attack all out when it should. When I play as Germany I have Russia in 2 turns. Which is the other issue. The Russian Ai goes to rescue of US and UK in Asia. Not only did this not happen. But it weakens the Russian Ai causing them to fall too quickly against human. Conversely with an Ai Germany, Russia is able to support Asia enough to stop Japan. Japan's only tactic is to attack us mainland.
  20. I mean it's okay
    William Crowe
    I'm a pretty avid risk and turn based strategy player, but this game just doesn't do it for me.


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