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Reviews 53,370

  1. Erratic
    Wayne Beckley
    The catchup streaming quality is inconsistent and sometimes the audio plays without video. Sometimes it appears to be loading the video, but then never plays. A while back it was working fine, so not sure if this is now due to too many concurrent users? Then I thought maybe it is my internet connection, but any YouTube videos play fine. Please fix!
  2. Live TV disappointing
    jay raaff
    The live TV is very inconsistent. Sometimes you only have audio. Then a quality jumps around. Not impressed at all
  3. License Acquisition Failed
    Oluwadahunsi Olajoyegbe
    The app worked for a while, but now it keeps saying license acquisition failed even though I'm connected to a realy good internet service.
  4. Not good at all
    Nduka Benson
    I have tried linking my smartcard several times but to no avail, it keeps on saying smartcards already linked to other profile. Please help!!
  5. Doesn't work
    Leroy Firmin
    The super sport app works but can't seem to watch anything here
  6. Useless
    Charles Bothma
    This app used to be great but since the update that made it so that only premium pvr users can use the live tv function it jas became useless, i have premium but why the hell should i have a pvr aswell just to utilize the full potential of this stupid app
  7. Viwe Smith
    It worked quite well at first but now after two weeks it's not working as well. It plays and audio without a picture. at first I thought it was my network but o tried it on 3 different phones and a tablet. It does the same thing. What's the point of the audio when there's no picture. What was the point of this app if it's not so effective or efficient? It keeps on loading the whole time. That is still not my Network. This app sucks
  8. Gary Loney
    Extremely frustrating. Good idea but doesn't work. Keeps saying files are unplayable/unsupported !?!?
  9. Innacurate TV guide
    Martin H
    I got this app for the TV guide option. Too bad it claims I have channels on my package that is not availible and some Multichoice channels (Kyknet) are missing.
  10. Not working on latest android version
    Rudi Louw
    The app does not work with android lollipop so it is useless to people with the latest android devices
  11. Sorry
    Lincoln Feris
    Sorry dstv. Poor app. Please improve asap. The links and functions are hard to find. The player is not good at all. Audio and video are not in sync.
  12. Nic Appleby
    Doesn't work with the latest versions of Android: "Not supported Sorry video streaming and downloads are currently not supported with this version (5.1.1) of Android"
  13. Great initiative
    Oladimeji Yinusa
    Never knew this existed and it gives a sense of premium customer by making the service free.. excellent touch guys...
  14. Great app.
    Malcolm Attard
    Hope that sports will be added to Catch up in the future
  15. 'Dayo Olatunji
    Doesn't still work on my Nexus4 with Lollipop 5.1
  16. Mighty
    Ashley Julie
    App don't want to open on my Z10. Way do they say you can do all things on this app but then the app don't want to work or open
  17. Not working on lollipop on my Nexus 5
    Jano de Jager
    Started working on Lollipop, not all functionality yet...
  18. Chromecast support ?
    Juan van Niekerk
    Would be nice to have Chromecast option on DSTV NOW
  19. Search error
    Janine Bellew
    Searching for programmes on the tv guide is not working. Message is " search failed:server error"
  20. Material Design half done.
    Kwetsima Maluleke
    You materialised the app but the status bar is still black. Either make it dynamic like the Mnet app or make the app immersive without the bar.


What`s new

We admit it: app improvements = happier customers = better rating = grinning engineers. In this latest update:
- User Interface updates.
- Bug fixes. Video playback buffering and reminder glitches sorted.

Got feedback? Did we do something good or mess something up? We’d love to hear from you - drop us a note at [email protected]

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