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MengJohn (孟远螓) | Director at iDreamsky

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MengJohn (孟远螓) | Director at iDreamsky

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Dream Sky | Owner, DREAMSKY Technology Ltd.

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  1. Gems are not outrageous after all
    Hovig Dersarkissian
    I can't get free gems by watching ads now... And still it's too hard for us to earn them. Plus there's still no exit button. And you guys don't give us replies :( but we still have hope that you will listen to us
  2. Fun pay to win
    Alex Ceaus
    The game is fun but the fact that the gem rewards are crap makes it clear to see the game is focused on spending your cash on gems ingame. Wish I could get my 0.99 euro back.
  3. Add multi player and a jump button
    Reinaldo Luques
    The game is great... Needs more combat details.. A jump button and a block button.. When cannons fire and you are at a distance you have no choice but to take the hits.. Multiplayer would be great.. Vs mode and co-op.. The gems.. If you could add at least 5 to 3 gems a game can help us save more gems... Last.. A gun slinging hero should be nice. Fix the jump and block button problem I'll rate 4... Fix that and multiplayer and you'll have my 5 rate.
  4. It's a great game
    Slicer Badger
    I loved it... all of the 100 gem characters I unlocked in 30 minutes. .. but after that the characters take a while. . Great but don't get why everyone is complaining. ..... and I have a suggestion guys....... you should make it that you can buy gems with the coins u get in the game...... someone thing like 1000 coins can buy one gem. And one thing that should be simple... a jump button... or multi-player would be epic on this
  5. Joshua Argota
    Can you please increase the gem reward. I mean literally the enemies get harder that means the reward(gem reward) must increase too like for every chapter there are 5 stages. The 3 small icons gives 10 gems then the medium icon gives 15 gems while the last(large icon) gives 20 gems and please put in the boss battle 50 gems for 1st clear reward its hard to beat them you know but I STILL LIKE THIS GAME :) please make more characters thanks and please make 'BLUETOOTH PVP' I want to play this with my friends.
  6. It's Great... but..
    Nixon Esposo
    It's kinda fun to play even the gems are hard to farm. But some players are cheaters from now. They're on top now. Disable the hacks please.
  7. Cool game but missing some features
    Daniel Atienza
    Can you add quests or missions and multi-player features like duels and co-op play? Thanks
  8. Gaming
    michel chong
    Well the game is really good but except that we cannot earn gem more easily and that is not good becoz we need to get more great fighter like bm who is a character that is really expensive 800 gem wtf so please do something for the gem pls or not we buy the game and then we need to buy gem again and that is bullshit
  9. One more hero
    Michael Dizon
    This game is a badass, add one more hero that uses double wielded handguns or a hero that uses Scythe like a deathreaper
  10. Loved it but
    gunawan setio
    I love the game but can u make the update come earlier because im stuck at chapter 60 and find the games without challange anymore. Make it unlimited chapter or make we can fight the 5 boss at once or in one stage. Pretty please. Over all i enjoy this game from the start til lvl 70 char
  11. as a League of Legends player
    erza emaas
    this is so addicting although is being so laggy a bit,i expect more updates and bug fixes,or some lag issues and much much more characters,i'm saving right now for gems,so i could buy right away new upcoming awesome chars.
  12. Nice but...
    Daniel Maitrrya
    Well the game is nice and I love it , just that the way we need to farm up for gems are not that good...moreover...This is a game where we need to pay for it...yet the heroes are so expensive and the gems are so hard to farm for...If these problems are solve I'll rate 5 stars for sure.
  13. Somer Ganab
    This game is amazing, very addicting, cool action, I think that acquiring gems is too tedious. Also, i purchased 20 dollars worth of gems and i didn't seem to get them, somehow it glitched. If a mod can PM me and get it sorted out that would be great. Thanks.
  14. Sony Xperia Z1
    Quick Ly Lee
    Fun, good game play, good concept. But the game is extremely not optimized. Choppy framerate, slow loading time, crashes frequently. Can be improved alot more
  15. GREAT for Gameplay! But...
    Andrian Setiadi Sutanto
    Paid game, but it's like F2P game! Hard to get gems, and just got 1-2 gems for watching every ads or clear the same stage... And for unlock Raven, u should spent 800 gems... Ridiculous!! + price for gems is expensive! UI is just like web-browser back in 2000! No quit option...! Oh ya, there's a lot of cheater too, hacking for gold & gems... Maybe it's just grinding games for fun if u don't bother with getting gems!
  16. Huge fan of LoL and Stickfigures
    Renz Pabelonia
    As a League of Legends player. This game is really awesome. Im gonna save or buy some gems so that i can buy Kalpa is it? My friend gave me a cracked version of this game and i can say. Ive been enjoying playing it tho i have the urge to delete the cracked one since its not the original game. So because of that reason. I bought this game and didnt regret it. I really love the smoothness, easing, effects and sound effects of the game. im a stickfigure animator in Stickpage and Hyun's Dojo. I approve of this.
  17. Great Game!
    Kevin Oh
    To start off, cool skills. So many good things are in the game, but so many are needed as well. 1. For BM, the 2nd skill is super useless. There simply isn't time to heal while getting hurt. To fix this, make BM invincible while healing. 2. A few glitches and bugs. 3. There should be a daily login gem bonus. (It's really hard to aquire gem later in game!) 4. More game modes that allow more than 5 characters. 5. Please, add more heroes. 6. Change the colors of some heroes because some have the same. Thanks!
  18. Amazing!
    Getsugan is kewl
    The game may have some distinct similiarities from the game league of legends but it has enough design and gameplay to be unique in the game itself. All-in-all the game is great and is quite addicting, fun and rarely lags, I am suggesting in the rightmost way that the part where you kill almost every boss the game is programmed lags by its own and uhh please add an option to diaable that part and uhh also add an option to customize the size and place of the buttons during battle... Thank you :)
  19. I'm loving the animation and fluid fighting style ONE MAJOR problem is, I'm trying to buy gems and I'm getting NOTHING
    Chris Clark
    No gems when I try and buy em, everything else is fine but I really want RAVEN
  20. Wow... However...
    Just Paul Valdez
    Great job! This game is awesome. However, i really wish and hope there would be a block, Roll and jump button on the next update. It seems lame for a character to not be able to block or dodge an incoming attack. Please consider this option in the game. Pleaaaaase. Atleast block and roll would be awesome. Thank you for your kind.consideration. Again, Great game!


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