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اختبار الكرتون
باور رينجرز



Tiffany Alvord | YouTube Superstar

Philip Lau | Creative Director

Vicky Tam | Lead Developer

Kaylee Cheung | Operations Manager

Reviews 105,904

  1. mai thao le nguyen
    I agree with the bells so rare to get while all the upgrades need them. One more thing, i seem to get my happiness level to go up only by playing the slot machine while my rewards for quest complete including happiness doesnt add up to the total.i wonder why
  2. Awesome
    Fatin Fadzil
    This game is superb, you have to move fast. It's quite difficult to get doraemon or dorami for assistance. This game is fun and challenging, I just love it
  3. Best game
    aayush ketanbhai
    This is the best game you will like but in last stages that be difficult
  4. Super fun
    Venus Too
    I love Doraemon and this is so fun.not really for kids only but good to kill time
  5. Make the workers 1/2 off
    Jimmy Mullins
    3 stars but if you make the workers half off then I will rate it 5 stars because the people need there service but with a lack of people it's crazy
  6. Love it but the characters were too expensive. :(
    Valerie Anne Pascual
    Can you make easier ways to earn bells please? I want to unlock more characters. I think I need 'em.
  7. Amazing!!
    Dina Strider
    This game gives you the opportunity to earn virtual payment rather then buy it, but still gives you the opportunity to buy it aswell!! It's a little stressful but it's really fun!!! Also, half of the character names are in Japanese and the other half is in English, so depending on which version you watched, the characters may be a little off. Other than that it's perfect!!!!
  8. Ra Wr
    The game is great and addictive but the reason why I gave 3 stars it ia because it is too hard to earn the bells and the helpers are so expensive! Pls make it easier for the players to earn the bells .
  9. Nice
    Ganesh Naik
    Exellent game but there is 1 problem that the characters are very costly .................thats why I have given 4 stars
  10. Full of fun
    Asish Sivaraj
    My best friend Doraemon is a cartoon character . He is a robot of 22nd century . But he has the mind that no one have . Now I am going to his repair shop which is full of fun.
  11. priya Negi
    The timer is stopped of daily presents. Please help me with that. How to solve this problem
  12. Good
    Ishika Das
    It is good but the cost of helpers r a little high......and I love this game!!!!!!!!! I would giv five stars if the cost r low of the helpers. Thankyou!!!!!
  13. Love it
    Kemal Trinanda
    But how do i get bells? I dont wanna buy it. I want to earn it. Because a game is about doing something not buying instantly.
  14. Animoca
    ray nest
    Loved this type of game so much. Excellent for passing time. Also installed My Car Salon 2. The spin is another way to earn the gold coins, no need to use your real money. I bought the Doraemon in less than a week. Try it yourself.
  15. Yes and no
    danish ansari
    I don't know what type of game it is because I did
  16. Aadil Sehrawat
    It is very nice game and I like the spin wheel and the smiles in the game very much
  17. Luv it! But...
    Neeta Choudhari
    The best game ever i cud play i loved this game but the characters r so costly!
  18. I love it
    Sonia singh Singh
    Nice game but d levels r very difficult cuz we have to move fast, whatever I like dis game
  19. World's best game
    Pawan Chahal
    First i was thinking this game would be boring but it was so so so so superb!!!! Never jugde a book by its cover
  20. Cool
    Faisal Khan
    Nice game but I want doremon sizuka suniodorami


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