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  1. Bugs again!
    Peter J Higgs
    I installed the game and pressed on it to play, it got to the first part and then it crashed. I tried this multiple times and it still didn't work so I uninstalled and installed again and guess what? It doesn't work. This game is amazing but the bugs aren't. If you fix this I will give you a higher rating.
  2. I want a refund
    Stanley P
    The towers are huge and it sucks TD5 is way better. Plus it doesn't have all the cool things. I tried getting TD5 but I accidentaly got this game. I want my money back
  3. Fails to startup
    Crazy Person1152
    The app used to work (and was fun) now it opens to the first screen then crashes like many others I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried on multiple devices. Really wish this would get fixed. Devices: Galaxy s3 and HTC one max (both Verizon) as well as a Nexus 6 (t mobile)
  4. Doesn't work with android 5.0
    Matthew Webster
    This app used to be great. I stopped playing it for a while and now it won't open. When I try to open it I get a black screen and then it goes back to my home screen. The only thing I can think of that's different is I updated my nexus 7 2013 to android 5.0.1 lollipop from 4.4.4 kitkat. Very disappointing
  5. Color error for droid RAZR m
    Nathan Wenz
    For some reason I bought this up awhile ago and now its always too bright. It didn't used to be like this so I'm confused if an update has caused this. Please fix
  6. One of the BEST!
    William Macomber
    This is an incredibly awesome game and it dosnt take long to load up. I recommend it to everybody, but i want to know: when is the fifth one going to come to android? And now that we are talking about new games,, are you going to put zombie assault tower defense for android? Please reply! Thank you!
  7. Great Game
    Jhony Jimenez
    It's a good game and I am addicted to it and all the others also. Good job keep it up
  8. Ok
    Ortwin Scharf
    Not a bad game but becomes to repetitive with time. I really don't understand all the five star ratings, there are a lot of more interesting games at the store.
  9. Doesn't work
    Zacharie Adam
    I bought this game and it won't even let me open the app to play, what a waste of 3$
  10. So much fun
    Dalton Land
    Put a good 5 or 6 hours into this game since it was realesed . Never had any problems with crashing or freezing. Im on level 140 or so and it does start to lag (of course). This game handles very well on mobile and the ui is very easy to use. Good conversion of a browser game. 6/5 stars all day every day
  11. Bugs out
    amos markos
    It worked the first two days and then never worked again. It will start up for five seconds and then freeze and close. I am not happy about this especially since they will not return my money.
  12. Expecting to be faster
    Classisisimo Tertain-ment
    Very fun game. But it is really irritating to see it slows down whenever there is a mess of bloons. I am expecting this app to utilise all the processor cores because it is very cpu demanding. Sadly this game is most likely single threaded, hope the future it will use all the cores available, I know it is hard but please made it possible...
  13. I paid for this game
    Jesus Valerio
    I cant even play it, it crashes after the logo, why is that? I got a refund and bought bloons 5 and the same thing happened, galaxy s5.
  14. Just one problem
    Jordan Hill
    I love the bloons tower defense series. But I always had one problem. I've been able to level up so fast and unlock everything so fast that I just sit and wait for new content. You guys make it a little too easy to level up. Fix and this game easily makes five stars.
  15. Wont let me play
    Kye Palmer
    Been playing this game for ages now all of a sudden wont load the game up. Just keeps closing automatically.
  16. Used to work
    BrngBodyBags AfroRanger
    After this new android update came out, btd4 no longer works on my note 3. Opens but crashes almost right away.
  17. Bloons td 4 and 5
    earl gray
    I am currently on deployment and dont get to connect to wifi offten so after buying these games I only got to play for a week before it gave me a licence error and would not let me play for 3 weeks till I just hit port. If that problem could be fixed I give it 5 stars
  18. Great on Android
    Nick Nevells
    Played this game alot on my 4th generation ipod touch and it would lag sooooo bad when I got like 50 sun gods on the map. Doesn't lag at all on my Galaxy S5! Great classic TD game! My all time favorite!
  19. Good game, lollipop compatibility
    Nick A
    Good quality game lacking support for 5.0 lollipop for my Nexus 7 2013
  20. Great Game!
    Leith Davis
    Excellent game I have played every single BTD game except BTD5. I love the graphics and love it doesn't freeze up while playing. Very addictive!


What`s new

Update 2.0 is here and this time we are bringing you a bumper update! A new track has been laid out on the battlefield, Bee Hive and prepare for the all new EXTREME CHALLENGE MODE! With all of this new content the monkeys needed a way to retaliate so we are sending in reinforcements. We airdropped a mystery package to aid you in the battle against the Bloons. Unfortunately the Bloons managed to intercept the package before it made its way to you and they've secured it with a special lock!


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