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Maxime Capron | Global Publishing at Ateam Inc.

日本 |

Brady Mehagan | Global Business Lead, Entertainment Division General Manager, & Ateam Inc. Corporate Officer

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan |

Reviews 55,712

  1. Wanna play again!
    Alric Rahl
    Awesome new cards added when I got back to this game. Loved this game before but I am not able to access my old account coz I forget my unique player ID. I can still remember my player name though that is not enough to retrieve back my lost account from ingame. Any help will be much appreciated! :)
  2. Never received monsters for coming back.
    Joshua Gonzales
    Was promised 2 monster never received them. I loved this game so this isn't a great way to come back to it!
  3. Haman
    Michael Bible
    It takes piles of cash to win "free" monsters. Then when you've finally get a great fighting form that is above average, they create a new set that makes yours marginal. This from a player that's been here for two years
  4. I enjoy the game BUT...
    Bobbi Newell
    This game has come a long way in 3 years. However, the recent "major update" made S rank monsters tradeable; doubled point recovery & jewels won in brawls; and gave us a bouncing jewel button that has the same function as the brawl button. Please Ateam, don't insult players.
  5. Very fun game
    Louis Jones
    I am very impressed with the update. Most of all, I am glad they made S monsters tradeable. Good job. Now do us all a favor and get rid of the crud events and bring back a few of the old good ones.
  6. Why would you do this to me
    I wanted to upgrade my s monster almost had enough money but then you guys make the upgrade the price of my upgrade how the Hell am I going to get 10 million freaking gold to upgrade my monster that's crazy money it took me 2 months to get to 4 million gold can you guys lower the price to evolve cuz i know I'm not the only one who thinks the price to evolve is crazy
  7. Cheating me
    John Peterman
    You have been cheating me on the login stamps campaign that gives us 2 s rank flames of judgment I have been playing well over a year and I'm at level 98 and I don't even have the event showing up in my event list. I just found out after hanging out with a fellow player and them showing me what I was missing. I play almost daily, this is crap!
  8. Paul Huffaker Jr.
    Great game.well thought out.a couple of comments.could use afew less loading screens.and a few more ways to earn enery and bp potions but otherwise very addictive
  9. Awesome but Glitchy
    Racquel Brazer
    Still slow and laggy but the real issue is my achievements are not being completed even after I've reached the goal. Glitch? Can someone please fix this?
  10. Good game to kill time
    Ronald Hernandez
    Addictive game, doesnt require much time to get good just daily activity. They do a lot of give aways which helps in buildup of formation
  11. Fun game!
    Saria Ra
    I've been playing for a couple of years, it took a long time but I'm finally able to get s ranks. It's totally ok to play free, just takes much longer, yes if you pay u will be able to get to max stuff faster, but what is the fun in that. All in all a really good app. Although I would like easier ways to get free soul pts. Filling out surveys and filling up it junk email with spam is annoying.
  12. It's Fun.. BUT!
    Ray Campbell
    The overall game is nice, starting out is great due to mission's not reducing energy until level twenty one. I like the game, and keeping it.. for now. You see my only concern the first Raid Boss: Lord of Massacure is too hard to defeat alone and you DO get your Dark Summon crystal before level 21, if you actually collect all three stars per stage. The first should always be beginners difficulty unless you place a level limiter. Other than that incredable game Ateam Inc.
  13. Ateam refuses to support honest players!
    Wolfgarok Thorson
    I am changing my review due to recent events. The developer allowed a glitch to go on for months. Dishonest players used the cheat to severely unbalance the game. Ateam was made aware and fixed the glitch but refuses to take action on all those who cheated. Boycott this game in every way possible until Ateam supports its honest player base and not it's wallet.
  14. Big change needed and wish I could only give half a star
    Ryan Rydholm
    I would have rated this game more but come on let's be realistic shall we? I love playing this game hands down. But there's a few problems. (1) I am lvl 103 and no matter what I do I cannot seem to win battles against people my lvl or even lvls below me how's that happen?? (2) when I complete offers I do not get my soul points and every single time I send a message to you guys nobody gets back to me or gives me my soul points happened way more then once! I AM FED UP NEED TO FIX OR IM UNINSTALLING!
  15. Please fix
    Miguel Pimentel
    It got fixed, but now I can't do nothing after a couple of days, can't do the events, missions or sentinel battles. I've done everything like before but not good. My clan mates count on me to help in the battles and I can't participate. This is getting frustrating and very annoying. I have spent money in this game and its unfair that I can't do nothing, like I said this is a new phone with unlimited 4g. Please help me.
  16. Where's my reward
    Arthur Vaughan
    In the most recent event I beat the Summoner of fortitude but had no battle and no reward for doing so all I got was the screen that gave you the option of two different attacks in the last day at the spending all weekend until that point no battle ensued and nothing was received I would like to know where my reward is fortitude maybe then I will change my before 5 stars
  17. Curious
    William Parrish
    I find it kind of strange that the banner at the top of the page says over 8 million downloads, but they're having an event trying to reach 7.5 million downloads. Looks like someone is lying.
  18. F****** annoying
    Patricia Spring
    Every time I try to attack in clan battle regular battle or do a sacrifice the game " unfortunately stops working" which is bs I lose everything and it annoying this use to be the best game ever now it's on the verge of getting deleted this is my second account and of course you so called developers never answer any of my reports and I've sent at least 100
  19. Help!
    Molly Luvs
    I had this game yeeeears ago, and was almost level 200. Long story short, I was unable to play for reasons, and now I'm able to again. Problem is, I deleted the email account I used to recover my info and can't recover the email. Is there any way to change the email for my account? Thanks.
  20. ✨SoN✨
    Billy Johnson
    The best clan/Family in dark summoner! Good game if u have the time to invest activity can make or break ur experiance here. Coalition = failure


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