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  1. Love it
    Nick'n'Milla Duxbury
    This such a cute little app. I love the story and the fact that you can interact with the app. My 4 year absolutely loves this and gets so excited to open the next Window everyday
  2. SUSAN K
    Fun to share with my granddaughter. She is 7 and wants to do it all at once. Lol. No patience.
  3. I've had this app for 3 years now and it's become a tradition to open it and enjoy the scenes and interactive day events.
    Kenneth Carnie
    This app reminds me of the innocence of Christmas and not focus on the commercialism.
  4. Fun times with the kids
    Seamus Kneafsey
    This is a great little app to share with your kids and open the doors and windows and get in the mood for christmas.
  5. Lovely!
    Catherine Readman
    My kids age 2 and 7 love this. They keep wanting to reopen the past doors and redo the puzzles. Must confess to having a sneaky go myself :) Lovely, worth every penny....My kids are now 4 and 9 and this is the third year this app has been updated - buy it it's great!
  6. Seasonal favorite!
    Laurie Lyddy
    Every year this app is added to my phone post haste! This is year 3. We love it! By "we" I mean both me as an adult and my nieces in elementary school.
  7. Good Job
    Gail Rees
    Really fun little app, a little confusing in places didn't make sense, but for a first effort fun way to check off the days till Christmas
  8. Festive music
    Camille Dreiling
    Fun to do. You and your kids will love it like I do. I can't wait to do the next days window. Excitement cause you're sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the elves will do next.
  9. Fun
    Jenn Nelson
    I got this app for my granddaughter and think it's worth the 99 cents.
  10. Same as last year
    deeanna marazita
    My daughter loved it the first year and we thought it would be late different this year. It's not. Very disappointed.
  11. Grt app
    Tammy Beckett
    I had this app last year & decided it was worth paying for this year love it.
  12. Merry Christmas
    Caz Fisher
    This is a great Xmas app. And it's diet free !!
  13. Elves make happy
    Jan Jones
    Hard to play the elves without smiling.
  14. Fun for the kids & even adults that are still a kid @ heart!
    Heather Horner
    Fun for the kids & even adults that are still a kid @ heart!
  15. A bit of festive fun and a perpetual advent calendar
    Trevor Edwards
    I have had this app since it first appeared. It's a good minute killer of festive fun bringing the child back in everyone with none of the commercialism of the modern Christmas :-)
  16. So cute!
    Cindy Harmer
    We have used the app for a couple years. So fun and helps the kids countdown and get excited for Christmas.
  17. It is a very cute app for the kids.
    Tiffany Michelle
    My 3 year old loves to do each days task to countdown the days until Santa comes to bring him toys.
  18. Fun for all ages!
    I enjoyed this last year, so this year I bought the ad-free version. Keep up the good work.
  19. kels savo
    Now I have the full version is great.
  20. Just ok
    Kristin Butler
    When I read the description, I thought there would be more to this than opening a new window every day and moving a few things around the screen. It says "a new game every day". Mmm, not really games in my opinion. It's cute, but not that great.


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