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Monthly active users estimation: 1,000,000


Steven Cummings | Vice President of Operations, Olive Tree Bible Software at HarperCollins Christian Publishing

Spokane, Washington Area |

Monty Galloway | Marketing Manager at Olive Tree Bible Software

Spokane, Washington Area |

Ben Backstrom | Android Developer at Olive Tree Bible Software

Spokane, Washington Area |

Melissa Visser | Customer Support Representative, Freelance Designer

Spokane, Washington Area |

Reviews 30,268

  1. Daily Bible Verse!!!!!!!!
    Jo Fonteneaux
    The daily verse is NEVER there to read, DAILY. I don't have any other problems with this app. Please fix. Smooches
  2. Bible Gateway
    Lee C.
    So far I an impressed with what I see. I have tried several apps. But uninstalled them for either hard to use it not having a complete resource. This one looks pretty complete. I would give it 5 stars but I want to use it more first. Nicely done.
  3. Nice
    Loreal Irinco
    Please can we play the audio bible as the whole book? Not just a chapter, because i'd like to hear the whole book without delay just to play the next chapter
  4. Bible reading has never been easier!
    Jona Lathim
    Weather your searching for a scripture or daily reading it's easy to navigate. I also love the audio feature I just wish it worked on the reading plans.
  5. What happened to offline reading?
    Jennifer Sherman
    I know this app use to be available offline, otherwise I would have never installed it. The missing verses appear to just be a glitch, they're also missing from the website, but the footnotes from the verses are there. And it's not related to homosexual verses because Leviticus 18:22 is there and probably others. I stopped looking when I noticed this one wasn't missing. But, I'm still not happy with the app because the offline feature is not there at all! I'll continue to use my offline KJV app.
  6. William Cone
    Excellent app! One request is to be able to modify the background color and font color. White with black text is a little hard on the eyes after a while. Beige background with dark brown text seems to work well in other apps for reading. Thanks for such a well thought out effort to bring God's word to others!
  7. Praise God
    Adam Yorke
    We don't think but when we can use technology to better ourselves through God's word such as listening to sermons on youtube or this app. The word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and reviving the soul, and renewing our minds goimg from one degree of glory to the next. I use this app at church and whwn I need to witness. Praise God.
  8. Tracy Scott
    It don't give you a lot of stuff you wouldn't use therefore it's not cluttered up with stuff not used. Just what you need to read and study Gods word.
  9. Curtis Ward
    Would like to say a great app, but notes section of it is TERRIBLE. Lost notes on it twice shut down itself, and won't say any editing you do and loses all notes you had. If notes was better be great site.bit typing a sermon 3times complete and lose them not a positive part of app
  10. A few suggestions
    Soo-yeon Hwang
    I like this app, barring a few limitations. First, there's no option to remove the "Read the Bible" button at the bottom of the dashboard view, which is simply a waste of screen estate. Second, no option to change the reading view to dark background for nighttime reading. Third, no widgets! A "verse of the day" widget with customizable size and appearance settings would be awesome since there's none such in the app store at this moment. Other than these, this is by far the nicest bible app I've tried.
  11. I love it thinks it the best one yet
    justin mcswain
    Love cause when reading this it has the opposition to put it on easy read whan I don't understand something. Great app
  12. Brenda Martin
    Crashes a lot. I can't find a way to only search new or old testament so you have to scroll thru all old testament to get to new then if you go into a scripture and hit back to come out it goes clear back to search and you have to scroll thru it all again. It makes a word steady almost impossible.
  13. Faun Woody
    I love this app. It couldn't be easier to use. I'm on it all the time. I encourage everyone to use this app. Tried to give it 5 stars but all it would allow me to highlight was 3 of them.
    Dee Dee
    I uninstall this app because they have removed scriptures from the NIV version. If you don't believe me please search it for yourself! Here are the scriptures that are gone & there maybe more...Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14 Mark 7:16, 9:44,46 Luke 17:36, 23:17 John 5:4 Acts 8:37
  15. Quick and efficient
    Colin Bruner
    Only complaint is the "blip" noise it makes each time you scroll. Not needed. I hope it continues to be non invasive and uncomplicated. Others I've used started out good but then got on "app steroids" and became too big, slow and awkward to use. Stay the way you are!
  16. Keeps crashing
    Alex Barlow
    It would be a very useful and helpful app, but consistently crashes within 30 seconds of opening. Please fix, otherwise a great and helpful app
  17. Like its olivetree sister, crashes
    Vince Lord
    Thought this would be more stable, but guess its on the same platform as Bible Reader from Olivetree, a division of this company. Crashes upon opening, going to verses(only once able to get that far). Don't know what else it can do since it crashes. Poor excuse for programming.
  18. Anthony Ally
    Not only myself but our daughter listens to this for hours prior to sleep and while she is sleeping. George W. Sarris readings are so calming and spiritually encouraging. Thank you for such great work. Hope one day you will also have the message in audio format? This app needs an error checking component added to its programming so it does not crash every morning; however, it's also easy to get right back into it at this time, so it's only a nuisance problem and does not effect its usage. Also, for some reason, nivuk audio by David has been disabled on android but available on your site? Wish there was a way to make George W. Sarris the default on niv. Every morning , I am blessed to spend time in The Word of God with this powerful app. From bottom of my heart I thank you!!!!!!
  19. Tom Steele
    For the most part I like this app and my Church has free Wi-Fi, so it is available during service. There are a few improvements I would like to recommend. I downloaded another Bible app, a very basic KJV Bible from World Net. Searching passages when the Pastor is speaking is quick and easy because they use a series of buttons. First you click what book you want, then chapter, then verse. No tedious scrolling where the Pastor or speaker is already finished reading the text before you find the verse. Also, this feature could make it easier and quicker to change translations if the Pastor or speaker is referencing different Bible translations. Basically, at this point the ease and quickness of looking up a verse on the other app has me wanting to use it on my phone and leave Bible Gateway for when I am at home on the Internet with my laptop. If you can incorporate a system like I mentioned, I would without hesitation switch to your app for use at Church.
  20. Wonderful App
    Linda Burnett
    This is a wonderful app to read the bible and bible research. The only thing I have a problem with it keeps force closing.


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