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моя говорящая собака


Monthly active users estimation: 15,000,000


Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

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Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

Macedonia |

Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

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Reviews 252,962

  1. Freezing Up
    Pamela Bell
    It keeps freezing/stalling and 3-4yr olds don't understand what's going on, so she will press menu and it will take her to the "store" and the app, will purchase something she didn't want/need. Please fix, we really enjoyed this game until the last update. Thanks
  2. Ok
    Crystal hill
    Well when I see something that I thinks like super cute and I want to go buy it it's always like way too much and I hate it how when I want to go do something it says you have to wait to get to higher level and its really hard to get to the next level but otherwise ok
  3. Wow
    Mehwish Ansari
    I have never played such a nice game. Its amazing.I give an advise that whoever see this game on playstore download it trust me it a very nice game
  4. Not cool it is super cool game
    Smitha Nair
    Everything is proper no complaints and no suggestions for this game. But can make it a bit slow for level up.☆☆
  5. So awesome
    Hildur Loftsdottir
    The game is so fun and I love it when she grows up .......I hope she gets a boyfriend.
  6. My Emma
    Luke Mcdonnell
    Its a good game but my niece keeps moaning coz it keeps freezing if u fix it ill rate 5 stars
  7. Fun Game until after the latest updates
    Juliet Njemanze
    I enjoyed it and was addicted to it but now it freezes... plus fix it then I'll rate it five stars
  8. Love it but starts freezing please fix
    Julianie Fernandez
    Love playing this game but as the levels get higher the game starts freezing PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT REALLY ANNOYING can't play the game steady gets frustrating wish they would fix it sometime soon
  9. Good game but Emma is always hungry
    Lirio Broessel
    I love this game but Emma is always hungry. I spend money to buy 4 food items and 2 minutes later she is hungry again. But anyways, its fun and pretty great overall for a free game.
  10. Fun
    Makayla Donaldson
    The game is super fun other than the fact that it freezes every 2 seconds. Please fix and you will get another star☆
  11. Nilimer Pangilinan
    Nice game before it's last update..Pls fix it asap,it freezes..My daughter love playing it,I will rate it 5 if ur going to fix it..
  12. Nice
    Mariel Yacapin
    Nice but it freezes in my tablet..please fix this problem because it can cause more damage..tnx
  13. Marvelous
    Mara Taylor
    I am in love with this game its like you have your own child. I keep telling my parents that I have my own kid and they asked me what kid I am talking about and I showed him my phone and it was a virtual baby. I'm so addicted to this game I just can't get my eyes off of it. I can't see how anybody would hate this game. it's so fun you can just play this game about 20 times and you can know the experience of having a kid.
  14. It's a good game
    Ashley Limbaugh
    It just needs more activities in the game for you want be getting bored I got done everything so far that my level can possibly do and I just reached level 11 its already getting boring
  15. I love this game!
    TJ Hefner
    This is the best game ever! Me and my sis play it all the time! But, there are so many ads. Every time I close an ad the game turns black and crashes. Please turn off the ads or at least lower the price to remove them. Also with the latest update I lost my favorite hairstyle that I had worked very hard to get. It also crashes all the time and lags a lot with the new update. Please fix. THANKS!
  16. I love this game!
    Rajesh Jayantilal
    My Emma is really fun to play. She needs things very quickly but that might be to keep the player busy. I like the hairsalon and the spa the most. It is a very fun game and Emma can be so stylish. I am more os a spender so I spend lots of money for Emma. She is like a real child, growing up quickly.
  17. Cute! But not so when it freezes...
    Jerome Melcer
    Totally adorable. I seriously think this is a cute and adorable game, if it stopped freezing... It freezes every half second! Please fix! Also, may I add another thing? Emma wants to play every second, so I did. I wanted to play the basketball game. So, it was quite easy when it did one, but then it got really hard. When I was at the boy, there is no way of shooting! And when I lost, it froze and didn't let me back on the app. Please fix!!!! Thanks.
  18. Good but irritating
    Sk Singh
    Its interesting but once we feed her after a few mins again hungry ......that irritating
  19. Ellie Waddington
    Keeps freezing and doesnt let me bath emma plz fix then maybe I will rate higher. Oh the game is still good tho
  20. Its slow but over all its fine
    Stephanie Duffus
    It is so slow when I take something up it takes a long time to do what I want it to do but everything else is fine.


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