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Monthly active users estimation: 750,000


Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

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Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

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Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

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Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

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Reviews 78,812

  1. App not working
    nikola cuk
    Saw it at a firend and installed. Cannot connect to ill give it a week or two for update after that uninstalling. Pitty. Its awesome when it works. And now after update it crashes when starting a new game. Come on.
  2. Pretty good!
    NicholeRocksHerSocks C
    A little confusing with those circles though. But it's a nice game to play!!
  3. Problems
    Toni Hannula
    The screen goes black every now and then and gets stuck that way. I suspect it has to do with the ads. It seems to happen when the adds pop up.
  4. Won't work
    Dillon Miller
    I open it and it keeps closing out on its own before I can play
  5. Too much adds
    Ivan Genchev
    The adds are god damn disturbing seriously please can I not have an add everytime I die ? Sometimes it even appears while I'm playing , fix and I will give 5 stars- edit : uninstalling until then
  6. I like this but come on
    Mike Beatty
    As the title says I like this game but come on. Can you please fix the connection problem. I can't get this game to connect to my account. It always says failed to connect. Also an this is the one that gets me raging... When it randomly decided to get stuck to the sides or middle. Please fix these problems then it will be a 5-star rating.
  7. Bad buy!
    Muhammad Faran
    Liked the game. But the multiplayer mode is extremely disappointing; takes forever to connect, even on the same network.
  8. So... many... pop up... spam
    Cody Darrah
    Game seems fine. Every time you die it will open a tab to sell you a game. game makers like this need to be shown that this is not how you make a fanbase for a product. Uninstall it until they fix.
  9. Bug
    Muralidharan A.R
    When I die. The screen go black and I can't see but the game is not closed and it resume when I touch the screen after some second
  10. Maciej Katafiasz
    Lots of ads, trace amounts of game
  11. Crap
    Carson Doerpfeld
    This game is freaking retared because as soon as I try to play it goes black and it kicks me out so I'm really not happy with this
  12. Simply awesome
    This game has the simplest control. #awesome #addictive #5222MyBest
  13. Connection Problem?
    Carlos Rosa
    When it tries to connect to my Google play, the game said I had no connection, but I am connected to Wi-Fi! Plz fix then I'll rate 5 star.
  14. Alan Sywak
    Great concept. Lots of fun. But it crashes a lot, also sometimes when tapping left or right the orb gets stuck to one side, and won't sign into Google play. Will give five stars if problems are fixed.
  15. Fun little game, just with broken and annoying addons.
    George Raymond
    The game itself works fine and is fun and challenging to play. This however is ruined by the fact that every time you die you are forced to watch an advert. Achievements are also broken, so don't expect to unlock any of those.
  16. **WARNING**
    Sam Smith
    This is my first time using this app. I am highly dissatisfied with Crazy Labs. I hold them at the highest standards and normally make great apps. Now, to get to the point. When I opened this app I tried to connect to Google play. It said failure singing in check your connection and try again. Okay that's fine I knew the possibility of that due to reading the ratings. What I am worried about is that I tried to go to single mode and it said "Unfortunately Borderline has stopped working." Thank you.
  17. Great game but
    Chris toph
    The connection to the google account doesn't work. "No internet connection"... Please fix this ASAP!
  18. The game works fine... edited June 19 until you asked for my device I'd and call information
    José Olivo
    ads were annoying being that after one or two they would pop up but 99 so I got it whole the game was fun now I'm afraid it's not fur the simple fact that like every other game they keep adding all these permission which NOT NEEDED why do you need my device id and contact information being that the game already worked once you signed into Google games it. This adding more permission is getting out of control seriously how much more information do we have to give out yet get nothing in return.
  19. Greedy or desperate?
    Luke West
    Having to watch an ad after every single game is a bit too much. For the price these advertisers actually pay, I seriously can not tell whether the creators of this game are greedy or just desperate. Having to watch a 30 second ad just for a free revive alone is pushing the boat a little, but having to watch one every time you die, despite how long the game actually was is just appalling. It really has put me off. Shame, especially when the game itself is really fun and an original idea.
  20. After the update..
    Dinesh Nagarajan
    Good one.. But after the update it is the worst game I ve ever played.. Annoying .. Pks fix it.. No login.. No play with friends..


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