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  1. Jessica Norris
    Like the game and design, but not the ads. Even with the sound off the ad will play. Once you can exit the ad, it will freeze when you try, and when you hit the home key to exit the game entirely, the ad still plays.
  2. Good for free.
    Jacob Huff
    This is one of the best versions I have found for my phone probably the best. It is pretty good for a free games. I just wish that it had more settings. I don't want it to tell me when I make a mistake.
  3. Good app, but ads ruining it!
    Duane Harmon
    Ads have gotten ridiculous. At first, you would get an add between games only, now it escapes game for an ads every few minutes... Way to ruin it!
  4. Used to be a great quiet game to relax.
    Jessica Traylor
    I could tolerate the silent ads before, because hey, it's a free game. But now, even with the sound on this game turned off, the new forced video ads play sound, at full volume. It has gotten annoying enough for me to delete this app and look for a different sudoku game.
  5. Good app, but freezes
    I've been playing this for awhile now. When I first started using this app it didn't freeze, but now it does. I clear the game cache occasionally, but it still happens. It's a good app though. May want to work on your expert puzzles though, they take like 6 mins to finish.
  6. A Keeper
    Norma Celentano
    This is one of the few apps that I've kept on my phone for over a year. I use it almost daily.
  7. Addictive!
    Anna Copeland
    I wish there is a way to edit the highlighter and make it darker. Sometimes, the game will stop and go to the apps page. Overall, though, I like the game and I can play for hours.
  8. Good Gameplay, Scary Ads!
    Cliff Hillmann
    This game is one of the best Sodokus as far as game play. The ads used to consist of a big splash page ad when you started and small scrolling /flashing ads at the bottom while you played. That was an acceptable trade off for a free game, but now it randomly launches your web browser and takes you to full page ads trying to scare you into buying security software. NOT COOL!
  9. Savannah Ledbetter
    In the middle of a game the app is repeatedly opening my internet browser and shooting e off to a website that mu phone warns me of having viruses! The play is great if you actually get to play. I had to find a new sudoku app to try because this problem interfered with the game play too much.
  10. Adds come with adds to slow and eat battery
    Gary Whitlark
    Game controls great. No other app on phone. Ads to extend battery and speed phone brought system loaders and battery loaders that make the phone a good hand warmer at times. System stalls ruin app. Play experience.
  11. Great for dabblers
    Pattee Pease
    I like the 'You made a mistake' eraser; you don't almost finish before you get a chance to see where you had faulty logic. I sometimes get ahead of myself and have to start all over. Like the sounds, to!
  12. Sudoku
    Nancy G
    Fun n different but the number won't repeat itself w/o hitting it again n that adds time also graphics r distracting n that adds time
  13. Blackview Crown 5 HDsmp
    Robert Crockett
    It did have 5 stars until one of the adverts popped up while playing game and refused to go away. So sad to say I deleted the game.
  14. Beginners friendly
    Marycela Tercero
    If you've never played before, it's an awesome game.
  15. its awesome and the king
    Shreyas Jakkula
    I had never seen more than better game like this. It is entertaining and easy and even my sis of 6 yrs plays it an my age is 12
  16. Not intuitive, too slow, spread out many ads
    Tom Beck
    I did not find many things to like about this game. The format is such that it's hard to see the whole board a glance. The working of the numbers is awkward and slow. I am NOT going to use this game.
  17. No controls over what it gives away
    Grace Cameron
    The app tells you if you've made an error, even in your pencil marks. It also highlights all of the selected number, including pencil marks. I'm not an expert suduku player but I finished an expert game easily only using single candidate.
  18. Would rather pay than put up with the adds
    These are the most obnoxious adds of any that i have seen. They flash like stobe lights. Others abruptly take me away from the middle of my game if my hand slightly moves towards the 'add bar'. That could be helped, perhaps, by having the adds run across the top of the screen. Otherwise this is the essiest interface of all Sudokus that I have tried.
  19. Tammy Barton
    The music is soothing to listen to. Also, it is helpful in pointing out any mistakes right away. I would give it a thumbs up.
  20. Kelia Cox
    I love soduku but it this game could be better if you needed to complete a certain number of puzzles to get to a new stage. Soduku doesn't have to be boring and repetative. Please make smart games fun.


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