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Reviews 131,565

  1. No lives
    Karen Harris
    I haven't had any life refills in over 2 days. Getting really disappointed.
  2. UDim Witt
    The link you provided would not work... apology i accidentally deleted this before
  3. Terrible bug "fixes"
    Natalie Victoria
    I've finished the game months ago & have had several updates in the mean time. Since the updates consist of "minor bug fixes" I think u need vast improvement! The badge system is whack for a start - I only need 4 more stars yet it is telling me I have only got 15/30 when in actual fact I have 26!! Another problem is that all mine & my friends scores are muddled up apparently I am in 4th place, then it goes, 7th, 2nd, 9th, 5th, - what kind of order is this?
  4. Support SUCKS
    Charlie Slone
    I have asked for 2 months to fix. I have to wait for 9 hours to move to next level. After 9 hours it has a error and time then starts over. I now see I'm not only one. Yet u ignore the issue and don't fix.
  5. Good game
    Pamela Watkins
    I love the game but more moves need to be added. Plus its to expensive to buy extra coins or power boosters. Other than that game is challenging and fun
  6. Wanda Isaac
    Fun and challenging games but you have to wait too long to get to the next level 11 hours too much time lose interest
  7. Love it!
    Tina W
    I love this game it is so addictive. I think its one of the best ones out there. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because half the time when my friends send lives I don't get them and I never get the coins that they send but that doesn't affect the game play at all it would just be nice to get them! If you haven't yet you should try this game it's very challenging but easy enough to move through! LOVE IT!!!!!
  8. Great
    Aaron Killner
    Good challenging game that me and my wife both play only down full I'd that when you get to level 150 you have to wait for friends to help as you can't play level straight away other than that great stuff
    lacey elwood
    I love the game and I am still very disappointed I can't play it but every time I go try to my phone reboots itself it is very annoying and it doesn't matter how many times I try it does the same thing I could play at first... I've also tried reinstalling the game nothing works... I can play as guest but I want to be able to play along with my friends on facebook FIX THIS PROBLEM
  10. Michael Middleton
    Game is great but they need to sort out when you move to next level having to wait 12 hours and when you guest play still says 8 hours to go three days later
  11. Water splash
    lakia thompson
    Really like i really really really need another addicting game 2 play come on guys stop it already geez. theres only 24hrs. n aday i really really really need 2 slp work etc... theres just no x 2 go 2 my G.A.(Gaming Addicts) meetings lol
  12. Fun a bit diff from others
    Sue McCartin
    Shares similarities with candy crush etc. Lives sent by others can't be recovered needs some work also won't run on android 4.4
  13. Water splash
    Samantha Valine
    Love the game the only problem is i wish it would give you more lives faster I had to wait for a couple hours. Other than that me and my husband play it together we have races to see who can get to a higher level.
  14. Great game
    Kelly Zona
    I love playing this game, great for killing time!
  15. it's fun
    Diane Femling
    takes forever and it takes all your coins you cannot retrieve your lives that friends send I don't understand that part
  16. Water splash
    Kerry Lambert
    Would be a lot better if the game didn't keep taking your lives you are sent so you can't keep playing please fix so the lives are there when needed
  17. Water splash
    Susan Johnston
    I haven't been able to get game to load on my tablet for a couple weeks. Didn't have problems before? I have made several reports with no return message.
  18. Margaret Felton
    Very fun game. I DO NOT LIKE IT POSTING EVERY THING ON MY TIMELINE ON FACEBOOK. Please stop this feature or I will delete game.
  19. Excellent
    Denitra Bivens
    I play this game everyday I just don't have friends only two so wen I need flags I can't get them only two friends U have to have three or more to complete the flagz
  20. Great game
    Christy Hamlin
    Editing my previous rate. The issue of my life's not refilling has been fixed. Love this game


What`s new

1. Water Splash Version is 1.6.5 released!

2. More new levels!

3. Minor bug fixes & optimization

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