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  1. Brandi Newson
    It won't let me pass lv 30..I mean I beat lv 30 but won't let me go to the next section it salaam I need a key but how do I get it it's really making me me somebody
  2. 5✨
    Courtney Jordan
    Absolutely enjoying this game it gives a nice challenge, there are lots of ways to gain coins, but not diamond which kinda sucks, and I wish I could be hooked up through Facebook but not need to be connected to WiFi or use up my data to play
  3. I've told you before how much I love this game, but this is the second time now that I've been unable to get into it. Please fix any glitches. friend deleted the game, cause she had the same problem, I really don't want to do that, but if I can't get on, why have the game take up space....Thank You
    Joanne Timmons
    I really like this game, but I've not been able to play it for 2 or 3 weeks now. It won't open for me. I know my sister - in - law has had the same problem, for just as long. Yet others haven't had a problem. Can you please find out why we can't play it. Thank You
  4. Addicted
    Andrew Lattier
    This game is very fun and will have you hooked right away. Great job!
  5. Stuck
    Elizabeth Thomas
    Fed up of getting to the road blocks and not being able to pass like now ! I love this game when it works
  6. miss my favorite game
    trevor ambrose
    I can not logged on to the game or play with friends and family on Facebook please help i miss my favorite i play on PC now Mobile i can get on
  7. Need to make more levels
    Nichole LeMore
    Many problems with it right now. They say the glitches have been fixed but they have not. Can't play the game. I enjoyed the game until it started to give me problems. Update 5/27/2015: LOVE IT!!!! Update 9/2/2015: I have been stuck at the very last level for over 3 weeks they still have not created new levels. I want more levels ASAP
  8. Pig and Dragon
    Valerie Hollinrake
    Games great until you find out there's no way to get gems. That sucks, it kinda takes the fun out of the game.
  9. Pig& Dragon
    Heidi Warren
    Just started playing i like it so far i really enjoy it ill re-rate it after I play awhile.
  10. Lois Steele
    Don!t like that the higher levels give less coins to use. I am now getting only 90 coins when I get a three star rating on the level. WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THAT?
  11. Its a good game
    Randy Jade Abang
    Its not the perfect game but its addictive and fun
  12. Really Love It So Far
    Ashley Bey
    I've just recently downloaded this game but so far I really Love it! It's a very Facebook interactive game, has kid friendly features, and the graphics are very colorful/eye catching! Also BEWARE this game is very Addicting LOL
  13. 895
    Stempel Torri
    I can only go as far as level 895 on phone but on laptop has higher levels. Need more levels on phone. Would give it 5 stars but only 3 because of this.
  14. Natalie vance
    I love your game but the gate to move on to the next level take to long to unlock, please do something about that.
  15. Amy Orwen
    Absolutely love this game just hate waiting for next level to unlock. Gotta b an easier way to move on with out having to wait days sometimes weeks.
  16. Good game
    Mary Hillebrandt
    This game is great but I'm maxed out on levels but if u get on computer and go thru Facebook u can play more all I have is tablet and phone so I'm stuck while friends r play in so disappointed I can't play till y'all update app
  17. Won't count down for keys
    Steve Adams
    It's been a great way to pass the time but since the last update the countdown for free keys stops when the app is exited and resets back to the 18 hours, can this be sorted out soon.
  18. Getting stuck loading
    Kristen Duca
    I'm in the 800's and now I can't load the game after the latest update. Boo. *Update 8/28 ..I am at level 835, there are no more levels after that ... Are there more coming soon?
  19. Pig n dragon
    Pam Miller
    Fun it's ok too much like other games I play
  20. Matthew Preston
    It is a cool way to kill time super fun to play.


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