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  1. Cloanto
    Mishka Town
    I've used many of Cloanto products both on Amiga and Emulation. Just what I needed to get an Emulated Amiga running on my mobile, Keep improving it and hopefully one day Amiga will rise again.
  2. It works
    Byron Jones
    Simple app, does exactly what it needs to.
  3. No files.
    Rich Morley
    Like others mentioned below, the ROM file is empty and the adf file only has workbench and a demo adf in. No games!! I'd suggest developers include a user guide on this. No games included. Refund please. And please do not refer me to that android/data/ etc etc as that's what I've done. Don't waste your money people
  4. I enjoy this quality software
    Nile Coy
    The Amiga has an advanced graphical user interface that uses a "desktop metaphor" that permits even the people who are the most intimidated by computers to dive right in and start using a powerful tool for creative expression and entertainment. I am so sure you will like your Amiga I will stake my reputation on it. Someday all computers will be this powerful and easy to use.
  5. Thank you for bringing my memories back to life.
    Martin Marcinkiewicz
    Really emotional trip back to the days of my youth, thanks guys, keep up the good work!
  6. no/invisible files
    Patrick Baddeley
    same problem as another user, have downloaded several times but files are just not there. using uae4droid.
  7. Fantastic and thumbs up just for support!
    Brian Sorli
    I'm an old Amiga user and still have my original Amiga 4000. I'm posting and purchased this client to show my support and to give a big thumbs up for the effort. Actually, I also own the original Amiga Forever and looking forward to playing Battle Chess and other Psygnosis games! Keep up the good work and suggest polishing your interface making it easier to find compatible and you emulators.
  8. Dissapointed
    Andrew Aitken
    Not working... tried on two different emulators and all I can find is the workbench and a demo file that doesn't load. Even in the download where I try to review installed roms the website doesn't work
  9. Thanks Cloanto for making Amiga fans happy
    Wei-ju Wu
    I have been using Amiga Forever for years (mostly for systems software and videos), and I own original hardware as well. As other people, I bought this to support Cloanto for providing a legal way to obtain the Amiga ROMs for emulation. To the earlier remark about this not working: this is more likely a problem of the emulator in combination with your specific device, not all versions of UAE, which is the foundation of most Amiga emulators are of equal quality and the desktop versions are currently more mature. I am using this on a Nook HD+ tablet and 2 of 3 emulators were working. Thanks again to Cloanto for ROMs and fan service and the developers who ported UAE to Android.
  10. Tracy Duffy
    Downloaded to my phone. Can someone please explain to me what the hell i'm supposed to do with it there. At least redownload it to my PC or give me a refund.
  11. Licensed ROM location (for those who need help)
    Ray Wu
    Simplest instruction display installed/download ROM path to users are missing in the app.. Update app to show licensed ROM files please :( --->/storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.cloanto.AmigaEssentials.../files/(ROM + ADF). What good is it only provide relative path...?
  12. Won't work on nexus 5
    Phil Hinds
    The rom files are not in the rom folder. What do I need to do now?
  13. Brilliant
    Edward Daly
    Now just waiting for an emulator from you guys, pc version works a treat.
  14. Amiga on Android, yay!
    Richard Neill
    Great to have Amiga on Android! You'll need a third party emulator to make this work, they just supply the ROMs. On Android - search and install UAE4Droid from the playstore (it's free). You'll find the ROMs in DeviceStorage/Android/data/com.cloanto.amigaforever essentials/files. Have fun!
  15. No files installed.
    Ian Rawlings
    It claims to have copied the files to "external storage" on my nexus 10 which does not have external storage and the files are nowhere to be found. I'll stick to pirate copies. I've uninstalled it as the files, if they were installed, are apparently hidden away in an obscure path and none of the three emulators I installed found them. How about just putting the location in the app so we can correct it ourselves?
  16. Well Done
    Artur krebain
    If you don't have real Amiga hardware you had to resort to piracy to obtain kickstart ROMs to use with emulators out there. Now there's alternative which is not only bargain basement cheap, but boots it with workbench floppy disk image files. Wonderful move, hats off to Cloanto.
  17. Thanks :)
    Michael Taylor
    But sadly with the Demos Disk, I couldn't get the Amiga Boing Ball demo to work, using UAE4All2
  18. Great value for money
    Dani Gearbench
    Uae4droid didn't auto-detect the ROMs+ADFs, but they can easily be found in /sdcard/Android/data/com.cloanto.amigaforever.essentials/files/ (depending on your sdcard/emulated storage path). Thanks, Cloanto!
  19. Old school
    Copy Cat
    Just bought it for support as its dirt cheap and i love the amiga:)
  20. Cant find the roms
    stephen brazier
    Xperia tablet z : owned original then a winUAE / tosec addict, now wanted to pay for real on android. roms are apparently unpacked to my external storage.... I cant see them anywhere with any file manager I use, and more importantly.. Neither can any of the uae's so this is useless. I need to be able to unpack and install where I want


What`s new

Android TV support. Added link to Privacy Policy. This is per Google Play requirements, but is kept minimal, as the app does not collect or transmit user data.

If an emulation app won't work, or if you have trouble finding the files, launch Amiga Forever Essentials, select "Show Installed Amiga ROM and OS Files" and double-check the location displayed in the last line.