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Terence Chung | Creative Director | Art Director | UI / UX Designer

Toronto, Canada Area |

Naib Baghirov | Game Developer at Clipwire Games

Azerbaijan |

Clipwire Games | Chief Executive Officer

George Nasiotis | 3d Artist Freelance

Reviews 3,199

  1. Fun Game
    John Wells
    Really fun game. Several bugs since last update. Random crashes during Rift games. "Generally on the last wave." Missions with multiple completions per day cause a glitch showing ship upgraded to lvl 62 with a 3700 omega reward. Have to close mission windows. Hate that no matter what the wheel spins are horrible. Get tons of resources but no schematics or ships. Don't tell me buying money is the problem. I've dropped at least $100 on this game. Other than those problems, the game is great.
  2. great time burner
    James Pitman
    good game and time sink, that was months ago. Thank you devs. These guys have updated in a big way. Try it again, great faction update if you are active you advance fast.
  3. Great Space MMO/Tactics Game
    Jason Ricker
    This game is a great mix of mmo and tactical games. Huge fan of the sci-fi feel as well. Customer service is 2nd to none and went above and beyond to resolve my issue.
  4. Great game
    Tyler Hynes
    I originally started playing on facebook so I decided to download it on my phone as well but I can't get past the loading screen I hope this will be fixed or it might be an issue on my end
  5. New player
    Scott Moran
    New to the game but really enjoying it, lots to do and it's great for both people who do and don't spend money on games!
  6. Great game!!!
    Paul Kersting
    I play this game enough to make my wife mad sometimes so I obviously love the game....great improvements keep coming...only issue is the chat doesn't stay up all the time and it seems the alliance isn't doing anything but that could be something in my system...overall I've never played a better game and still spend hours a day....still gets my wife pretty
  7. It loads fine now on galaxy note 2
    Connor DuRee
    It works just fine now but my computer is still Mia because it's really just a virus that caused it not the game.
  8. Great game, active developer
    Been playing from nearly the beginning. Many great changes and improvements. Alliances just got implemented with great team oriented missions. Great looking ships and other artwork, a lot of detail went into this game. Good game play, some actual strategy needed in your battles not just throw all your ships out there and watch. So join now and enter 4bb51 for a boost. Using my code automatically adds you to my friends list enabling me to send out extra gifts that I acquire. So come play and Good luck!
  9. nicolae calin Dreghici
    It is indeed a great game. Basically, all you do is grinding the entire time, but it has such a way to do it that it doesn't get boring, making you want to play more and more. Good job and keep it up, devs!
  10. Laggy
    Deklan Fennell
    Some alliance operations won't work or deploy
  11. Maggs Kailhofer
    Really enjoy playing this game! It has a lot of complexity and teamwork. My only problem is trying to post in the alliance chat... the text window closes after only a word or two and won't let me actually type a while message. Frustrating. Hope a patch comes out for this bug. Love the new addition of the rift!
  12. Im hooked
    Logan Byrd
    Started playing this game on kongregate and was instantly hooked found it on here and now I can't put my phone down.
  13. Best game out there like this man you should really try it!!
    Tyler Tackett
    This game will blow you mind in its additivity.... An the best part? You don't have to pay to win!!! You get beast ships right off the bat! So worth it in my opinion.
  14. Keeps kicking game
    John Bailey
    Was good. But since last update it keeps kicking me out of the game
  15. Different
    Chris Ryan
    Its a nice different approach to the empire building games that are so prolific now
  16. Well.....
    Adian Newgard
    That's more like it! :-) no more connection issues, and it's smooooth far....thx! One thing though....why does it take 24 hours to build a level 3 command headquarters when it clearly says 10 mins? This needs to be fixed ASAP! 4 stars for now until fixed.
  17. Awesome
    Ryan Grabowski
    Got my dad and my cousin even my girlfriend plays it
  18. lee john France
    very good hope future updates include more content
  19. Love it
    Corey Stanley
    This game is addicting I play it mostly on my downtime but the only problem I have is is there no way to be able to upgrade more than one module at a time without nanobots? Because I dont seem to ever get any.
  20. Enjoy it
    Austin Davidson
    It's real quite a good setup and I've been looking for something to scratch this itch. I would be really excited if they worked out the bugs that are making it crash frequently but I'm still going to keep playing it anyway.


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