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  1. Payment
    Justin Bolek
    I spent money on some things. They took my money and didn't give me what I bought so do not use your money to buy anything in the game other than that it's a fun game
  2. Do not spend money
    James Andrews
    I really love this game every aspect of this game is awesome EXCEPT..... Do not spend any real money. I spent the $2.14 for the Super Tesla Coil and did not receive it. I spent this money about a month ago have heard nothing back from their customer support. I still want my money back or the item I bought till then I will only give two stars.
  3. Entertainment
    Thor Butler
    OK I like the game but crystal is way too hard to get also I think it would be great if you added a conjoining type of towers to add additional ability and flexibility like them prism tower is powerful but in this game you made it less affective. Also it would be great to make it possible to install modules in battle. I hope you have read this and if you make a new one add some of my ideas least give them a shot
  4. There are some bugs
    Jack Snap
    The game is great for a challenging tower defense, but the bugs in the game have caused my data to be reset. I have spent some dough on it and the game reset and took my bucks with its reset. The game makers should address this problem before they make another game.
  5. Sarim Mehmood
    New update really sucks..first all my save game gone..then super weapons changed..previous ones were really great specially mines. Add them back in the game..thanks.
  6. Took my money
    marcos martinez
    I made a purchase and I didn't get my credits the transaction shows to have been processed
  7. Just nope
    Agro FiFi
    This is just a insult and a dissapointment to the first one.... Uninstalling and going back to the 1st one
  8. Good game
    Pao Enriquez
    I just wish that a tower will have higher value depnding on its rank or number of kills..also would like to see if you can add the number of kills per tower
  9. Froce close
    Rodmar Sible
    Why do the game force close every after a stage/level, it doesn't force before, but after i updated the problem comes, ease fix it so i will give 5 stars thanks, i love playing it
  10. illegal...... you stole money from me
    Tegan Kasch
    I bought one of your premium guns for 2.16. You charged my bank account and when the transaction went through and was completed a screen popped up saying it was illegal, and you did not give me my gun. What is the deal? Will I get a refund? Or did you just steal money from me?
  11. Good time killer
    Matthew Janis
    Need to remove the icon that pops up about upgrade points. It covers over the list of achievements for each level making it impossible to know what you have to accomplish. Also can't fill the upgrades completely. I have one more start to fill in the beam of light special attack.
  12. Ehh
    Matthew Deitzer
    Its cool, but they added way to much complicated items to use, but i really liked the first one better.
  13. rico sunga
    my levels that I save had been erased when i restarted my phone damned!!! for that I give 1star!
  14. Ty Williams
    It dosent even show words this game sucks
  15. Good except...
    lori ferl
    I wish u would make it so we could carry more towers then 6 please
  16. Its fun but has flaws
    Philip Martin
    I wish the game would tell you what the towers can do before you buy them. Also it would be nice the be able to know what the enemy units are and tips to defeat them.
  17. Nice game
    joemarie erdao
    I bough the novice package, but nothing happen other than i lost my money
  18. Great but
    thomas bowersox
    It won't let me play the contest or ladder and i have them both unlocked please help
  19. Tired of
    brandon parr
    Not being able to save to Google + or Facebook. Especially when transferring devices. Other than that is fun
  20. Nope not good
    John Murphy
    Got bugs and screen doesn't fully load, nor worth a download


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