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  1. A Visual Game
    Erick G
    This is a game that is meant to be taken more as a piece or art. The game itself is entertaining, but only for about 15 minutes. After that, the motions just become repetitive. To sum it all up: Beautiful artwork, Less than average game.
  2. Jenna Magius
    The platforming seems bland at first, but they do keep introducing one-off mechanical set pieces as the game goes, which is nice. Don't be fooled by the glam: the history of typography isn't that interesting. The excerpts are substantial enough to make collecting collectables a little more exciting though, so that's nice.
  3. A Game of History
    Don Nichols
    In my view, this isn't a game. It's a history lesson. And I'm the type of person who enjoys education. The actual gameplay is a bit repetitive, but the history of typography is what has me hooked. Learning how forms of writing have evolved over centuries has been fun for me. However, I know this type of game isn't enjoyable for everyone. Perhaps a free version containing only a few levels might be a good idea to try to get more players.
  4. Fun,beautiful, educational
    Andrew Polidori
    Fun game with some challenge. I personally love the extra educational facet.
  5. It's just okay
    Clint Porter
    Gameplay is beautiful and immersive, although sadly has nothing to do with teaching the history of typography. Also, the credibility of the type history section is undermined by a big typographic error in the first sentence, which put me off reading further for a long time. It seems to be written by a non-native English speaker and is a bit difficult to read. The hidden level is cute.
  6. Great.
    Byron Blay
    Five stars when you learn how to turn the music off when the app is paused by the OS. I had the same problem when developing BB Rally so I can't complain :D
  7. Creative concept. Beautifully executed
    João Valido Vaz
    Really nice and beautiful game with a fun, calm, creative gameplay, great artwork and immersive atmosphere with a very nice soundtrack. It is a nice way to go through not only the history of typography but also of language, art and in the end... mankind. I really recommend it especially for designers, anyone interested in typography or just those who enjoy a fun, aesthetically pleasing game.
  8. Meh
    Ben Parsons
    Great graphics, and a good idea to have text content be a reward for finding objects in-game, but there are many problems. The level design is either boring or frustrating, there is no sense of challenge or achievement. The controls are spongy, is this a problem of the Android port? There are also a LOT of issues with the text, which is surprising. Kinda let down by such a promising looking game...
  9. Nearly Unplayable Level Ruins Game
    Kirk Keilholtz
    Plays great except for the "Cinema Sign" level, which is nothing but frustration. This ridiculously difficult level ruins the entire experience. Between the problems of this game not working on many popular systems and difficulty issues, I can't recommend buying it.
  10. Beautifully Designed
    Richard Jefferson
    The app is beautifully designed and the game play is awesome. I'm actually a bit into the subject matter but even I don't care for it in a game. It's a bit of an odd topic on which to base a game. Nonetheless, one is free to ignore topic and enjoy the beautiful designs and fun game.
    Lucia Carpenter
    Though I'd have to be interested in typography in order to like this but in fact one can u appreciate fine artist level design & a concept unseen yet in android games then u will enjoy this. Basically its a platformer but instead of levels or ground u make ur way thru creatively designed levels & collect letter along the way. When u die u dont have far to begin from a checkpoint. Only downside is the price, its a little dear, especially for such an indie/risky game outing. Overall an enjoyable experience
  12. I Love Font's ?
    Meredith Fruge
    I love the game it is so important that its good to whoever said that this is a very dumb game I hate you
  13. So fun and didactive!
    Alba VC
    Very intuitive and beautiful. I loved the music and the anniversary price so much. A must-have for designers and type lovers.
  14. Excellent et vraiment fun et original!!
    Mathieu Laflamme
    Quelques petit bugs par-ci par-là, mais c'est mineur. Le défilement par exemple n'est par parfaitement fluide et je tombe sur un tableau que j'ai dû recommencer car le niveau d'eau avait trop monté de façon anormale. Intégration avec les Google Play Games manquant pour les "acheivements" du moins. Aussi possibilité de changer la langue dans le jeu. Je réserve le 5* quand je n'ai rien à noter. Merci pour ce jeu!
  15. Great but a little glitchy
    Dave Rottino
    I've seen crashes and lockups happen. It's great when it's working properly.
  16. Amazing game
    Alfonso Rivera Jr.
    Calm music, easy mechanics and just astonishing literature history as you play the game. If you like to play games without losing any brain cells, this is a very good game to play.
  17. Well worth it!
    Matthew Townsend
    This is worth every cent, and there is no frustrating in game purchases. Really smooth to play but a slight interest for typography may be needed.
  18. Wooooooooow
    meh mo
    This game is sick man .good job French, you prove it once again.
  19. Stunningly beautiful game!
    Ellin Tolstov
    You managed to combine a high quality arcade with excellent historical content communication! Awesome atmosphere!
  20. Absolutely Incredible
    Jefrey Judes
    The controls, the fluidity, the music and everything to do with the minimal design were amazing and made for a great playing experience