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Monthly active users estimation: 2,000,000


Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 96,745

  1. Great Game
    Ebony Archer
    The BEST Spider Solitaire! I have tried others, but this is the only one left on my phone. The only other game app I have is also by Brainium -- Sudoku. Both these games keep me entertained. No need for in-app purchases either, what a relief!
  2. Good game, bad layout
    Shellfire Grayson
    Nice gameplay and unintrusive ads. This would be 5 stars if it didn't have so much wasted space at the top on landscape mode). Put the deck at the side and hide the completed suits (no need to see them) and give the playing area more space!
  3. Finally, a easy, good spider solitaire game
    James Paul
    This is the best solitaire game people have made. It has great hints, you can choose any background you want, and to me it creates a new solitaire. You can play it for hours without getting bored. I also love all the new features.
  4. Agree with Shellfire
    Neale Banks
    Great game, very addictive and a great time waster. Hospital is boring at the best of time and this where I am at now. Where I agree with Shellfire is in all the wasted space at the top. My stubby thumbs and fingers have difficulty opening the bar at the bottom when columns partly or completely cover the up arrow.
  5. Needs fixing
    Linus Brendel
    I really like this game in terms of fluency, design, and ad integration, however it crashes a lot, thus making it very difficult to finish a game.
  6. This is the best one I've played so far.
    Shirley Jones
    Nice clean layout, very hard to stop playing. Easy on battery.
  7. Good
    Ana S
    Good game but... 3 deck options would be great; ability to turn off timer separately from moves and points; high scores should be for each type of game - NOT one for the whole range. Ie. 2 minutes on easy as the over all high score? Who cares about that when u get 20 minutes on hardest - it would be great to know what highest score was for hardest for example. And achievements should be game related - who cares if I win lying on my back, or playing between 6 - 7 am. Pretty good otherwise though
  8. Addictive!
    Lara Bullock
    Love this game. Ideal when you've got time to kill. Quick & efficient. Great app! Very addictive though ;)
  9. Pretty good
    Tess Killalea
    Forced review so itll stop bugging me but i do like the game
  10. Great Game
    Ralph & Glenda Bennett
    The only fault I can find with this game is pop-up ads. If that's what it takes to keep it free, then I can live with them. Great commercial time killer game!
  11. Bad ads!
    Debra Stewart
    I love the game google ad really was bad cause my grandkids sometimes play this game and one ad popped up saying "Play Me" with her fingers in her crotch!! If I see it again, I will Uninstall game and google!!!!
  12. Jim Wrobel
    Great version of Spider solitaire. If I could pay to get rid of the ads, it would be a 5 +
  13. Great game?
    Shawn Lord
    I have a hard time putting it down.
  14. Good but...
    Benjamin Reilly
    There should be an option for landscape instead of "rotate your phone" . I for example have the rotation turned off permanently ...
  15. Very good logic challenge
    Benita Silvestri
    Worked perfectly. Took a few turns to understand the moves but Hints helped great.
  16. I absolutely love this game!
    Muriel Katz
    It plays very well, has a hidden bar you can tap to bring up "hints", "redo", etc., and there's no timer although it does keep track of your best time for you to try and beat if you want to. Plus you can just tap on a pile of cards and they'll all move automatically to a better spot...or you can just drag them, yourself. makes you think. I'm really glad I downloaded this one to my Android!!
  17. Nice to play
    David Todd
    Ok game if you have some spare time ie on a bus or train
  18. Spider Solitaire
    Dennis Beito
    Very good game makes you think more than regular solitare
  19. Spider Solitaire
    gloria williams
    It's a great game something to keep me busy when I'm waiting to see the doctor.
    Love the challenges. But would like it to be broken down to three and four set but I'll play till I get the 4set.


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