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Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 3,589

  1. Truly random?
    This version of spider almost appears to deliberately not give you cards you desperately need... more times than not. I play microsoft version and have great winning percentage. This version, no where close. Beginning to hate it. Cards dont seem so random sometimes. Seems to work against you rather than being random, but maybe microsoft version helps you and is the one not random?
  2. Great way to fill in time!
    Pru Hewett
    Love the game. It's brilliant for passing the time if you're stuck in a waiting room or something and I like to play last thing at night before going to sleep. It settles my brain. I've got this and Freecell and Soduko now. Thank-you Brainium for really well presented games. Bit expensive but worth it to avoid the ads.
  3. Great game
    David Booth
    Simple layout and clear cards. Love the undo. Shame the cards sometimes don't always drag but suddenly jump back to old position or dash off to a new one you didn't intend. Easily corrected though.
  4. Great game!
    John Upp
    Never know if you can beat it or not, even if you backtrack.
  5. joel anderson
    Every hand plays out the same. Did you shuffle the cards? Crap!!!
  6. Fab Rod
    I love this game. It's great to paly whenever you need to kill some time.
  7. If you like spider solitaire...
    William Grant
    Then give this app a try... Straightforward implementation with a few configurables. One, two, and three suits supported. Very nice. Play it often.
  8. Awesome game, buy the full version!
    gene moore
    A great way to pass the idle time.
  9. Great game
    William Reese
    Limited ad interuption..really like that. Sometimes it gets a little tight on the phone screen(prob cause i run the columns long a good ap.
  10. Addicted!
    Jacque Dyer
    Had to get the paid version. Hate the ads. I've been playing for a long time, and it hasn't gotten old yet.
  11. Good fun
    Jan Mrk
    Paid gets rid of the flashing ads
  12. No ads
    Linda McQueen
    I can play this game over and over without ads. The only thing that could improve is having the stack being placed in an open slot stick there better.
  13. Good app
    Claire Hickl
    Plays well. Smooth. No crashing or issues.
  14. Favorite Spider version!
    Lisa Stephenson
    I love this game! Smooth graphics and plenty of customizations - I have this game on all my Android devices (main one is Huawei Mate 7) :-)
  15. Jonathan Mischuk
    Very solid and complete for a single version of solitaire.
  16. Best version of Spider Solitaire available
    Alan Huynh
    Controls are intuitive; animations are smooth; game is very responsive. I like. ^_^
  17. Great distraction
    laurie banks
    I enjoy this version of spider. I enjoyed the challenge of getting g all of the achievements. It IS possible to get everything.
  18. A great diversion.
    Kenneth Woodhams
    Fun to play. Challenging and relaxing at the same time. Keeps you on your toes.
  19. Thor Mccammon
    Very challenging! Love all the games from Brainium Studios they are very well made and fun to play.
  20. DaveT
    David Torell
    I like this game to see how fast I can complete it. It simulates my thought process to see multiple moves and determining what the best move is. Occasionally I have had to back up all the way to the beginning to complete the game. I never give up. If I didn't complete one it was by accident.


What`s new

We'd like to thank our players, you make our games possible!
- Added new "Strict Mode" option. While turned off, you're no longer required to fill spaces in the tableau before dealing cards from the stock.
- Bug fixes and improvements.