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Monthly active users estimation: 225,000


Farhad Shakiba | Co-Founder, Brainium Studios LLC

Portland, Oregon Area |

Saul Villatoro | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Luke James Healy | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Jonathan Rodgers | Software Engineer at Brainium Studios

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 46,314

  1. Peter Cady
    Dealer in my opinion wins way to much ,players hand almost always starts with 13,14,or 15 and dealer will have a face card showing and will get a 19 at the least.
  2. Great wee game
    ruth forster
    Great way to pass some time!! Fun and easy. A lot of people complaining about losing lots. But those guys are all millionaires from real life casino winnings so no worries :p
  3. Great and easy to understand.
    Schradel Funz
    Title says everything. But I rate 4 stars as it doesn't run smoothly either on an S3 or a 2 GB RAM Tab.
  4. Blackjack s galore
    Mark Massey
    I've never seen a black jack game that gets so many blackjack s for the dealer. If this was real life I would walk away from the table
  5. Reasonable gaming
    Michael Mines
    It took me a minute to get used to it but I've found the gaming is easy and the graphics and instructions are second to none in terms of blackjack apps.
  6. Great game for entertaiment
    Raul Velez
    Easy and simple to follow thru, also addictive, as well. Props to the crew who invented and created the game. By the way, for those who say that these game suk is because u r the 1 that suk. Of course, u r going to lose, its part of the game even on real life, just know how to play ur money n cards. A real Vegas player would say the same as my previous senten., and if they don't its cause they are probably a one time Vegas visitor. N for those who say it fuks with ur phone, just stop watching porn.
  7. Glitches
    Joe G
    Hits on it's own. Gives me a second cardwhen I haven't asked for one. Like a lot! Also crashes and freezes quite often. Other than that it's great.
  8. Never-ending
    Brigitte Walden
    I like playing this game alot, expecially since I really don't loss real $$$
  9. Rigged
    James Lill
    It's a free game so I get the idea behind having poor odds. However, why not just make a paid app with normal odds? The creators of this app should have some dignity
  10. Win most card hands that are dealt.
    Martin Ball
    Majority of cards that are dealt to me to my benefit. Which means I win most hands. So if you want to send any updates that make the game a little more challenging by all means do so. Right now it's challenging enough.
  11. Design to get you to look at ads
    Steven Le
    Lol you will loose 95% of the time so you could spin for more chips so you can get flooded with ads
  12. No adds!!
    Chance Fryar
    Unless you suck and run out of money. But then you get more for looking at an add for about half a second
  13. It's ok
    Kevin Osborn
    Dealer wins almost all big bets. I have played games where I make it all the up to 300k but not for long. With 10 hands, back to advertising and free spins. Odds I have noticed average win is about 38% to 41%. Could be improved by upping odds to 45% then it would be about right and let the little guy enjoy a few big hand wins. Free is free though. Fair game overall.
  14. Steve Melton
    This game is rigged in favor of the computer. No way computer can get so many wins. You get nineteen it gets twenty. You get more fourteen and fifteens then any thing
  15. Really liked it.
    Adam Zamora
    This is the real deal.if you can't beat this dealer don't bother sitting at a casino. I won 100k on this but I really had to concentrate on the hands being dealt.
  16. Havent won a single game!
    christian Cameron
    I started off with about 900 dollars. I didnt win anything ever! I would start with twelve alot, i hit and i bust. The dealer aleays gets a black jack every other turn. This game is crap.
  17. Rigged
    Odell Houston
    I'm the tupe of person to always try a game despite the reviews..but I will say every negative comment is spot on. This game is so rigged to favor computer it's sad. I get 19 or 20 and dealer gets 21 every time no matter what. I win more at a casino than i do on this. So far I've played 468 hands and got blackjack 12 times?!
  18. Cheater
    Think its cute to have the a.i. counting cards eh? I nearly threw my device and if the devs face was present i would have. Only reason this gets one star is because chips are free. Short of that this games sucks worse than the devs who made it. PEACE
  19. Ghetto
    Chris Case
    Game is too fake. I bet small and hit 20 and 21 bet over a thousand and dealer seems to hit 21 everytime or i bust. And im very familiar with real casino blackjack. I know its just a game for fun but i like to keep up on my blackjack skill when i dont play in a casino.
  20. Fun and easy
    Herman Johansen
    Exactly what I was looking for. Simple fun and easy. However, for the life of me I can't figure out how to exit the game properly! And when trying to add the free chips the game freezes up more often than not.


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