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Hannibal Soares | Founder | CEO at BoomBit

London, United Kingdom |

Marcin Olejarz | Cofounder Aidem Media

Gdańsk, woj. pomorskie, Polska |

Jefferson Celebertti | Doer, Dreamer, Maker, Mistaker & Entrepreneur.

Nicaragua |

Reviews 128,646

  1. Great!!!.......,. But the lag is real
    kyle rider
    This game is great and is super addictive. I love it and recommend it to anyone. The only problem is that lag is present more than I expected.
  2. Annoying
    Aleksandar Radovanov
    It's constantly trying to get you to spend w/e coins you're using and it's trying to sell you thoss coins for facebook likes or twitter follows. The gameplay is alright even with all these.
  3. It's great
    Jared Lee
    The game is easy to learn, challenging and addictive. Multiplayer is pretty fun to when there's no lag. My only gripe is that the skins are lackluster as they only change the looks and don't add anything else to the table. I got a WilhelmSquare and I was expecting it to at least have the iconic scream when you die, but sadly it doesn't. Still great overall.
  4. Love it!
    Kris Keenan
    Really basic and simple game but so addictive, i love the different selection of characters to buy and I can't put it down! Definitely worth downloading :) you just need to add an awesome zombie square!! ;)
  5. It is stupid
    Peyton Simms
    When I play it lagged 2 times every time and it froze for a short second then it will keep playing but I die because of the lagging it just dies on its own please fix that is so stupid
  6. Bad freemium tactics
    Tobias Ovesen
    Game is brain dead simple and pretty fun. The problem here is the ads, there's just too many of them, and they use the should-be-banned full screen ads that annoys the heck out of the user, and if that's not freaking enough, the escape button of those ads are tiny to non existing. It doesn't stop here. If you want to practice in "Easy Mode" you'll have to pay for that too, unbelievable. Worst freemium tactics I've seen in a long time. They should just have made this game coat 1$ and be over with it.
  7. Good idea, poorly executed.
    Dan T
    The potential this game has is huge however the programming on this game is so sloppy. The performance of the game is rubbish with lag every few seconds and the app even causing the device to completely seize up. Better programmers ought to be hired and another language like C++ with the NDK should be used instead of unreliable java. This game still deserves some credit though because the ides is good and the game is slightly functional.
  8. Awesome Game! Great Concept
    James Ross
    This Game Is Cool, Fun consept and its easy to play
  9. Fun!
    white-wooly-shep sophia
    I like to go against my sister and its addicting so I play a lot i am like I want that character and sometimes spend all night trying to get it lol !
  10. Simon Povey
    Such an immersive game. The web slinging is so intuitive, that when I'm playing it, I actually feel like I'm Spiderman in real life. The graphics are amazing. All the squares are exactly that... square. I mean, I can't see a rounded edge anywhere, which is technically impressive. The game must render thousands of polygons(?) to create such smooth graphics. The sound effects every time you click really add to the atmosphere. What I like most is having different sections appear in random order, making the game feel like a fresh brand new level every single time I play.
  11. Eh
    Calvin Me
    Adds everywhere, becomes more annoying then fun so I end up not bothering instead of playing
  12. Simple and sweet
    Luke Garrett
    Great time passing a old classic in gameplay with a warm and friendly aesthetic, cute and fun check out others like, cops and Robbers, peace X
  13. So addictive!!!
    Its.Samia. XoXo
    This game is very addictive like when I lose I just have to play again. It's a good game for when u are bored and don't have anything to do this game is just right there for you! But I won't rate it 5 stars because the game needs more levels and easy mode to be free and everything
  14. Alex Semin
    Good and addictive game, but the lag is real, and the popping out advertising is too annoying
  15. Awesome app
    Emma Walker
    Once again, boom bit studios have created an an app fit for all ages. Not only is it a fun and addicting ,its perfect for when you just feel like playing a five minute game. Thanks - age 12
  16. I love it because it is amazing and fun
    Nathan Mulvihill
    I love it because it is fun and amazing
  17. Buy game really addictive but lag and adds
    Debbie Heathfield
    Ive been playing this game for 7 hours and it is really good you should totaly buy this game but adds are really annoying but part from that peace out people plz check out new youtube its called jack plays i play minecraft dead rising and more on my chan plz watch and as always have fun
    Alex Beattie
    When you start the game it glitches but when you go back on it works its a awesome game but you should try to always get the coins so you can by more characters its such a fun game you should download it its just so awesome !!!
  19. Like the game. Hate the game breaking ads.
    Jason Astley
    Lowered rating to one star as update promised reduced lag. It's exactly the same as before because they put ad revenue above game design. Game is unplayable as soon as ads pop up and I refuse to buy it on principle. I'll pay some money to remove ads once they stop breaking the game and forcing people to pay.
  20. This sucks
    Hailee Dickerson
    Every time I open the app my phone shuts off i recommend this to no one not even the creators


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