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Hannibal Soares | Founder | CEO at BoomBit

London, United Kingdom |

Marcin Olejarz | Cofounder Aidem Media

Gdańsk, woj. pomorskie, Polska |

Jefferson Celebertti | Doer, Dreamer, Maker, Mistaker & Entrepreneur.

Nicaragua |

Reviews 109,466

  1. Hate money grabbers...
    Steven Martenson
    You want me to pay for an easy version? Sorry, I'm good enough to play for free. I will find a better game. :)
  2. Example of how not to make free to play
    sanket baxi
    This right here is a great example of not to make F2P games. Before it had even fully loaded and allowed me to play my first game, it already started advertising its other games. And then there were ads and popups everywhere asking me to purchase - all of this before I could fully experience the game. At this stage, why even have a F2P version? Just put a paid version in the Play Store and be done with it.
  3. Some people's kids
    Ranger Lives
    Reading some of these reviews is like an education in people who don't know that the people who make said don't just sit around doing it for free. Apps are gonna have ads. That's how developers pay for the time and cost it takes to program and still make a living. Compared to some, this one didn't have many. Great game to waste some time playing, and if you have so much time to play a game like this and complain about the ads, then maybe you should put your phone down and go get a job.
  4. It is alright.
    Definitely not as bad as people make it sound. It does get old quickly. Whoever claims there are too many pop-ups... you must repeatedly lose FAST, because it seemed rather kind to me. I played a game that made you pay to press the repeat button. If you do not? Well, they bury you 3 levels deep in menus and make you swipe pages and pages of levels to get back to where you were EVERY time you lose. THAT is F2P done badly.
  5. Cute idea
    Amber Smith
    I like the idea of this game. Simple concept; frustratingly fun. The developers have overpriced their add-ons. If the easy version was $1-$2, I probably would have dropped the change to purchase without a thought. But at $5, the price is too steep. So I will probably end up deleting the app instead of continuing to play.
  6. Nice but
    Florin MFM
    The game is nice but not so interesting... Gets old very quickly.
  7. Not for me
    Samantha Ploof
    I wish everyone who gave a review wasn't a completely illiterate idiot, but they weren't entirely wrong. There were too many windows to pop up basically begging for you to pay for it. Even after rejecting it so many times for basically everything, it still let me continue. I finally grasped the concept of how to play it, but it is still a bad game, and not worth the RAM.
  8. Love it
    Ella Richardson
    I love it and there is not many adds and if your complaining about the easy mode cost well I do just fine on normal and I'm 12 wat's your excuse BTW sorry if I was too harsh it's just that the game makers put heaps of effort into making games for your entertainment and they have to make money somehow don't they
  9. Download This! APP MARKETERs
    Ahyoung Song
    This is very creative game with personalized and varities of cute and adorable characters! Some people may have been complaining about unlocking easy mode for free or cheaper price, but the truth is, you wont really need it because you will get used to it. You can also challenge your friends and collect gems to unlock cute characters. And just to inform Ads-haters, this doesnt have much ads. And all of Boombit games are amazing. So if you download 3 games, Ads wont pop up: Spider Squa. Cops&R. BirdClimb.
  10. Another repetitive mobile game
    The game itself is not very fun and you won't have a lot of fun with it. One thing I found interesting is that to access easy mode, you actually need to purchase it for 5 dollars. Hell, I could buy a mobile game 5 times better than this for less than that! And last time I checked, games are supposed to reward you for playing on harder difficulties, not require a fee for access to easier difficulties. But this is the mobile market after all, so the only thing you can expect is money grabbing devs.
  11. Sploof.
    TIM S
    First off learn the language before you go throwing it around. " there were too many windows to pop up basically begging for you pay for it." You should have said, -"There are too many pop-ups. They're basically begging you to pay for it."* So you know for next time. HOW NOT TO SOUND LIKE AN IGNORANT IDIOT! Im no doctor, but you arent as literate as you think. By the way putting in more commas wont help.
  12. Fun, but frustrating and gets old
    Joshua Wilhite
    It's a fun enough game, and you always want to play one more round. But, it can really get aggravating when the first two or three circles are unnecessarily difficult. It'll probably be boring in a few weeks. Not a bad game though.
  13. Amazing
    Adriana Ortiz
    I love it its difficult but addicting and a advice for people reading don't even bother for easy mode cause most of the times its scams just play it single or multiple player mode and sooner or later you'll get the hang of it
  14. So dumb.....
    Laroost 33
    OK, I may sound like a terrible player; however, half of the levels are complete and utter bullshit. Also, the game sometimes does not react. Another thing that is disadvantageous to us "bad" players, is the fact that the easy mode is pay for. Don't procure.
  15. I love it
    Gabriel Chavez
    I love it its very good I don't care about other people's complaints it is your opinion but I love it
  16. Sucks never
    Al Coronemmk
    Download this stupid thing that never stops loading. I waited a hour for it to load and then it says its not responding . DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!
  17. So frustrating yet addicting!!
    Cheyenne Eaves
    I can't stop playing this its soo good... I wonder if Markiplier has played this *evil smile*
  18. Fecking AWESOME!!!
    Conjure Bills
    F*** those other guys that suck at the game and want to go on easy mode, the normal gameplay is f***ing AWESOME!!! I love that this game is multiplayer because it adds to the excitement! Love the game, a reply would be appreciated! =D
  19. Love it BUT
    Samantha Maffeo
    Sometimes the multiplayer isn't on the screen and the only option to play is single. This game is fun though and very addicting too. Love the art style of character design. Very good but needs a little fixing.:)
  20. Addicting and challenging
    Troy Kyser
    Yes the easy mode costs extra, but I think that takes the challenge away. I just play single mode and collect gems to unlock different characters. I only have had 1 ad pop up in 10 min. Of playing.


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