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  1. Why there are no more court?
    Anita Gyenes
    when there will be a new career?
  2. Fun Mom
    Kortney Davidson
    Great game to play with the kids
  3. Love the game
    Hathairat Wongsutthawat
    Love the game and it is a must-have app one should have. Good game for killing time.
  4. Quite a few bugs
    Crystal Shields
    Level 143 isn't working right it mixes up the letter spaces abs doesn't let you move to the next level...
  5. Disappointed
    Susan Spradlin
    12/19/2013, Ipurchased 350 coins and tried to buy 2 letters and didnt get them. Im on level 76 with the meerkat i have two words and needed assisttance on the third but instead it took my coins and didnt help. Either refund my money i paid to gwt coins or go and fix the problem maybe then i will rate u better. ,12/22/2013, emailed them and never recieved a message back. They took my money and never fixed the.issue. DO NOT BUY ANY.COINS FROM THEM. OR EXPECT ANY HELP.
  6. Great app
    Charlotte Garcia
    Love this app. Only problem I have is when it says to share for 25coins but never get the coins everything else is great love it fun game
  7. The help sucks balls!!
    Keyoshia Bennett
    They should really give more coins for each pic if they're gonna take 45 for a simple letter and 90 for a flash of letters
  8. Various Spelling mistakes
    Bhavana Jain
    Level 295 passengers is spelt as passangers & level 258 cushions is spelt as coushions... I hade to use up all my coins to figure that out.... Despite being at level 295 I'm left with no coins because after each level you get only 5 coins which is so stupid ...I'll probably stop playing this game...the developer of this game shud ve corrected these problems by now...there are so many similar complains..why is it so difficult to fix all this?
  9. Cool but...
    Chasity Huff
    Its supposed to give me 30 coins for every 10 levels I beat when I brag to facebook. However it does not! That sucks, especially since I'm stuck and need coins
  10. Addictive
    Tammye Starrette
    This game is one of my favs. Not only is it fun but exercises your brain, yeah, lol. I have recommended it to my friends, they love it too.
  11. Can't Get Past Level 26
    Levi Poe
    No matter how i try to put the letters i can't figure out the puzzle ive also used 135 points to get three extra letters and didn't get them all i know is its squat mountains something
  12. Help
    Larina Vonburen
    Would be alo better if when friends need help and ask on facebook you could actually see the pic they are on.there's no way to help them. You click it and it just brings u to dl the app or to yours
  13. Frazier Pereira
    Great. But I wish there were more levels. Finished the last level already.
  14. Good Game
    Tara Haga
    Love it except I'm stuck on level 32 with the first 2 words
  15. Jessica Rivera
    It is really good but it doesn't always register when selling coins to get letters
  16. Ugh
    Tiffeny Brown
    I love this game but I keep buying letters and.they aren't appearing I bought 300 and only got one.letter.I'm about to delete it
  17. debbie herald
    I can only play one level at a time after every level I get a pop up then my screen goes black and I have to close it out
  18. Great
    Jeannine Manwaring
    loved this game. Really made you think outside the square. Was glad to be able to buy letters
  19. My Favorite Game
    Mary Chitwood
    I have played it and beat it twice now. This is my third time playing.
  20. Too many misspelled words
    stephanie barrino
    Also I have used coins twice to reveal a letter only to lose the coins and no letter revealed.


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