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with friends
zegna poker
техасский покер
بوكر تكياس



Shawn Collette | Vice President of Game Design at Playtika

Las Vegas, Nevada Area |

Dr. Eyal Loz | Vice President Game Design at Playtika

Sydney, Australia |

Elad Levy | CTO ★ Entrepreneur

Argentina |

Ira Holtzer | CTO at Playtika

Hadera Area, Israel |

Reviews 352,832

  1. Broken
    Ophelia Alba
    I can no longer play as guest. I am "not authorized" to log in and I don't want to go through Facebook. I already lost my fist account and I just lost my second one. I emailed the company after I could no longer log in to my first account and never received a response. I loved this game, especially because of private tables, but now it just leaves me frustrated.
  2. Good details but annoying
    Jeffrey Christensen
    The constant pop ups are annoying, not just within the game but the notifications 20 times day even when i'm currently cashed out of every game. Also hate when the ads comes up to buy chips or invite friends and the only way to get out of it is force closing the app and restarting. Aside from those major headaches, it runs fine on my S5.
  3. Fun game to pass the time
    Dave Okane
    A little unfair because there are pay to win features, but it's a decent game
  4. Garbage
    James Stockwell
    Lag out, can not even get into a table, looking for something better, anything has to be better than this
  5. Terrible
    Keith Jones
    The game is constantly glitching and lagging. It will say it's someone else's turn, them as soon as it gets to me ill be forced to fold it it won't register my moves until I'm folded. I've been screwed out of some very nice hands. Fix your terrible game.
  6. Its a lot nicer than the other ones
    Eno Beano
    this one gets 5 stars cuz i need more chips
  7. Disappearing chips
    Emilee Waite
    Loved this app until I was playing heads up with my husband and noticed my chips had gone missing. A little bit at a time. We should have had 100k in play on the tale and there was only 85.7. If we are on a 1k/2k table then how do we have a .7?? Is this a scam so we lose or money quicker so we have to purchase chips?
  8. I don't know
    Ozone Mac
    It's a fun and easy way to practice poker
  9. Good clean poker fun
    Adam Ford
    Nice interface, sometimes glitches on play hence not 5 stars but great way to pass time
  10. Great on the go
    Lee Brocklehurst
    Love poker and this app is fantastic if you fancy a quick game
  11. Fun game
    Keith Scott
    I learn how to play poker by playing these games
  12. Fun
    Michael Guss
    So much fun to play with friends when I have down time
  13. Good time killer
    Chris Mokma
    Awesome little game to play with friends when you've got a lot of free time
  14. Yea man cool:-)
    William Stokes
    Fast and easy good way to go dude
  15. Alright
    Jordan Clark
    Needs to be an easier way to get lots of chips.
  16. Great
    Jake Bright
    Can't get any good hands but its funny with friends
  17. Fun but buggy
    Michael Holmes
    It's a competent game of poker but there's clearly more thought gone into monetizing it rather than refining it.
  18. Glitches
    Adam Poblacion
    I'll pre-pick my actions and it will say my timer has run out. I'll bet and it checks. I'll raise and it folds. Frustrating.
  19. Good Game
    Kyle Magistrado
    The app is overall a good poker app. Does what you need to, no complaints.
  20. Great Game!
    dennis patrascu
    fun and get to play with friends


What`s new

- New feature: In Game Slot Machine will coming soon!
- Performance and stability improvements

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