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Alyssa Caverley | Vice President Digital Content

Rafaela Neuwald | Ecommerce Manager

Helen Makaryan | Intern

Yoav Haruvi | Mobile Development Producer

Reviews 9,863

  1. BabyFirst Phone
    Lindsey Pojar
    My daughter loves this app. I'm only giving it three stars because there is no lock on the app. My daughter can leave the app easily and she gets upset because her play phone has closed.
  2. Adorable!
    Diane Wren
    My son loves calling all his "babyfirst friends", it's so adorable to watch him interact and talk to them!! Great job with this app! My favorite part is that he's not interrupted with ads.
  3. Bugged
    Amy Bates
    Updated it and it freezes up and closes out. Video chat shows black squares instead of the baby first characters. Ads popping up. Can't even use, uninstalling it unfortunately, and it stinks because my daughter really liked it when it did work. Another problem is she was able to keep backing out of app, there needs to be a lock. Too many problems to keep this app on my phone. Maybe will try again if it gets fixed.
  4. Home keys
    Ryan Martin
    Would be better if it hid the home keys or locked in the app. My son gets finger happy when he sees his friends.
  5. It needs to be locked in somehow
    Kalynn Hamlin
    My son is so fascinated by it. The moved it. The only problem is he slides his finger the wrong way and it closes. There needs to be a way around that so kids can't code it if it
  6. Needs lock
    Paul Basinger
    My parent's neighbor (also a grandma) showed me this app on her iPhone and I thought it looked perfect because my son loves my phone but I need something that will entertain him without letting him make changes on my phone. This has a colorful button that takes him straight to the Play Store to download more apps - are you kidding me? That's almost worse. Cute idea but it should seriously have the option for parents to ensure kids can't go anywhere on the phone.
  7. An advertisement really!?
    Sarah Holdenried
    My son was playing pushing numbers for the play phone part when an advertisement showed up asking "if you would like to continue please press three three one" so I hit the X in corner & then had to hit another X in corner to get rid of another advertisement.
  8. Not as good
    William Lewis
    Way too many adds. You do realize this app is for my child, right? All these adds popping up and she doesn't know what to do with them. Then the video calls cause it to force close.
  9. My son likes it :)
    Laura Bell
    I love this app, it's really cool and he gets to make pretend calls and send smileys and all that so it gets all of that out of his sustem, cause he's always gettin on my phone and posting those stickers on my friends' FB statuses lol but there should be a lock so they can't get out of it while they're playing. & it seems like ads are always popping up in the middle of him playing a game, and that happens with all 5 of the baby first apps that i have. but other than that it's great
  10. Perfect app
    G. Jones
    I love this app. Perfect for my newborn, and he is already familiar with the characters from tv. I would highly recommend this to all parents look for an app such as this.
  11. My son loves BabyFirstTV!
    Rickey Grazier
    This app makes him light up with pure joy and keeps him entertained better than any other app I've found.
  12. Amazing
    Toon Town
    My baby takes my phone goes to the app plays it and he's only 1 I was surprised!!!
  13. Only have the game
    ender play endery
    I can not stop. It is the truth is that the only thing I have a great day and I got the truth now I can not stop now from being out there The game is actually going to froze up and I can't fix the lagging so you have to fix the DIRT and you have to fix the LAGGING and SCRATCH
  14. Alright but...
    Elizabeth Quintana
    Definitely needs glitch fixing 3rd time i have to install and uninstall because it freezes.... one unhappy baby!
  15. Force Closes
    Amanda Santiago
    It's such a cute app for my little one but it always force closes on us
  16. First Activation?
    Alexus Brooks
    Little sis cannot use red button, it says "hello there please wait for videos to download (first activation only)"
  17. My daughter likes seeing her favorite characters
    Jessica Spowart
    You cannot input a name for the phone
  18. Nice app
    Clorissa Bonner
    Is there a way yo lock this so child can't leave this app and erase or call people?
  19. Lock please
    Vanessa Davis
    This would be a great app if it had childlock so my 1 year cant leave the app every 10 seconds
  20. BF123 app
    Tarsha Sanders
    Awful!!!!! The app never opened. I tried re starting my phone several times. Also uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and still no results. My baby really likes the baby first tv. I'm very displeased that the app don't work.


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