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  1. Disappointed with new version
    Poging Payatot
    I'm revising my review after ver 3.0. I HATE IT! I even paid for HD hoping the busy ugly tiles will be better. I'm sorry but I'm taking 4 stars away. Used to be 5 stars. Please please bring back the old tiles! New boards are welcome but new tiles are confusing. Can't clearly see which sides are which.
  2. Shame about the AI...
    Simon Kwong
    Basically on hard, the computer picks whatever tile it wants and you get most situationally useless ones. Have tested this out several time but don't take my word for it, try playing a faction and then reverse player and the's really obvious. Shame really, as the game itself is great..
  3. Great Game!!! But...
    Grzegorz Sobecki
    HD crashing the game every few turns. Plese fix it. And where is multiplayer? How long we have to wait for god sakes My tablet is Asus Transformer TF300T.
  4. Dickson Law
    The 3.0 graphics update has introduced a serious bug that rendered the game next to unplayable. Almost 3 in 4 games end prematurely in a crash with an "illegal state" exception after a discard, often within the first 5 turns. I'm disappointed that after over 2 years of problem-free play, the game has taken this turn for the worse.
  5. Crash on startup (Android 4.4.2) and unfortunate new visuals
    Caleb Jarrett
    Using LG G3, Neuroshima Hex 2.35 won't load. Tried restarting after install, still no luck. Please help. Also, new visuals are pretty bad.. Please provide option for original tiles if possible. Lack of tile borders is a big problem in particular. Thanks for your continued support. Please address these issues so I can get back into this amazing game and give it a 5 star rating! Edit: 2.39 lets me play again! New visuals still in place though.. :/
  6. Redo settings after each update - not nice!
    Tom B
    Hi guys, it is not nice that after each update I have to redo all the settings. Please fix!!
  7. Great Game; X-Lg File Size; Hotseat
    Carl HJr
    Last edited: 081815. NHex is a great game with easy, language-independent rules which are wonderfully implemented for impressive replayability. Players must think about their moves and watch as their devious plans come to fruition or ruin. (Multiplayer is hotseat only.) Unfortunately, with the latest round of updates, the app is unnecessarily large--ridiculously so! There's no discernable difference to warrant the 100+MB jump in file size from pre-updated versions of this app. File size must go down.
  8. Never gets old
    Aaron Parker
    I love this game. I love kicking the computer's butt and getting revenge when I lose. The game doesn't keep any statistics so I keep a collection of win screen shots. My goal is to beat every army with every army... It's been taking me a very long time to do this, but I've enjoyed every game, win or lose
  9. Great game but it crashes...
    Dan Spice
    Will increase rating when in stops crashing.
  10. One of my fav game, but..
    Stéphane Deparis
    The new update is buggy, with the tile going still, above the board AND the game seriously needs an online player mode, like on iOS. I would pay a lot for that option.
  11. Crashes too often to play
    Rich Astone
    Good game.... At least used to be. Not sure if it is the game or my phone, but its no fun anymore as most games seem to crash and can't be recovered now.
  12. Great tactical time waster
    kevin ware
    No other game like it on mobile. AI is great, IAP are not necessary but add layers to the game. Devs keep the game fresh with graphics overhauls and new content.
  13. Graphics look great
    Ivan Grado
    No idea what everyone is complaining about game and tiles look great.
  14. Andrés Felipe Pabón Luna
    This is a great board game all by itself, but the implementation is even better. Gone are all those tedious moments calculating damage, and special actions, and all that fiddling around: the app does that for you. The AI is also very good, and customizable. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys either board games or tactical strategy video games.
  15. Freaking screen rotating randomly.
    john smith
    Good game but get rid of that screen rotation bug. LOL
  16. Graphical update killed the game
    Attila Székely
    Was my favourite game once. Emphasis on "was". The recent graphical upgrade killed the atmosphere, these new tiles are as ugly as hell. Please create an option to switch back to the original tiles. Until that this is a 1-star game [recently it was 5]
  17. So Good!
    Alan Onnen
    Never played the tile game, but I can imagine there would be a LOT to keep track of which the app does for you. Really nice implementation of a board game.
  18. Floating tile issues
    Dale Mark Gabinete
    Game design is good but it has lots of useability issues. User manual doesn't work. Tutorial is not that helpful. Sometimes the tile just floats and you can't do anything with it. You need to undo our pause and resume in order to get it working again. This is really annoying.
  19. All expansions bundle.
    Andrej Tiurin
    Please add a bundle of all expansions. So I can buy all expansions at once. Thank you.
  20. Joseph Miga
    Down from 5 stars. It's a pity such a great game has received such a poor graphics revision.


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