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Joan Burkovic | CEO & Co-Founder @Bankin' - We're Hiring !

Région de Paris, France |

Charles-Emmanuel Frénoy | Business Unit Director - Bankin' Web Services chez Bankin'

France |

Nicolas Martin | CPO at Bankin'

Région de Paris, France |

Alexis Doreau | Product Designer chez Bankin

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Reviews 31,898

  1. Great app
    Alejandra Paredes
    Really nice for organizing your financial situation. J'adore, c'est trop pour t'arranger avec les comptes et faire attention à l'argent.!!
  2. Love it
    Ayoub Boukhari
    Great app helps you keep track of your spendings, very beautifully designed
  3. Very good
    Simon Auric
    Works well. Good app for the bank.
  4. Good but. .
    Fred Dali
    Would be better if you could have the possibility to identify manually the bank loans so that they decrease the total outstanding instead of being added to your assets. Please add this possibility and I'll give a 5!
  5. Stéphane Castrec
    Would be great to be able to make transfers between accounts
  6. Application qui change la vie
    Konrad FLORCZAK
    Pas besoin de se connecter mille fois à différents site bancaires. 5/5 si plus de banques internationales , comme Pekao SA ou millénium
  7. Mieux que "gérer mes comptes"
    guillaume ginguene
    Bonne application, bon support. Il manque juste les fonctionnalités de recherche.
  8. Great app
    Anna Moussette
    Only would like to be able to teach it regularly occurring transactions
  9. Budget Management
    Christophe B
    Hello there is a bug when changing a budget : when i want to modify it fully i have to remove previous (or not if it is already to 0) value. Problem is when clearing the var, application hang a lot and i cannot change this value... how can i do this ? i do not find this in the web interface...
  10. Still bugs in paid version
    Nazir Khan
    I am using the paid version more than a year still lot of inconsistency between the mobile version, PC version and excel export. I paid for the excel export, which is not at all reliable shows different transactions :-( big disappointment
  11. Great update!
    Dumilde Andrade
    Loved the new visuals, colors, buttons, everything is looking symmetric. The app was long awaiting for this update. Thank you
  12. david stephant
    Un outil indispensable désormais dans la gestion de ma vie quotidienne
  13. Certaines banques sont manquante
    Rachelle Sena de Freitas
    Je ne peux pas ajouter mes comptes amundi!!
  14. Radu N
    Add text search to make it perfect!
  15. Doukrou Francis
    Good app... Excellent in keeping in touch with all my accounts in every bank...easy to use
  16. Utile
    Ghislain Guiot
    Accès facile aux rentrés d'argent, aux dépenses détaillées, mais où trouver directement le total des dépenses ?
  17. Bug
    Antoine Rousseau
    La plupart du temps j'ai une "erreur inconnue" au lancement... Dommage sinon l'appli est bonne
  18. Great app but globally too slow
    Valentin Laurent
    Really useful if you're not set to daily monitor multiple accounts. Warns for all moves on your accounts, took me out of tight spots more time I'd like to admit. However some improvements are needed still: it's damn slow to refresh the accounts in the main view, it's too slow to process to authorizations, it does not show an up-to-date view of the accounts when going to the app from a transaction notification. If there is the option to request a code upon app access, it should at least be synced off-line on a regular basis. 1 star off. UI improvements to provide a sleek view and quicker access along android guidelines would be 1 more star on my review.
  19. Très pratique mais très moche
    Tanguy Bougeard
    Une cinquième étoile quand l'application sera adaptée à un usage sur tablette.
  20. Super application de gestion
    Louis-Gabriel ZAITI
    Je ne peut plus me passer de cette application depuis que je l'ai installé. Possibilité de l'utiliser pour des comptes professionnels. Cependant petite déception impossible de link un de mes comptes HSBC. Édit: PB résolu merci au sav Bankin


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In this new version of the app, you’ll find:
- The truth about the ending scene of Inception?
- The winning-ticket numbers of the next EuroMillions?
- Waldo from “Where is Waldo”?
- The real identity of the Scranton Strangler?
- A brand new effective method to let you know when the synchronizations are on hold on a specific account, in your app!
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