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  1. Britt S
    Easy to grab the wrong numbers and drop them where you don't want's also extremely easy to touch the hint button, even if you didn't want/mean to. Otherwise, it's fun. :-) I absolutely enjoy this game.
  2. Nice Number Game
    Elizabeth Palladino
    But the game controls can be a bit awkward. It's too easy to drop the string of numbers in a space you didn't intend and wipe out a correctly placed string of numbers. It's also too difficult to move a string of numbers to another place on the board.
  3. Ads way to big
    debbie howard
    I can't finish the game because ads r way to big. It's so bad I can't see half of the fill-in. Uninstall samsung galaxy note 3
  4. Acrostic puzzle using numbers rather than words.
    Richard Buro
    Astraware Number Cross puts a number spin on an old favorite, word cross or acrostic puzzles. If you like having fun with numbers, this might be the puzzle app for you. Timed efforts are compared with those fans who put up their scores. There are various levels of untimed puzzles as well, and all have hint help in case you get stumped. The also have a starting to help you out with a point from which to begin. I really enjoy this game as it helps me keep numbers straight in my thinking. Hope you like it as well.
  5. Ok
    Darryl Friesen
    Game play and design are pretty good. The ads often obscure the top row of the puzzle however; not sure if that is a bug or a ploy to encourage payment of $2 to remove them
  6. This ls what ive been Looking 4.
    elise gatling
    I was wondering when they were going to come out with a fill it in game app. I love it love it love it especially with numbers. They really put this together well. Now I don't have to buy paper books.
  7. I love this app, but...
    Megan Aldrich
    I can't finish my puzzles because the ad at the top of the screen is blocking the top of the puzzle HTC Droid DNA
  8. Morning Ritual
    Debbi Stringer
    I really enjoy getting my brain up and running with kriss krosses
  9. Love it
    rex king
    Wish there were more free puzzles Lil I did everyone they had quickly and now have to buy more will probably just uninstall :-(
  10. Fun
    H Fenton
    It's fun and relaxing. I really enjoy playing.
  11. Awesome!
    Beckie Bounous
    I have worked these fill-in puzzles for years on paper, its so awesome to finally find one for my tablet! Thank you!!
  12. Stupid ads!!!
    Bethany Farnes
    You shouldn't have to pay to be able to finish the puzzle that are free. The ads are to big and cover part of the board just like a few of the other games by Astraware. >:(
  13. Very Happy! !
    karen janice
    Can't get enough of these kinds of puzzles! ! Keep them coming! Thank you!
  14. Number Cross
    Dave Mitcham
    Excellent game - it could be a bit more of a challenge.
  15. Ugh!
    Ivy Ramey
    I love the puzzles but they aren't hard enough and I can't afford to buy stupid packs! Uninstalled!
  16. Momma Joe
    Still loving it. This plays very nicely on the NookHD no trouble with ads at all. I did purchase this after trying it for awhile. I have purchased all their games though the make some really good ones. Keep it up!
  17. Naomi Manning
    Love this app & I find no problem with the game or the app.Thank you
  18. Matthew Wong
    Why is there no deluxe version like there is in the NOOK Shop??
  19. Ads!
    Donna Kelly
    The adds at the top are very annoying and interfere with game play!
  20. Great game!
    Nathan Pitman
    Just what you need to pass the time. Great layout and easy to use!


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