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apus browser
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браузер для андроид
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Eric Tjitra | Software Engineer

中国 北京市区 |

Roshan Dubey | Business Development at Apus Group.

New Delhi, Delhi, India |

APUS Partnerships and Business Development | Business Development at APUS Group

北京 朝阳区 |

APUS Partnerships and Business Development | Business Development at APUS Group

北京 朝阳区 |

Reviews 287,505

  1. awesome
    Jeremy Arwood
    I didn't know I could do so much with my phone without rooting until i got this app tons of cool styles of backgrounds fonts apps games with the apus launcher and browser both it changes every aspect of my phone almost like i bought a new one thanks.great app and free!!!
  2. Mustafa Bayatli
    With the speed and being lightweight this could have been the king of all browsers. However, switching between the tabs is painful compared to chrome. If switching is somehow improved, I'll change my rating to 5 stars.
  3. I like it alot, but...
    Am looking for it to have the option for "Text size to fit screen, wrap"? Is there an option for this? Just sucks going left-right w/larger text to read. Thanks guys...
  4. Really a good piece of App....!!!
    Mustafa Lujohn
    Light and nimble.....but cramped with a lot of options. Options are good but need to be shown intelligently. Attention to UX needs to be more!!!
  5. A great and fast launcher brought down by Advertisements
    Marcus Etherton
    This is one of the fastest and best looking launchers I've seen for Android and I truly love the minimalist design they've implemented. It looks great and is super sleek, but this launcher will cram Ads down your throat until they make you sick. If there was a way to pay to remove them I would do so in a heartbeat, and until that comes along I'll probably stick with Nova Launcher. APUS Launcher and the team that built it are beyond this ad supported model and it's a shame that there's no way to remove them.
  6. Beautiful and simple! But...
    The.Just.Nine ʕ•͡ω•ʔ
    The app is very beautiful in my opinion. It is very simple, unique, and easy to use. The ui is very different than most other browsers, and the design is just, again, nice to look at. It is fast, and works like a charm. But of all this things, the only ugly part about this, imo, is the built in video player. It uses the old design of the past android, where it doesn't hide the status and navigation bar, leading to pointless used spaces, making the videos that I'm watching awkwardly positioned, and ugly.
  7. Great performance
    Himalaya Sharma
    The browser is awesome. Great interface with decent graphics. The only problem is that there is a little bit of difficulty in switching between tabs. Leaving this I think this is the best browser I have ever used
  8. Kathy Koda
    Seems to load fast on my small spare phone with limited resource.s (only 512 megs of RAM). Takes up less than a meg of storage as well (small amount of available ROM also).
  9. Go to browser when it matters
    Usama Waheed
    I'll keep it simple, it's fast, responsive, easy to use and everything is just right. Like this browser screams simplicity with style and reliability. The team deserves a 5 star plus from me. Though i do have one question. When i used to select some text and copy it. A dialog would pop up giving options for a wide array of apps to be selected in context to the text selected. That doesn't appear anymore. How can i bring it back. If it's a feature that' been removed. Can you bring it back. Thank you
  10. Excellent...
    Edwin Logan
    I am impressed with this little browser. You can use it as a text only browser by selecting "No Image" in the tool bar. When using in text only mode, a very fast little browser becomes even faster. That is what I use it for and it works great and uses less data. Easy to toggle back and forth between modes.
  11. It's pretty fast but....
    Nina B
    No night mode, and also there doesn't seem to be a way to organize imported bookmarks into different folders..
  12. Cant find image
    Tripti Kotiyal
    I have downloaded pictures but cant see them in gallery. How can i change my download location in the browser ???
  13. Very nice
    Jesus Anaya
    First time user n worked faster than the the one I have...
  14. @z3r0c00L006
    irwan ranti
    Thanks u APUS team :D but plss proxy fast for browser thanks :P
  15. APUS Browser
    Bruce Barnes
    New to this browser, but it seems smooth and easy thus far.
  16. Amgood Shahin
    My first time to try it but i think i will have great experience
  17. Share image feature is weird
    Winston Ma
    I liked this browser because it can share the image to my friend without downloading. But the recent update changed it to screenshot, which is annoying.
  18. The best!
    wayne thornton
    Wish I found this before! When it says fast browsing it meant just that and nothing less! Anyone reading this I want you to just stop what you are doing and download now because if you don't well then its gonna a be a huge miss and a very big loss! See yah chrome! Waisted to much time with you! Thanks Apus!
  19. Excellent mini browser
    Sharad Singh
    please give an option to open new tabs in background :)
  20. Apus
    pravin ravan
    Very fast and tiny browser. Can you improve download speed.