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John Beck | Vice President of Research & Development at Texas Roadhouse

Denver, Colorado |

Chris Jacobsen | Vice President at Texas Roadhouse

Louisville, Kentucky Area |

Justin Grant | Project Manager at Texas Roadhouse

Louisville, Kentucky |

Megan Smith | Marketing Manager at Texas Roadhouse

Muncie, Indiana |

Reviews 4,261

  1. Angela Hare
    The App will work when I first install it and then next time I go to open it. It will not start every time I go buy a smoothie they have to look up my points because for me to get it to work I have to Uninstall the app and then reinstall it then next time I try to use it and I have to do the whole Uninstall reinstall thing again. It is getting me real aggrevated. Please get this fixed asap.
  2. Kati Baynes
    I had over 1000 points built up but they just disappeared.
  3. Won't open
    Heather Bankston
    Went and bought 3 smoothies yesterday and couldn't get it to open. Just a black screen. Please fix!
  4. Great when it opens!
    Stephanie Talley
    App never opens when I'm at Smoothie King and of course they have to scan it so it's kind of pointless.
  5. Won't open
    Mark Kirschner
    I start trying to open this app for 10 minutes before I get to the store or drive thru. Most times it just opens to a black screen. So I have to hold up the line while they look up my rewards number by phone number. Very frustrating. Please fix. Used to work just fine.
  6. It's OK, but...
    Key S
    I get emails with coupons but they do not show up in my app and I do not see anyway to port them over. The app is linked to the same email address.
  7. Samantha Mundwiler
    Worked the first time I used the app, then never opened again except to a black screen. Works if I uninstall and re install but I'm not going to take the time to do that whenever I want a smoothie.
  8. Requires a reboot every time
    Alex Filacchione
    Galaxy note edge running kitkat. When i get to launch the app i get a black screen. The only way to get the app to actually work is to reboot the phone and run it right away. Please fix this.
  9. Won't work
    Kaleigh Morris
    It worked the day I installed it and hasn't worked since. It is never able to find my local smoothie king, when I try to open up the scanner to check in it never loads. And when I get alerts for coupons, I can open the tab but it is is a blank screen with no coupons. So basically the whole app is useless.
  10. Free smoothies!
    Sujely Batista Smyrock
    I love apps that lead to free stuff. Annoyed that twice now, I've won a prize from the scratch off after checking in and the prize disappears.
  11. Nice...when it decides to work
    nikki jones
    Half the time the app does't open. A black screen freezes my phone. When it does decide to open in the store, the scanner doesn't pick up my code and has to be keyed it. I guess it is worth the savings, eventually.
  12. Disappointed
    Mz. GiGi G
    I received a coupon for BOGO it didn't expire until 4/23/15. When I went to use the coupon on 4/23/15, I received a message "Sorry, there are no coupons in your wallet." So I ended up paying full price for the second one. My understanding would be the coupon expired at the end of business on 4/23/15, due to no time of expiration being noted. So I was very disappointed that it was no longer available. Going forward I will be reluctant in using the coupons on the app. I hope this can be rectified.
  13. App problems
    Debra Haber
    App does not always open, especially when I am in a smoothie king store. I don't get points when the app doesn't work.
    Angela Lampkin
    When I downloaded the app and filled in all my info, it's comes back with the response: Failed to generate an ID
  15. Check in game
    T Burrows
    It works very nice app but the check in match game doesnt work in the samsung note 4..please fix asap!!!
  16. Good app
    This app does as expected nothing more;stores my points without all of those yellow cards. It does take some time to scan when on site but I am patient. Lastly, If you have the app and remain logged in the staff at smoothie king are able to credit your account using your telephone number. Just remember you need to be logged into the app.
  17. Danielle Q
    Half the time it doesn't record my purchases. I don't know if it's an app error or the clerk at the store. But it has happened at two different locations.
  18. Katie Cox
    Can't turn it off except thru settings so going to unis tall as a power waster.
  19. Restart my phone.
    Laura Rojas
    I have the same issue as the majority of these reviewers. In order to use the app, I have to restart my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Please advise.
  20. It won't open up.
    J. Shull
    What's the point of saving money if I can't get the app to come up. Really wanted to use this


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We've updated our receipt scanning functionality, so next time you forget to scan your app during your visit, you can take a picture of your receipt and we’ll add the missing points to your account.


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