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  1. Good until last update
    Robert Mccomb
    After the recent update, the course I play most often is messed up. The yardages for the Front 9 show up on the back nine holes, but the hole descriptions remain accurate. Would have rated higher if this was not happening.
  2. Pretty good golf GPS
    Brant Marmouze
    Seems to be pretty accurate at least close enough for me.. It's helped my golf score I hope it does the same for you.. It seems when the screen is off it takes a min to get the yardage update but I'm rarely in a hurry on a golf game
  3. Very good app
    Robert L. Nichols
    Loved the free trial model. Purchased to add courses and continue using. I run this on a Galaxy Player, so no real time satellite for me, but I wonder if you could have it add the score up after round without wifi. Currently I have to wait until next connection to upload and get total. Still 5 stars from me.
  4. Bob Coletta
    I use it all the time I like it alot. I should try using all it has to offer but I'm in the middle of a round of golf
  5. 11/10 for service - 10/10 usability
    Matthew Launchbury
    First course I downloaded was out of date - in fact the new layout wasn't even on Google Earth... I emailed Golf Frontier Pro who offered my money back or if I could possibly wait - he would sort it out. He kept me updated via email and rectified the problem ... it now has the correct layout !!! how many other app owners would go to such lengths and provide such a personal service ??? Brilliant service and an extremely usable app ... Glad I didn't just accept his kind offer and slag the app off ... Amazing
  6. Lance Lammers
    Need a little help on putting the score in I like to put my score in on my own sow i can get my handy cap but love it better then sky Cady.
  7. Club Distance
    Paul M
    Not sure how to use the GPS to record club distances. Would like to go electronic with my yardage book. Once I figure that out, 5 would be in teach.
  8. This app is great so far!
    wendy doll
    Very accurate, with great variety in available layers for viewing. Loving it!
  9. Replaces my SkyCaddie sg5
    James Price
    I've had The Golf frontier app for over a year and really never used it until my SkyCaddie died the other day. It was simple to just pull up the app, find my course and start playing. I'm sure there are a lot of variations and variables to this app that I have yet to learn. I do believe it will replace my sky caddie. I'm not in the mood of spending $300 for a new SkyCaddie when this app looks like it will do just fine for me.
  10. Barry
    barry Edwards
    Easy to use and as good as ones that cost hundreds . If you dont like it for the price ...well there is no pleasing some people lol
  11. Steven Stoltzfus
    Update is terrible cannot search new courses it says no internet connection but connection is fine
  12. Comments updated..
    bill mitchell
    First impressions - I bought the pro version and thought its worth it. Great value for money. I've now tried it for 5 games. Areas for improvement: would like green in regulation automatically calculated and also screen to automatically move to score card after round completed to show score or have a "next" button to get there. Its not intuitive on how to get to score card. Overall a very good app.
  13. I enjoy this app a lot. ..
    marlon jones
    I've used this app for 4 years. ..2 of them I used the paid version. Usually spot on as far as accuracy. ..but seems to be off a little lately(as much as 10 yards). Hopefully this get corrected and back to its usual self. Even when off a little it's still worth having.
  14. Neat App
    Don Evans
    Only used it for range finding thus far, and I'm impressed by its accuracy. Now started to use it to record scores on my smart phone. The interface is easy to use I find. However, I've two little niggles. Can you enter your official handicap for use in the Stapleford score calculation and the scorecard you get when you embark on an 18 hole game but call it a day after nine could do with an edit screen.
  15. Steve Muller
    Used lite version for a while decided to purchase pro. Only app I actually liked enough to purchase.
  16. This is an awesome tool
    Brian McClure
    So far I found it to be very good and useful tool for my game. pretty accurately measures distances so that you actually know what your average distances are. the map view is fairly difficult to navigate in, but I found the list view and the home view are completely sufficient while you're on the golf course. it makes it very enjoyable to go over your round at the end of the day once you get home and see the statistics of your round.
  17. Golf frontier
    Gary Ross
    Great app. Gives me the same reading as my sky caddy.
  18. Great app
    Stephen Schantz
    Great app all around! Emailed in with a GPS issue on a course and it was fixed within 12 hours. I've also seen some other suggestions people have left and they have adopted them in newer versions.
  19. Above average
    Gavin Page
    Really good for the price. Could use elevation data.
  20. Richard Gray
    Richard Gray
    Awesome app but we only play Barham club once a month that's the only club you have near us. Could you please put/add Cohuna golf club to your app. Hope to hear from you soon. Please help me would really like to play golf today at my local club.