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Tiffany Alvord | YouTube Superstar

Philip Lau | Creative Director

Vicky Tam | Lead Developer

Kaylee Cheung | Operations Manager

Reviews 3,829

  1. Fix
    italia prieto
    I successfully downloaded it but it takes for ever to get pet-points and I used to be able to get them for free and I play it on my tablet and I also dont get challenges to earn them so please make it easier to earn them
  2. Tatyana Long
    The game is good but it take forever to pet points I use to be able to get them for free now you have to pay for it not good
  3. Bad
    Sandy Venessa Venessa
    This is so bad it does not let me down load it says onvalid space and then it says low space in storage next after i tried to download this game i got another and it let me dowbload that is stupid if you fix this problem i will give you five stars for shore i will its only if you fix it :( :( :)....
  4. Unable to update
    Anna Calderon
    Please help will be happy to give five stars I love this game but unable to update on my fone keeps saying error...please help
  5. Sorry Average
    Audrey Morman
    It takes forever to download, but I love the game.
  6. it wont install
    Beatriz Derecho
    tried 4 times installation but it didnt install the game. please fix.
  7. Missing
    Karen Dsouza
    The Anniversary Game does not have any Extra Powers !!!
  8. Giselle Reyes
    its okay but still a little bad same time:
  9. like it
    Carlyn Love
    please don't error when I play this game
  10. Ariell Posey
    Ariel Posey
    It's Slow downloading but it works good ..thanks You all
  11. Ha
    Trinity Scholl
    Its likeable but I love their games
  12. (:
    Jessica Morrison
    Awesome works well & is kind if fun
  13. Great Game but Money Pit
    l johnson
    I played this game on my phone several years ago and it drove me nuts. I put a lot of money in it buying points. It took me a long time to complete it. $0.99 doesn't seem like much money for one time but if you keep doing it can really add up. I love the little game but these are foreign developers and they have really figured out how to get money out of us! I would give it 5 stars if you didn't have to put money in it in order to get points. I tried to get the free points but I didn't get them so I gave up. It works great on my samsung 4G 10 inch tab.
  14. I love this game
    Kaidy Cruz
    I can spent hours and hours on it just watching all the costumers come and go everyone should download it the only bad part of the game is that it is really hard to get pet points
  15. Awesome
    I like this a lot Cuz' it's fun to do when you have nothing better to do so get the apps. Pet points is a problem so buy that too. Peace out!!!
  16. I Play It All The Time
    Nathaniel Sean
    Samsung Galaxy S Advance @ S 2 Lite It's Awesome
  17. Not Good
    Kay Hunt
    You may think this game is good until you make the fateful decision to purchase pet points. If you have a decent carrier they may reverse the charge for you but if not good luck trying to contact animoca. Google play store is not responsible for in app purchases.
  18. Dunno
    Savanna Fears
    I haven't played this game yet so I hope It is a fun game. If it isn't people shouldn't even play this then.
  19. Great!
    Vanessa Tan
    This game is cute and excellent and it give u 100 pet points fron the start!! Best Game Ever!
  20. Its okay
    Haley Mccauley
    Its an okay app not the best it could be better.... upgrade sucks D$&% AND MOST THE TIME IT JUST GOES TO MY HOME SCREEN SUCKS YAH BUT IT IS A WASTE OF MY TIME


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