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  1. my life is non existent anymore
    Jared Reid
    I play this game endlessly omg.. my kids and I play together.. me and my older brother play it. our neighbors.. even my ex wife got hooked on this. I never rate games ever. get this game.
  2. Great game but
    Michael Zeller
    You should add mounts from pc because really it just doesn't seem as much fun unless you're flying a bee or ufo and add more bosses like the moon Lord because I really want the drill containment unit
  3. Close to the PC version
    Daniel Vasquez
    It's a pretty good port of the PC version. My only problem is the spawn rates. A Blood Moon on mobile is basically a normal night on PC. On a normal night, you might be lucky to find about 5 zombies. Other than the spawn rates, the game is pretty fun
  4. It's OK I geuss
    Ryan Bradt
    Needs more challenging bosses,duke fishron meteor staff the moon lord Martian madness and MOST IMPORTLY 1.3 magic weapons
  5. Great game, Terrible support, terrible cloud sync
    Daniel Martinez
    I had a character saved on the cloud and when I wanted to go back to it after uninstalling the game, it was gone. So I emailed them to ask them about fixing the issue and no response... 2 months ago
  6. OMG
    Anki Padilla
    Ever since the new update came out I've been playing it all day the thing that you should add is that martian madness and lunar event including new better bosses and expert mode other then that the game is great
  7. Cool
    Kevin Garcia
    Guys I wonder if for the next update could you add all the Docter's sonic screwdriver and that it does 109 damage but you have to make then out of gem staffs for hard mode please or something else to make them out of
  8. Plz update to the 1.3 terraria. ....
    Superbat12 Sideco
    This game is OP AS BALLZ....So awsome that I just want to highfive it... Thank you terraria for changing my life. I freakin love this game. Ok, so I was wondering if you could update this...I can't wait for you guys to add more to terraria mobile, PC or Xbox. =D
  9. Its ok!
    Reece Jacobsen
    The crashes are still there but its a good game
  10. Big problem
    M Ghim
    Fun game, but the only reason why I started to play it was to play with my 7-year old son (multiplayer). I have an android device and he has an iPad. Ever since the last update about a week ago, we have not been able to connect--he can't join my games and vice versa. We have been waiting and waiting for an update for either ios or Android for a fix. Until it's fixed, it's hardly worth playing!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!
  11. Need more updates!!!
    Bradley Bowden
    Plz make terraria not have local multiplayer becuz I have a friend lives in fingerlakes NY but I don't it take an hour for him to get to my house. But the main thing is we can't play together!And can we add a friend system plz???(sorry for errors)Also Plz Add Lunar+Frost event!!!!Thx!!
  12. Multiplayer issues
    Phillip McClanahan
    When ever me and my brother try to play togethor it wont show any games to join. I have an s3 ace and he has tab lite other than that its great
  13. Update needed
    Noah Partridge
    Whenever I go on my world,It always crashes,Please Update.I really need to defeat the twins
  14. Not That bad
    Rohan Bryant
    So it is a nice game 2D but when it updates it really gets annoying and deletes your character and your new character cannot log into your old world so you have to restart
  15. Crashing
    Alexis Martinez
    I love this game and would give it 5 stars but i hate how it crashes alot and somtimes i lose some item plz help me fix this or 505 fix this plz does it have to do with my ram of my phone?
  16. Wow
    Oscar Seaman
    I'm afraid this was a one time only bug, that I fixed myself. My brother and I are huge Terraria fans, and are far into the game on console edition. Thank you and keep updating 505 games. Thank you!!
  17. Love it
    Catherine Nakamoto
    I like it but some times there is lag and it's tiny bit boring but I still love it
  18. Too many glitches
    Rayyan Khan
    When I was playing this game I had the full set of dragon armor when I put it on (I press the button on the top left to equip it automatically) it switch my armor with the shroomite armor but suddenly I was still wearing it and my real set was in my inventory and I had another set,it randomly cloned my shroomite armor.I lost my dragon set but I restarted the game and my cloned armor was gone and my dragon armor. Also one time I was taking out my pumpkin moon medallions I went to my other world then suddenly it wasn't in my inventory,it wasn't in my chest, I don't know what happened it randomly got deleated from my inventory or something and I think that also happened to my stnyger( the weapon the golem drops) I have been looking for that weapon lately but I can't find it. But any ways its a great game and keep updating it ☺
  19. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    Eliška Kubicova
    Thank you for the fixes! It still crashes very often, though...
  20. Better than minecraft But...
    Heemotherapy dude
    I just wish that you can connect to friends even without the same wifi. Also my cloud save character got deleted wtf. Btw add the bosses from pc and stuff pls. Not to mention my phone recently been rooted and now i cant play with my brother. Maybe thats just my own problem but could check things out for me? Please?


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