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Reviews 125,765

  1. Vijesh Seetaram
    loved it but please add more cars and add that we can get out of the and take another one and that we can kill police for more action
  2. What? It change? But I still love it.
    Jesus C.
    Hey the McLaren spyder changed and it's 7 gear the previous one is 6 gear so this update make the McLaren spyder now faster than the previous one. Plus the police cars make funny moments like flying and jumping. This game also made me laugh only on police mode because like I say they fly and jump around.
  3. Ayinde Mcneal
    Epic I wish u could add actions like u could get out of your car and kill cops but I still love this gme
  4. good
    Shamoney _
    can you at least lower the police cars they're so fast that I can practically stay unarrested for about 15 seconds. they're zo fast that they even be flying over me or even land on top of me so I'm trapped. but overall its a good game
  5. Great but......
    CrashClock3 Flamethrower249
    Fix the ads problem. Reduce the amount of long video ads, it gets on my nerves. So plz fox it, thanks.
  6. Good, but needs better graphics.
    Nate Taylor
    It's cool how I can get wrecked, and change my colors and all, but why do I SLAM into a car and it keeps going without a scratch? The cops in police mode also don't get wrecked and I only get chased when I crash into them? The game needs just to get worked on.
  7. It has sooooo many bugs but I liked it
    Alex Lacson
    The police is soooooo laggy and has sooo many bugs i cant even touch the rear view mirror. I cant even stay unarrested for 1:00.fix it pls but I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH THX x2.
  8. LOVE it but I would like a new update for new cars and the airport please listen to my request..
    G Abbas
    I love the game but me and my little brother would like a new update on new cars in the game including the police version and we would like the airport too because we both love going there and what I would like would like is for the roads to be wider so we can drift but I love it and suggest to anyone who doesn't play and is about to get almost the best game ever but clash of clans is better no offense.. but still I LOVE it..
  9. Horrible
    matrix fighter
    Very laggy only one car and when I press the turn button it won't turn. My advice dont waste your time with this game its a waste of your data
  10. Good Good,not great
    ata khan
    Its a really fun game but the polices...something wrong with them
  11. !!!!!!!
    Zak Haycock
    I love it especially police mode sssooo sick ( the cool sick)[][][][][]¶¶¶¶¶÷$=√~;-)
  12. Good game, but
    Valentin Cobb
    The game is excellent. Love the police trying to arrest you, very Good challenging! I would of given it 5 stars, but giving you three stars. Make all the cars free!!!!!! That's stupid to have one free car. Again the game would be funner with all the cars!!! Very Good so far guys. Keep it up!!!!
  13. please change
    Andrew Puzyrev
    I liked the previous one better, this one deleted the airport and off road. So I want you to return those, and please let me change cars like previous game.
  14. Relly need new cars
    Nick Hoskins
    Because from the newest update my mclaren keeps drifting when im driving straight. Plz fix do not get )=
  15. Please respond
    Brandon Botwinick
    Wish the airport was in this. Also the top supercars should be in this like the koenigsegg and the Bugatti like your other game. Also the cops are unrealistic- how the f can that crown Vic keep up with that Mclaren. Make it a little more realistic please
  16. It's ok
    Angela Dickey
    But please don't give ad pop ups. It's okay if you can't help it, but stop. PLEASE!!!!
  17. Samsung galaxy E7
    raja rana
    Awesome game yaar please download and see what I am saying and I am sure you like it because games features is classic and games clearty and sensitive is so nice and clean...
  18. Good
    Benjamin Rideout
    Could you add more car's and could play as a police to and get out and shoot cops or shoot from inside the car
  19. It's okay but..
    XxCherry CakexX
    It's okay but if you have a few more cars and have a few more control's then I would give the game 5 star's!
  20. I like it
    Oyindamola Akintola
    This is the best game ever. If you try to run a way go to the garages


What`s new

v3.12 UPDATES!
Bug fixes and performance improvements!!!
All cars have street and police versions!
Unlock them all!
NEW MODE!!! BE THE POLICE! Chase the offenders to arrest them! Turn the police lights on and start your engine!
NEW: Paint your cars in the new workshop!!