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bingo games free to play
лото онлайн


Monthly active users estimation: 2700000

Reviews 143,164

  1. Super Game
    Elizabeth Huerta
    Plenty of wins, bonuses and challenges to hold your interest and keep you playing. I liked the no stress but no lag pace and unlike many other games it has thorough instructions.
  2. Ultimate bingo game
    Tina Williams
    Best bingo game ever. Always works without internet connection. Lots of fun. Great way to enjoy a good game.
  3. Great Game !
    Audrey Housworth
    This is my go to Bingo Game. It is very user-friendly...daily other fun lil' games...definitely worth the 5 stars.
  4. Diana LeBlanc
    Excellent game! However, why do you have to start at level 1 when you get a new phone? I was on level 100 with over 90 power-ups.
  5. More earned power ups instead of having to pay for them.
    Kimberly Vazquez
    5 stars if you could get more,than a couple of power ups without paying
  6. Fun!!
    Jocelyn Cage
    It's a fun and addicting. Good way to past time. You will enjoy it.
  7. Kathleen Reis
    You can not win bingos. Your lucky if you hit 4 numbers. I have played over 15 games and only won 2 bingos.waste of time, and giving it 2 stars is generous.
  8. Carrie Schmidt
    It's fun but after playing for awhile with 4 cards I have only won twice!!
  9. Absolute Bingo
    Donna Tiumalu
    Fun, but what if u cant PAY for more of the extras ull surely need??
  10. Absolute Bingo
    Kathy Brake
    I like this bingo for the fact to me it feels more real. It would be nice if they could add games like six pack and cover all, postage stamp, eight states just to name a few.
  11. Bingo Player
    Tina Moffett
    Still playing and having fun only wish it was real money and mine hahaha
  12. Bingo
    Is great for two reasons. #1- the pause button. And #2- a set # of balls(#'s) Not hot because you have to physically buy your power ups. Not good. Maybe be able to buy them with a certain # of coins.... ya think!!!! ?
  13. Carol Lawson
    Best bingo game ever. I have it on all my devices
  14. Only One Problem......
    Wendy Sizemore
    I LOVE the Bingo game! Anytime that I've gotten a new phone, I always go back to the play store, find Absolute Bingo and install it again. It's a fun and enjoyable game that I must have. However, EVERYTIME I have to reinstall the game, my progress is GONE and I have to start over from level 1.That would be the ONLY reason for me no not play this game anymore.
  15. Google Monkeys Honey
    Al Fredriksson
    This is a really fun bingo app
  16. Love
    cynthia neaves
    Great game but would love to start off where I was I lost my phone and I also paid for extra coins which now I know I will never do again plz fix this cause I was at level 85 ty
  17. Shannon Scofield
    Liking the game so far. Only complaint is the wait for coins is slightly ridiculous.
  18. Disappointed
    janel burke
    I like playing, but each time I do, it is worse. I am not getting power ups because "I'm too slow" but I can't daub them if they aren't being called. My credits are gone with no wins at all. Exception being a handful of times I won, however it's only once & so still is instantly gone. Then no more coins for four hours & its not even enough for me to call it pocket change.
  19. Serena Adams
    Love this Bingo app. Got my kids hooked, too.
  20. I Like It!!!
    Jimmy Cargill
    It is just a plain, simple and FUN game of BINGO! And that is exactly what I wanted!!!


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New location - Prasat! Try your luck hunting for treasures in the temple

New language - French!

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