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башенки стратегия защита
товер дефенс
العاب دفاع
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  1. it's OK
    Ďėė Đėė
    needs more tower instead of only 3, would be better if you can make it where we can place towers any where. sometimes the towers would blow up itself needs to be fix
  2. Only 1 real annoyance.
    Robert Taylor
    Great game over all, but it's very very annoying that you can't pause a game and exit out of the game without restarting the level or not exiting the game till the level is over. I would otherwise give this app 5 stars please fix this.
  3. The game play is awesome!
    Ryan Egeler
    The only reason I didn't rate this a perfect score is because of the lack of a standard tutorial. While I understand the basics of how td games work, but it still would've been welcomed. It can get a little annoying, occasionally, trying to figure out where to place a particular turret, but I'm still new to the game, so I'll admit that it may still be because of user error. A story, too, would've been nice, but I get so enveloped in what I'm doing that I tend to forget that there isn't one. It's worth it.
  4. Cool game
    Alaskan Badger
    Its a free download what more do you want. It kills time and the game works... Sad so many people give it low ratings because they can't figure out how to get passed the first level.
  5. LOVE IT
    Timothy Johnson
    its like the best game I'm actually addicted to it and I like playing it mostly on any free time I get I play it but it does get boring sometimes
  6. Fun game
    Glen Rhea
    The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because you can't save a game, if you close the game you have to start all over again.
  7. Game is ok
    Jared Ching
    This game is alright to pass the time, but it has some irritating features. Such as the placement of towers and lack of designated squares featured in other games. Maybe this is supposed to make it more "challenging", but I just found it frustrating. Why would you put one random tower spot in the middle of mountains? And then makes it so the green placement takes so much time you lose valuable upgrades or other placements.
  8. Cool Game
    Howard Fletcher
    Nice game with ok graphics. It takes a little bit to figure out when to upgrade your towers. Gameplay smooth with decent graphics. You'll spend a couple hours on the game and not realize it. you'll think to yourself, " just one more board and then I'm done."
  9. Classic tower defence fun
    Jon Clayton
    Great little game with nice difficulty setting. One gripe would be lack of tower and enemy variety
  10. Buggy
    Ben Dickinson
    Game play has issues when upgrading towers, it will move two towers to the same spot or destroy the tower. The ads are in the way of seeing your money half the time. It's a good game, but the bugs hamper play severely.
  11. I liked this game
    Ralph Kua
    The game is so very nice and beautiful. but the problem is the game is boring and three hearts only when the heart is zero your lose that's why i rate this app three star. but the game is very effort,nice and beautiful that's why this three star is okay to me.
  12. Fun :)
    kieran smith
    Good game not to easy so winning a game makes you feel like a boss!
  13. Great game
    jason boswell
    Levels get incredibly difficult but not impossible... Well done
  14. Bryan Knoell
    Good game but you can't mark specific targets like other tower games and it's annoying.....3 stars for me
  15. Love it
    Jon Hart
    One of the best defense games I've played, strategy is almost the same with how many and which machines you use and upgrade but I still miss one at the beginning of each new map. I love learning where your slowing machines are best put at the start of each new map. I have not yet played the second game but I hope that there is something different with the enemies, such as seeing them possibly fight back or give an aoe forcefield that makes your machines shoot slower so you have to rethink your placement.
  16. Bug issue
    andy Nguyen
    This game is super hard and challenging. Which is fine because easy game are boring. But what I hate most is when I click upgrade a tower, it just disappear, and this happened several time during a level. It didn't sell because I don't see any money being added. So it just disappear on you. All those money you've used to upgrade the towel would be gone and near the end of the game it would make it impossible to beat the level. Which is why I've been stuck on lv 9 for a week.
  17. Addictive but annoying
    Ben Smith
    Great game through the lower levels but gets stupidly hard later on. Guns dont fire at priority targets and they get through. Selectable override of targets would be nice. As would an tuition level
  18. This sucks!!
    clifton harper
    This would be a great tower defense game if the ads wouldn't cover Important info for the game at all times!!
  19. Good to pass the time
    Albert Paulsen
    Well made, just an ad in between each win(not a video)and easy to learn. However it is repetitive with no game play longevity. 2-6 weeks and your going to move on. Good offline game for a long wait in line.
  20. Alien Bard
    Although there are only three basic towers, I hardly noticed once the game got going. Each tower has a large number of upgrades, and some can even change type. In addition, some enemies seem to require special combinations of firepower to destroy, so placement can become very important. The only issue I have run into on my Samsung S3 is that the sound won't stay muted. It restarts after each level, which is annoying since I play these games at night while listening to audio books. Enjoy.


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