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  1. Problem
    cheryl williams
    I love this game but after I have been playing for about 10 minutes it just closes down, its very annoying and spoils my enjoyment. Please fix this.Have reduced to one star and deleted because the problem remains. Shame because Solitaire Tales is brilliant and so could this be if the bug was fixed.
  2. Solitaire Atlantis
    Valerie Mikkelsen
    I really enjoy playing this game. It is challenging and it's nice to get rewards. Some games give nothing or make you work so hard for a pittance.
  3. becky campo
    Wouldnt even have given a 1 star if I had that option. Hate games that tell you ever move to make. Seen nowhere to turn off the hints. It sucks
  4. peggy snyder
    Very challenging! Some levels easy, while others hard. Stuck on a level, but not as bad as stuck in candy crush or candy crush soda. No problems so far.
  5. Frustrated
    Desiree Pisciotta
    I got to a board. (104) that is truly impossible.. So I'm UNINSTALLING THIS APP.. The games should be able to be finished.. Don't give enough cards to even get through a 1/4 of the board
  6. Its not working!
    Adrain Simmons
    I have tried to play the game and it would work! It would lock or it would freeze up. Fix it or take it off.
  7. Sucks!
    Cynthia Wells
    I've been on the same level for 2 weeks! The daily bonus is 25 coins, but the helps cost 100! I have had to flip as many as 12 cards to find a match on the board. I'm ready to uninstall!
  8. Crash
    tonya farmer
    Love the game however it will shut down by its self while im in process of playing n take the life im using when it closes
  9. Solitaire Atlantis
    Sarah Jones
    If there is one thing I hate, it is being told what to play during each level as if I am a child. I understand if it was on the first level to help with new players understand the point of the game, but for every level and not have the ability to remove the "hints" . . . absolutely not. Would have been a fun game to play had it not been for that.
  10. Frustrating!
    Gypsy Adelaide
    Each time I click "try again" the game shuts down & takes me to my ph hm screen ~ frustrating!!
  11. Nope
    William Par
    Ads solicitation should be banned from android devices. Want to make money? Fine! Sell me this game. If it's good enough, I'll buy it. Don't bombard my device with ads when all I want to do is play.
  12. Jane Prey
    If you're someone who is just learning to play solitaire this is an ok game. Personally, I find a game that pretty much plays for me a waste of space on my device. thanks but no thanks.
  13. Anna Marie
    I like the game but it gets frustrating when you can't get any stars. I keep trying to improve my score but there's no way of knowing whether I reached the amount to earn a star or not. I also re-played a level to improve on my 2 star score. I beat my original score that earned the two stars, but was only given one star and thus, it changed my two stars to one on the menu board. Not impressed with the scoring system. I'm thinking of uninstalling if it isn't fixed.
  14. Patricia Newman
    Upset...on level 40 I had won it but it did not register it...sothey said I lost it otherwise I really enjoy it
  15. Constantly crashes
    Rosie Revolt
    Gotta shut it down every couple games or it will crash in the middle. Love the game when I get to play and full hand.
  16. Irma Beaupre
    It's a good game but takes to long to get some of the stuff
  17. Gabriele Urban
    How can I get rid of that annoying hint arrow and box!? More stars if it goes!
  18. Sandy Newman
    How do you turn off the pointer that shows which card to pick I know how to play I don't need the game telling me which card to pick
  19. It WAS a good game...
    Daisy Towne
    I loved the game, besides it being too big for my screen so I couldn't see/ click on some cards, until level 7 where it just froze. Please fix!! Solitairie Tails had same issue
  20. Looks fun but black box's fill half my screen
    John Ahlds
    Game seems fun but on my Asus Transformer Infinity there are major graphic glitches. Big black box's fill half the screen. Android 5.1 is my os


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