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  1. Mad game
    Thanh Pham
    I have been playing for a day and my highest score was 197. After a couple hours it turn back to 10 and my kangaroo is gone. And a few more minutes later i cant turn it on any more. Please fix it. The game is dead in one day
  2. Nice... BUT
    Pranit Singh
    Its a really nice retro game which kills boredom, but I am dope sure that y'all can add more stuff to do in this kinda game like, jumping to floors, the characters having more abilities, etc. All such kind of features can make it at least a 4 star game for me.
  3. Weird
    Eric Hartmann
    Feels like the old game Rampage, but I sometimes die and there's nothing around that could've killed me!
  4. Good game
    Aidan Glover
    This game is fun and addictive and the fact you can buy more characters really keeps you saying to collect the coins although it possibly could use an update to add more stuff in such as power-ups
  5. The ads are very annoying.
    Hans Mancelita
    The ads pop-up mid-game. I seriously dislike games that do this. I understand that you devs need the revenue but this is just unacceptable.
  6. Good game but one problem
    Akwasi Asante
    Good game I like the smashing. I only have one problem. Everytime I buy a person (like the goat) I exit out and when I come back all my characters are gone and I have to replace it. MY HIGH SCORE IS 156. You people are lucky I gave you five stars
  7. Pretty good.
    Oliver R
    It takes some getting used to. Holding back from just smashing the screen. It takes patience and timing to get the right rhythm going.
  8. Good
    simon brown
    Like timberman but better colours and coins to collect so its different enough . I like the retro music too very nostalgic for me , one thing is if you have on two devices when you play it resets score off other device , save data should sync with google play games i had 149 best now its much lower because its hard for me ... please get a cloud sync data to work
  9. Good game but
    Calvin Ho
    The ads making the game a little buggy.. every time when I go very fast, the next start will kinda hang for a while before I can proceed.. and I don't kinda like how the ads are showing.. maybe reduce the number of times ads showing.. to others, this is quite a very easy game.. is not hard at all and I able to keep the timer bar full and going fast at 100+,200+ points..
  10. Other modes!!
    Jorge Velasco
    This app is simple and really fun. Please include a timed mode where it's just about how fast you can take it down (no obstacles). :D great job
  11. Interesting, but the advertisement are quite annoying
    Cloanna Liu
    I think this is a good game, not so complicated but it is funny. A game good for killing time. but I think the advertisement quite annoying. I don't mind there are advertisement but their appear way is annoying, sometimes they delay to appear, so they appear when I am playing not when it is game over. and sometimes they make the game crashed. they are so annoying.
  12. A Smashing Good Time!
    Michael Daaboul
    Simple game where you tap to smash parts of the building avoiding obstacles. That's it, and boy, is it fun! It's satisfying and doesn't feel repetitive thanks to the way the building falls. Always something interesting happening. I would like to see more modes and an upgrade system.
  13. Doesn't keep stats.
    Mitiya Wright
    Despite having about 4,000+ coins, and having crashed about 388 floors, all of my stats have been reset, even my Google play achievements are still there but nothing to show. Would like some assistance with this.
  14. Great time killer and Addictive
    Marlin Tisdale Jr
    The game is so simple yet very easy to get attached to. Has a nice arcade feel that reminds me of rampage accept you don't scale buildings to crush them you do it from the ground. My only gripe is that it doesn't save your currency once the app closes forcing you to build up coins all over again
  15. Overall pretty fun
    thomas matthews
    The gameplay is pretty intense when you rack up a large score and it's really satisfying to finally beat your hi score. One drawback would be that most of the characters are super expensive and difficult to actually unlock.
  16. Add, small issues, etc but likable.
    Ivan Teoh
    It has slightly annoying ads that get shoved to your face but its a fun app. Performance issues at times as well though I don't know if that's my phone's problem. Aside from that there are minor bugs as well, such as at random times my high score and coins get reset 0, and I have to earn them again. And when that happens the characters that I bought will be gone and I'll need to buy them again.
  17. Fun but difficult
    Jac Gould
    It's a really good way to pass the time but it is quite difficult, but I guess if it was easy, it wouldn't be as fun ☺
  18. Cheaters in the leaderboards
    Jerome Clyde Bulanadi
    Top players scored ridiculously over a million? This is not fun anymore!
  19. Pete Gaskell
    Its pants.i kno the sound pixelated graphocs are supposed to be retro.but retro does not equate to abnoying game play. Pac man tetris space invaders! Nuff sed
  20. Good by its own merits
    Jorge Morales
    Not a new concept but I have something that makes it unique. I would love to see the obstacles more longer and not so tiny so I can spot them better. Also would be great if the game run more fluent and smoother (my smartphone it's not the best but it's not that bad Galaxy s4 Active). It kind of drain the battery of my phone and the ads something appears in the middle of the game. Aside from that it's a good game so give it a try.


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