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mgm grand casino game
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sizzling 7 slot machine
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Reviews 87,645

  1. Old School
    This app has that real old school feel. Back when you put coins in slot machines. This is the closet I've found to the real thing!!! Win/Lose ratio is realistic. Fantastic...
  2. Fantastic!
    Agnes Wafer
    I love this game! Reminds me of when I'm in the casino. I try as hard to hit the jackpot as if I was really winning big bucks. The excitement builds every time I see the sizzling 7's roll around! Love the different games it gives you to choose from. Wish they would increase the amount of points you receive for certain rolls of the wheel.
  3. Mary Myrick
    Loving this game new games every week good payouts and graphics bonuses are great when you level up still playing every chance i get. Cant get enough leveled up to 57 now leveled up to 62 now at 67 and still playing
  4. TheGoodLydia
    Its got a good ratio of wins and losses. . Unlike other apps where it gets boring with unrealistic wins. Very realistic. Love it! Addicting!
    Megan Galvin
    Fun,.exciting, hrs of fun, works great.hrs of fun,.love the, wish I.could get the games
  6. Pam Fricano
    This us a fun game but a total rip off! Several times there were hundreds of thousands and even millions of credits that disappeared from my account. I have spent a small fortune on these games. Its absolutely ridiculous!
  7. Old Vegas Style
    yolanda mccrae
    Love love love this game i play this very same slot at the casino the sounds of the coins makes it seem so real and the music it's hard getting the 777 or diamonds but that's what makes it just like being at the casino love it I still love this game love the new games they keep adding each week. Love the new game this week wish I could hit the 7 more or just win more. It's really really hard to get the 777 i wish yiu would go back to the other daily bonus but all in all i still love this game.Trying to re
    Kay Lee
    This is one of my favorite apps. I love the variety of slots from which to choose.
  9. Old Vegas slots
    stacey Jacobson
    Fun g ame full of fun with a fresh game every week that great.
  10. Sandra Smith
    Love this game until you changed the bonus payout I keep only getting 200 so 400 the next day doesn't get you far please think about changing it back thx
  11. Vegas slots
    Joann Myers
    I get more bonus spins and the points keeps stacking up.
  12. Angie Reyes
    This is a favorite of mine. As close to the old school Vegas slots I can play without actually being in Vegas. Love all the game options!!
  13. Old vegas slots
    Sylvia Almaraz
    I really like this game. I have it on my phone and on my tablet. If I could put it on my computer I would! Still my #1 game. I play it every chance I get!!!still my favorite game of all! Still #1 for me!!!
  14. Old vegas
    Tammy Baker
    Love the game just started playing it one of the favorites. I do wish everyone would try it once. I play it every hour soon as my points come in i'm there.
  15. Old Vegas Style Slots
    Linda Thompson
    Love these slots, brings back memories and the payout is really good. Loads of fun and entertaining. Great game
  16. old Vegas Slots
    Shirley A
    Y'all app have problem that's needs too be fix when you buy your coin to play these games it starts ,stop,move slow,take a brake,trying too take your coin that you Just pay for,crap,update no better y'all took my coin ,after updated trying to spinning the maching Just to get my coin ,taking people coin after they won sad y'all needs to do better who ever you're are hope you get caught thief
  17. Jo Womack
    The best slot games like real Vegas slots. You don't always win. You have to pay attention, not just push the enter button.
  18. Bullshit slots
    Anthony Hoffman
    Just plain bullshit!!!!!! Game runs out of coins in 4 mins, they give 2000 coins and take them back almost instantly!!! Dont even bother!!!
  19. Just like real ones
    Deborah Miller
    Kinda like real slots, some days you get to play for a while and other days points are gone in a blink. They are adding games all the time.
  20. Ann Lett
    Used to be a great game until the update and now I can't level up anymore. Stuck at level 101 Not being fixed!!!!!


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