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العاب تسلق
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Monthly active users estimation: 4,000,000

Reviews 344,391

  1. Love it
    Badar Munir
    It's amazing game ... manuganu and manuganu 2 smooth touch and good graphics much better then paid games rayman jungle run & rayman jungle part 2 3 4... I can't wait more games from manuganu team thanks for so amazing game
  2. David Hill
    Great platform game. Fast, smooth, fun. A highly professional production. Recommended!
  3. Great
    Jorge Velilla
    Very good, amazing gameplay and control movements. Sometimes lag messed up the timing. Also, try to minimize the hammer/rocks pendulums hit box - this can make the game a little easier but also help with the stress related to losing 'for an inch'. Sometimes the game is pretty fast so you failed reactively and not because of the level of game control mastering, that's why you got to keep repeating some levels over and over for knowing what to do after certain stage of a level. Hope I helped, bye!
  4. Gorgeous platform runner
    Elijah Natera
    The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. The visuals and audio are just plain gorgeous. No energies, no in-app purchases, just offline platform running fun. Enough to keep you entertained for a short time. Highly recommended.
  5. Best timepasss ★★★★★
    Chaitanya Kumar
    The real gaming starts after playn 5 to 6 levels....its good...but con is dat its sometimes confuse me to use controls bcoz one control has min 3 functions....solve dis issue...
  6. Fun
    Matt James
    Great visuals, fun play and good controls. Way to many ads. Would give 5 stars for option to pay 99c and be ad free. Goggle game sync be nice to
  7. Nice game....
    Amit Das
    Its a good time pass game....its fun to play...nice graphics and smooth play...jst awsome...i wud have given 5 stars but jst dont like one thing....its very short....plzzz add more stages...plzz
  8. Great wee time waster
    John-Paul Rhodes
    Perfect degree of difficulty, looks nice & always runs nice & smoothly. Gonna go get the 2nd incarnation now!
  9. I fvcking love this app!
    Nayara M.
    I'm a pro at this game, gained 3 stars on every single level! None of my friends or siblings can beat me! It's so much fun, I love manuganu!! :D Thumbs up!!
  10. Awesome but
    jeetendra kumar bairagi
    Awesome game the graphics are so better and run are also cool but the pop adds are comes and comes when I die the adds come I can't play very smoothly so I give it 4 stars
  11. Manuganu 1
    Valiant Schijf
    Manuganu is a run & jump platformer. Nice sounds and graphics, nothing too flashy but they certainly cut the cake. Controls exist out of "run or halt" and "jump or slide". The gameplay is easy going and offers a bigger challenge to those who want to get a 3 star score on each level. Because this game makes me feel good when I play it, hasn't glitched or bugged on me so far and doesn't annoy me with advertising for things I don't want or need it gets a 5 star rating from me. Recommended !!!
  12. Jorge Guberte
    I have to start with saying that i am not a fan if this genre. But Manuganu is so polished, so beautiful and engaging that i actually enjoyed playing it... a lot. The attention to details on this game is superb, the graphics are simply gorgeous and silky smooth. The gameplay is very fluid. One of the best games on the Play Store. I rarely say this, but kudos to the developer!
  13. The game looks great and controls are accurate.
    Erica Crawford
    It's pretty repetitive but overall I can't complain. I've paid for plenty of games that weren't near as good as this game. The ads are small unobtrusive ads that only show up after complete a level & they completely close when you click the x. The graphics look really good, sound fx sounds really good. Props to the developer(s)
  14. Can't stop playing
    Virginia Tinsley
    My children and i love this game .. Beautiful and fun slightly difficult but the game with practice is easy to learn ..i do love this game
  15. Just legendary..
    Vala guru
    Nice graphics, and it gets tougher as the level goes by. I'm just using a low~end device and it is running just prefectly
  16. Don't listen to other
    Rahul Urkude
    superb superb superb game you have to play it first then think do wht ever u want to do.... But there is to be More level....
  17. Good game
    R. Alnajjar
    Beautiful because some levels are difficult. The good thing is that you get several attempts.
  18. A finessed game
    Brian L
    I'm hooked. Great animation and easy gameplay with a shallow learning curve. $ quality, without a doubt. This developer should jump in to the Indie scene, push this to PC and get noticed! The sequel? Also great.
  19. Simple, smooth and great
    Shesh Kumar Bhombore
    Very good game... Total masti and fun. Ads are annoying though.. Should disable wifi and play. Nevertheless, its fun!!
  20. Really fun game!
    Imagine Julii
    My mom sent me this game and I thought it would be silly. I was so wrong, something about this is both fun and addictive. I love seeing how far I can go with this little guy. You will not be disappointed in its challenging adventure.


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