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  1. Good but some problems
    Stuart Parr
    It's picky about names and won't accept some valid spellings. Also lists capital of Israel as Jerusalem which is wrong, it's Tel Aviv.
  2. One of the best apps for capitals
    Hranush Mezhlumyan
    This is a great app for people who want to MAKE STRONGER their KNOWLEDGE of capitals and other info. I don't agree with many reviews here. This is not a app to learn capitals from zero. You can find many other apps with 4 choices. I solve other quizzes much easier. Because I can guess at least by knowing 3other versions. This one is for taking your time, thinking and working until I can remember ALL capitals without a doubt. The only little problem is some wrong spelling. Use a LIST in that cases. Thanks!
  3. Improvement suggested
    Angela Bobbett
    Would give it 5 stars but wish the capital city disappeared from the list once it is used correctly --- or at least have the choice to choose playing in that mode.
  4. City names incorrect
    Mike K
    It's a good quiz game, but sometimes it has the wrong city names. Example: one of the questions is "what is the capital of the USA?". The correct answer is "Washington, DC." Unfortunately, the game counts that as wrong, insisting the answer is "Washington." While Americans sometimes refer to the capital as Washington (without the DC part), that's more or less slang. Washington DC is a district on the eastern side of the US, whereas Washington is a state in the northwest.
  5. Sanchizel Mynizel
    WTF these people r great u shuld make make more logo quizzes they t fun and my brain frels like it's having a brain storm exetion ****these ppl that say dis game is a piece of Shit cozz guess wat's not ok maybe a little ...BUT STILL
  6. terrible app....
    Jeff Denis
    Most of the answers are written wrong... completely useless and ridiculous app.
  7. Malin Johansson
    The capital of Yemen is Sana'a but its not accepting that answer I even tried different spellings
  8. Ok
    Mike Worsdale
    Some countries don't have the capital righy and others have the least obvious capital(when a country has more than one capital) eg South Africa
  9. Missing capitals
    Marion Craig
    I know that the capital of China is Beijing. It tells me no. Myanmar and Kiribati will not let me put in their capitals.
  10. Sucks!
    Jenny Ross
    I live in the U.S. and I know the capital is Washington, D.C. I entered it as many ways as possible without it being spelt wrong and it still said wrong answer!! Uninstalling it. Waste of my time and phone storage.
  11. Poor and unchallenging
    Enrique Gonçalves
    It have so many errors in the capital names, and wrong ones. The game have a poor desing, and is unchallenging, it doesn't make me want to keep playing.
  12. Good but ...
    Khalid Ngadi
    Good and funny game but the mistake is let western Sahara as a country, actually Western Sahara doesn't exist because it's Moroccan
  13. Shows wrong on even correct answers
    Deepak Joshi
    India has the capital Delhi it's showing that wrong and many other answers which were correct it shows that it's wrong
  14. Answers are wrong
    Gunnar Thor Örnólfsson
    This game is useless, it won't accept correct answers, even with the correct accents. E.g. Bogotá of Colombia
  15. Dawn Keir
    Quite good but need to check of cities when used also tel Aviv is capatail of Israel not jerusalem
  16. Maricel Cordoves
    I love these game because I known these can help my children.
  17. Too many Mistakes!
    Changwei Xiong
    The answer here about Israel, South Korea are all wrong, also the country details does match the truth!
  18. Capital
    amy Sanogo
    This game is good for education and helps u know your capitals
  19. Michal Waszkiewicz
    This app doesn't know it capitals! Poor
  20. Good
    Michael Sheridan
    Overly simplistic but a good app.. Really helps to identify what you do and do not know




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