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are you smarter than a 5th grader
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iq tests
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  1. Not great
    matt baxter
    You can't just plop a periodic table down that you can barely make out and circle oxygen then not explain what your looking for. Makes no sense. You ask for a hint then it says periodic table really? Duh. So big hint then oxygen in its molecular form ahhhh o2 so it's more like here's a picture and guess what it is I'm looking for.
  2. Einstein
    arvind venkatesan
    Seriously makes you think so hard that you might eventually turn into Einstein..... But seriously a great game and really widens your horizon on intellectual thinking
  3. A lot of fun...
    Christian Rommel
    I really like this app as the riddles are difficult and fun to solve. But on the other hand the rating system of your personal IQ doesn't make much sense as you can easily get a high IQ
  4. Doesn't make sense
    jaren godblaster
    While some of the levels can be either easy or challenging, some just don't make any sense whatsoever and the hints being incredibly vague. Even with all the hints some puzzles leave me saying wtf just happened. Still there are moments where the game does intrest me and challenges my thinking but I can't help but focus on the negative
  5. Good app.
    Kahar Muzzakar
    Has lots of great puzzle. It's really challenging. On the other hand, the IQ scoring system badly needs a change if you want to accurately measure the IQ points.
  6. 2 Mistakes
    Bob Hatami
    There is a mistake in Question 36, hint, big help. It is written: 24-19=4 It should be: 24-20=4 There is a mistake in question 39: At the middle of the right star, there should be V not U. Because the sum up of the opposite letters, is 22. And 22nd of alphabets is V. (that is written U by mistake).
  7. Edgaras Rasikas
    Well, it's nicely done, beautiful. But the first minute i started playing it, i had already encountered a mathematical mistake, so the creators should check the puzzles that there wouldn't be any mistakes left, and it will be an excellent app.
  8. Asus transformer prime
    brian franklin
    Would give it 5 stars if not for the fact that you can't make out some of the puzzles; they're so small and indistinct...... and I'm using a 10`` tablet. Wouldn't consider using it on a phone.
  9. Love it!
    Sherry Jung
    I've been seeking for this kind of games. It's fun though some levels are pretty easy while the some others got me stuck for an hour ^_^. I like it so much and I intend to clear the Master Levels.
  10. Easy 5
    Ra' T
    This is so far the best puzzle and IQ game I came across in the play store, give it a try, you won't regret it.
  11. Mildly entertaining but flawed
    Timothy Olson
    Fun, but glaring issues. This definitely needs explanations of the logic behind the solutions, as well as a reexamining of possible answers. On several occasions, I found an answer that worked, but the game wanted a different answer, one which to me, made no sense. Other puzzles are lacking in explanation or data, again resulting in multiple possible answers. Last and definitely least, I was mildly annoyed the game denied a numerical answer for accidentally including a extra zero on the front.
  12. Good
    Sherrilee Franks
    So far so good! No issues. I was looking for IQ games and this is perfect. It also keeps track which is cool. Edit: Just did #39 and I think the overlapping triangles on the far right are incorrect. #42 as well.
  13. Miriam Weathersby
    It gets quiet difficult, I love the challenges. Retraining all those little gray brain cells that have been dormant since HS :). Nice app.
  14. Best
    Kevin Pryor
    One of the best games I've played on a phone. A couple of the questions I believe have typos or multiple possibilities for answers, but was still able to figure them out without losing any points.
  15. Great Thinking APP!!
    Shannon Sturgis
    This app really exercises the mind. Every level gets harder and harder. I love games that really make you think. And this one is definitely one of my favorites. A must download for anyone who likes a challenge!! A+++++++
  16. Can't turn off the noise
    Frank Sappell
    Even before playing my first game, I became frustrated. I turned off the music, but was then unable to turn off the sound. After exiting and restarting the game, I could turn off the sound but not the music, which annoyed me even more than the sound effects. Why does this app even have sounds? I would think that concentration would be a key to success, and Sinosynth music inhibits that. [Galaxy S5]
  17. Very good brain workout
    Jose Fernandez
    I would just give it a 4 star to give space to further enhance this great brain workout for IQ tests enthusiasts like's both challenging and entertaining..waiting for that refined version.
  18. Good, But not accurate
    Arushit Mudgal
    So the puzzles are fun, Some are so silly to be thought and some are quite good, but the only problem is that the IQ being evaluated is not accurate cause anyone can get a 120+ IQ through this which is somewhat absurd, Right?! Overall a good app for brain exercise.
  19. Number 28.
    Eric Pare
    Every question is fine until number twenty eight. This question can have multiple answers depending on what the author of the question wants you to achieve. Please review this question and refine to make sure that only one answer can be achieved. Other then that it's great.
  20. IQ Test
    Robert Meredith
    I have had an amazing experience with this app. By far one of the most challenging games I've ever confronted. This app will keep teaching even if you have failed.... It's Awesome!!!


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