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العاب بقر
العاب بقره


Monthly active users estimation: 9900000


Flávio Miyamaru | Partner CEO at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Renato Lochetti | Product Manager at Tapps Games, CSPO

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil |

Bruno Barbosa Ramalho | Game Designer

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Epaminondas Neto | Game Designer at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Reviews 541,599

  1. Samuel Murray
    Good Арр! Also try "WILD WALLET" - Моnеy Online! Dоwnlоаd "Wild Wallеt" Right Now! Do not forget to еntеr My Воnus С о d е : 1072816
  2. Heard of crack?
    Francisco Cruz
    This game is exactly like this. Once you download this game you will not be able to pit your phone down. I have been playing this game nonstop for about a month I think. Stay away...
  3. Crazy additive
    Andrea Baker
    I am so addicted to this game I have to force myself to write this review because I didn't want to stop playing to write it. I need help lol.
  4. I totally suck at playing games,
    Dee G
    But this shiznit is the bomb! Its easy, repetitive, and involves COWS! Just like the little blue pill, it keeps you going for hours. A moooooo-tacular matching game. Enjoy bitches!!!
  5. Oddly addictive
    Natalie Lintner
    I actually did not like this game at first, but I just couldn't stop. I'm not sure if I even like it now...
  6. Wait what day is it
    Jessica Gordon
    I'm super addicted... gotta go cows ain't gonna mutate themselves!
  7. I ruined my life
    Donovan Erskine
    If you don't want to be attached to anything DON'T DOWNLOAD I have currently spent 45 straight hours on this app
  8. Most addicting game ever
    Marshelle Tomasko
    I just finished this game completely and now I don't know what else to do with my life. It's so simple yet it will change you forever. Also I love that you don't need to pay money to get diamonds, they're really easy to get by just playing the game. Now I need to go download the other animal versions of this so I can have another one to beat
  9. Great game!
    Cronos M
    Simple, fun, and addictive. This game is tuned very well so you never need to buy anything to enjoy it! Please make one with cats!!!
  10. Addicting Game!
    Ember Flame
    This game is loads of fun, and plus, it's free! Some of the cows have pretty weird looking designs. I already recreated the universe and I'm close to doing it again. I would recommend this game to anyone.
  11. Addicted
    karl stansfield
    Never thought mutating cows would be so addicting but it is.... must not get to influenced it is a game!!?
  12. Broken
    James Cantwell
    So, I have played this game for a couple of days and I seem to have run into a problem. I recreated the universe and played that for about 10 minutes after. Then, when I came back on this morning I had discovered that it went back to the beginning again ( where it made me buy a cow) I opened a crate and found that my purchases are still there, so it gave me Hypercow. But it continues to ask me to buy the 'crate every ten seconds'. Any help?
  13. Can't put down
    Amy Massie
    This is a very addicting game. I find myself picking up my phone to check on the cows
  14. Cow Evolution etc...
    Joseph Dyess
    It's very interesting, and it's fun to find out what cow you will evolve, but it can get repetitive, but other than that all their "evolution" games are great.
  15. Be Ba
    I'm afraid I'm not finding this as addictive as everyone says it is. Drag cows onto other cows, wait 10-20 seconds for more cows, rinse & repeat forever. It's mildly entertaining at first because of the silly variations on cows, but I didn't find it enough of a hook to keep going.
  16. LOL
    Wei Teh
    Super Addictive... Like first u get an evolution then u go like yay then u cant stop and keep playing
  17. Great fun but...
    Terry Brooks
    Entertaining and extremely addicting, but app often fails while loading so only 4 stars.
  18. Totally addictive
    George Webber
    I thought I'd give this game a try... I can't stop. Help me.
  19. I definitely recommend this game!
    Lindsey Gilbert
    Omg this game is awesome. I can't put it down. It's goofy and silly in a good way.
  20. Love It
    Leah Monsalud
    This game is awsome. Its the perfect thing to do when youre bored. Plus the cows are sooo cute!


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