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пошаговые стратегии


Monthly active users estimation: 250,000


Maxim Aga | Software Engineer at Spooky House Studios

Chisinau, Moldova |

Alexey Ceban | Game developer at Spooky House Studios

Moldova |

Dima Colibaba | Game Developer at Spooky House Studios

Chisinau, Moldova |

Alexey Ceban | Game Developer

Reviews 42,407

  1. Best game for your phone
    Kevin Eden
    This game is as deep as it is entertaining. Honestly, this is the only game I play on my phone and I do so because it has unparalleled strategic game play with other real, live humans. It's easy to play at whatever skill level you're comfortable with (there are many skill levels) and access a large community of skilled players. 3, 4,6, and 8 player games take this to another level. I hope everyone understands that this game is the best around, guaranteed.
  2. Best Strategy Out There
    Richard Frazier
    Smooth, stable gameplay and great look. All skill levels represented online. Could use new units/races as this version is getting long in the tooth. Ability to keep veteran armies with additional skills would make this 5 star for me.
  3. Tremendously fun strategy game.
    Safety Neal
    This game has 100s of maps generated by users. Play against bots or humans.
  4. Very Simple
    Ian Carlo
    simple and easy to play, very fun and excellent time waster.
  5. Great
    Grim Reaper
    Easy to learn, but difficult to master. The campaign teaches about each race and gameplay elements, and multiplayer keeps things challenging. The only flaw is that the maps in online matchmaking are often unbalanced. Yes, they are symmetrical, but they seem to cater to certain races. For example, some maps have a lot of impassable terrain, which allows fliers to have a huge advantage.
  6. Amazing game
    Ruben Wikhaug
    Amazingly fun game. At times the match is determined within the first couple of rounds. But when you meet someone equal to your skill,it'll the the most intense match
  7. Best game ever created!!
    Richard DiPersio
    This game is better than Chess, Risk, Axis & Allies, Battleship, Stratego, and StarCraft all put together!!!
  8. Great game.
    Brendan Thompson
    Uniwar has been going strong for years. It's a fun little game with an active community, committed developers, and regular tournaments. Well worth a purchase.
  9. No tutorial
    Brandon Wright
    I Have no idea what I'm doing
  10. Joel Manley
    Great strategy game coupled with great support! Get this game!
  11. Finally
    Ian Harrison
    I played this game years ago on my old ipod and loved it, now it's back and great as ever
  12. Awesome Multiplayer TBS
    Steve Abram
    I originally had this on iphone and played it every day for a year. 2 years later, I just got it for my nexus 5 and its still awesome! Great work devs!
  13. Best game on android
    Donovan Kirk
    Had an issue with the app, developers responded quickly and shortly after updated the app with a resolution. Really, very good service and a great game with a lot of depth.
  14. Robert Grantz
    uniwar error "the coordinate where you want to move is terrain that is capturable" ???
  15. Esteban Guzman
    Great game and great support from devs.
  16. Game needs to expand in terms of social...
    Vivek Jindal
    Very less people have this game just because game is overpriced.. I wish if the game gets free so I could play with my friends... Anyways great game though..... ***UPDATE*** i love open gl, but please give the old music back. new music totally sucks and irritating.
  17. Amazing.
    Bob Usualis
    Thanks to Open GL, my phone and this game are in harmony. Uniwar is back.
  18. Great playability
    Claudie Grayson
    Love this game. Not an online player. Would like to see an additional campaign or maps.
  19. Best turn base I have played to date
    Mark Nienhaus
    Reminds me Starcraft, but in turnbase. Active community. Great tournaments.
  20. Dave Murphy
    Been playing this game for 4 years now. What more can I say?!


What`s new

- Fixed automatic end turn in Blitz mode
- Improved public chat room
- Fixed bug with showing damage preview of buried underlings
- In Wormhole, enemy bases behind FOW will default to initial ownership
- Simplified process of joining teams
- Wormholes are available also for coins or rewarded video ads.
- Added public chat messages for finished game replays.
- Public messages are linked to specific game action and are displayed as popup during replay.



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