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Miglė Šaulytė | CMO at TutoTOONS, CEO at UAB "Edukacinės sistemos"​

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Miglė Šaulytė | CMO at TutoTOONS, CEO at UAB "Edukacinės sistemos"​

Lithuania |

Mantas Kavaliauskas | CEO, TutoTOONS

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Mantas Radvila | Co-Founder at TutoTOONS (

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Reviews 26,340

  1. It's okay
    Lilly Nuzum
    Well it suck because it only has two plaçes in that big house and I don't have a credit card so it is really hard to unlock the fun places ,so im really frustrated and I would give you a 5 of the rest of the house was easy to unlock
  2. Love it
    indra ramsamooj
    Sweet game it's lovely and I am so impressed with the game
  3. Really fun amazing but one thing
    Kimber Hugill
    I loved the game so much but I don't like that I have to buy every one
  4. Ruby Bailey
    This is a good game but I shouldn't have to bye the rest of the levels that's how you make people not want to download this game you need to fix that
  5. Sweet
    Amy Runyon
    I Love it so much!!! I'm have been trying to find games for my niece and tuto tunes are the perfect games for her to play I even enjoy playing them and my niece isn't born yet but she can come anytime now!!!!!
  6. It's okay
    Erin Le Roux
    It's not so nice because you have to unlock things maybe you should ask for the money you collect to be the things you need to unlock the other places
  7. Not enough to do
    Vanilla Wafers
    There's only three rooms to work with, I think they're should be more free rooms
  8. I love this game my sister love's this so I think you should download it for me the app
    Tazul Islam
    I love this game. My sister love's this so I think you should download this and the you need coin's I can't believe how much fun. I'm just so happy for my own self and my sister.
  9. Okay
    Zoey Vickery
    I like the game but it could be better by making it were you win the levels
  10. Liked it
    Zykerriyah Speights
    I like it because it have cleaning in it so tha t what I like the game it have pool and you have to cleaning everything to
  11. Loved it
    ZombiemonsternamedAlyssa12 Zombies12
    This game is kinda fun not really
  12. Sweet Baby girl
    Manju Jayant
    This game is my friend then i'm beanig ACP I kinaape you just jooking
  13. I love it because it's amazing amazing and funny
    Carter Ortiz
    Oh you will like it because description you can follow because I do not never care
  14. It's ok
    Harmorisa Cooper
    It would be good if you could unlock the other levels.
  15. Sweet baby girl clean up 3
    Shirley Bremby-kiah
    I love to clean up the house and it make me clean up my real house
  16. Like it
    Adisen Angus
    Get the game but if you get the game you have to wait a while to be on the next level so get the game or do not get the fame you would get the game bye
  17. The information in any way I could do a little bit of the day
    Delon Wardlow
    Dear Sir please find my updated resume
  18. Sweet baby clean up 3
    Kaylee Andrade
    I love is game but all of the levels are look there are allne2 unlook
  19. Kyla Mummy
    Its OK but I want the things that are loked 5 stars
  20. sweet baby pony.
    Erricka Morring
    And it awesome game you have to get it on play store or you can call it app store


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