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Muhammad Bushnaq | Co-Founder at The Black Shield

Kafr Manda, HaZafon (North) District, Israel |

Lars Koschin | Founder / CEO Spectacle Games

Münster und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Aaron Holdsworth | Product Manager - Spectacle Games

Walnut Creek, California |

Reviews 30,793

  1. Randomly deletes your profile
    Jason Severson
    Perspective from a Note 4: There's nothing special about this game. It would be OK for an android MMO if you didn't randomly lose your progress after a server restart. MMO's live and die based on the progress of your character. This makes the game complete garbage. On a side note, the resolution is unacceptably bad on a 10.5 inch tablet. Don't waste your time. Uninstalled...
  2. Grinding simulator 2015
    Marshall Lewis
    2 much grinding 4 me. And the starter ship is not at all useful, maby a cut down on the ship recorce will be helpful, until then, 2/5
  3. Fun free and flawed
    Christopher Riley
    While the game play is fun it is difficult to play. Bugs interfere badly. Pop ups will block your entire screen in the middle of combat and other times they won't go away. And for the past 24 hours the game won't even load so I can play
  4. Lollipop firmware updated again now can't even get logged on to play.
    S.t B.
    Disappointed its been 3 days(Apr.12) and more now. Google fixes something then dev has to fix
  5. Good game, but bad management.
    jason teed
    The game itself is fun but there is alot of grinding for gold mats to make a better anything, and they drop very seldom. I have no problem supporting the developers, which I have, but the pricing is crazy for a mmo that doesn't have a consistent play base. The wars are very one sided cause after most people play they join the winning side, and the weapons are over powered for lower level players. I'm level 32 and I get hit afew times and I'm toast, makes the game alot less enjoyable.
  6. Muy malo
    julio reynoso
    No puedo iniciar sesión con facebook :)
  7. Pls fix
    Josh L
    Can u guys pls fix something 1.when i play it on my phone its takes so long to load 2.when i kill some players it lag to much can u guys fix the game thanks
  8. I likey.
    Barry Saul
    Well done, their are some bugs but nothing that can be fixed. Looking forward to a game that can keep me interested and this could be the one. I definitely recommend this to those who love a good space game.
  9. Very nice game really like it but BUGS NOT FIXED v1.0.28
    Matt Trudgeon
    CAN'T CONNECT TO SERVER ON ASUS MEMO AND SGS5 I've just Googled it and massive amounts of people on many devices including hardwired pc's with same issue. SERVER works for a day then stops working for 3 or 4 days and repeats the process :-( I use optic fibre Wi-Fi and other online games work just fine. How are we supposed to complete daily challenges when the server can't do its job and stay upppp on a daily basis ?? @[email protected]
  10. Alan Wiese
    Your server must of been down because its working now this game is my favorite.
  11. I got Problems
    Eddrie Xyz
    When i start the game everything seems fine but it sometimes say I cant connect with the server..I could live with that but there is another whenever i successfully connected to the server and play, It is unresponsive and i cant do anything.I cant move the ship, cant write a message, etc...Fix this please...Im looking forward to play this game..
  12. For v1.0.28
    Andre Nelson
    Won't load, gets stuck 'connecting to server' as at 6th April. Can't do anything...
  13. Game breaking bugs
    Guilherme Peixoto
    Got my solar stolen and cannot type more than 1 message in chat can only spam same message
  14. Deep game play in deep space
    Michael Turner
    This is a full on MMO for the tablet and mobile. Combat is dual stick and works great on my Note 4. Join a fight group and make sure you are ready for a fight when you go into the PVP zones.
  15. Wont connect
    ant gar
    After I log in it just shows connecting to sever... and nothing happens and I was playing fine the other day.
  16. Fix this
    Lahiru Sampath
    I have better internet connection. But this game told me everytime don't have any internet connection
  17. Explosive Action!
    Allen Pace
    Has more action than any other 3D space game!
  18. Good game
    Bobby Shaughnessy
    I came off the game for about a yeah but now im playing it again. Its not a bad game
  19. Amazing
    Matt Wheeler
    This game is really cool! I wasn't expecting it to be as addicting as it is, but the gameplay mechanics and the graphics are pretty top notch! The only issue I have with the game are that my move and shoot controls spans out and freeze. I've been killed several times because of this, but its otherwise something that can be dealt with by not touching the screen for a few seconds. This game is really worth downloading.
  20. jonathan jorgenson
    Sweet games but crashes every 5 min no lie. Gets a little unnerving


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