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Josh Brooks | Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing at Jam City

Greater Los Angeles Area |

David Schulman | Vice President Production, Jam City Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Lexi Biglow | Executive Assistant to CTO and COO at Jam City

Santa Monica, California |

Chris DeWolfe | CEO and Co-Founder at Jam City

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Reviews 36,992

  1. Great game!
    galen johnson
    Very fun and addictive also. Updates were nice too thanks for a great game..
  2. Sonia Trecartin
    Ugh... I figured I'd give this game a try and see if I would like to play it... I would but I can't because it keeps kicking me off... I would rate it 5 star's if I could play it... I going to delete it and come back to it in a month to see if it has been fixed..
  3. Don't waste your time
    J.R. Steed
    I am so tired of this game constantly stopping while I am playing it. Not only does it cost me a life, but just as I am about to win the level after spending money to buy coins, it just quits. I would gladly give it 5 stars, but I have lost too much money on this game. I am about to uninstall it.
  4. Very clever, cute & fun
    Kelley Appleby
    Would totally be 5 stars but many times I have touched say 7 of 1 color, thinking they're selected and then it leaves 1 or more unaffected; making me feel ripped off a little *&* and there are boards where each turn there is only ONE play even possible...with no way to make an enhancement and you just waste your lives.
  5. Simon Chong
    Initially very nice game but once you reached level 225 and above, almost 97% of the levels are very hard. Players are slapped with THE VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM OF INSUFFICIENT MOVES versus CRAZY BIG COLLECTING ORDERS!!! Level 238, 255, 258 and 264 are levels of death! 264 is impossible to pass!!! Please fix these levels now cause NOBODY STAND A CHANCE TO PLAY THE LATEST NEW LEVELS!!! Have deleted this game because of level 264!!!
  6. Addicting
    I love this game. Wish we could mix colors of arrows instead of just with same color. I get lots of different colored arrows together. Maybe with update?
  7. I'm Addicted!!!
    Karla Rich
    Love this game it has it's moments just like any other game. Fun addicting game, I play it daily!
  8. Fun
    Carol Cooper
    Fun but I have trouble getting the string to start sometimes and I can't always tell if the last one is selected.
  9. Awesomely Awesome!
    John Nunez
    Addictive beyond words. New levels changing up strategy approach frequently.
  10. Marti ODell
    Just different enough from the other match three games to be really fun, sometimes frustrating but makes you want to come back for more.
  11. Stephanie Drew
    Now ive hit level 150 the game will not load at all
  12. Not good
    Tonya Watts
    I may have liked it but it don't show me how many moves I got & the land is already colored!
  13. Barbie-Sue Steele
    really love the game just need to put more special things like a wheel you can spin and get stuff on it like these type of games have
  14. Use to be good
    Sam Large
    Now the upgrade if you hit more than two arrows or a big hit the game becomes Unresponsive so I'm stuck on the same level now! Stupid upgrade
  15. Disappointed
    Alea Arsha Al Mufty
    Honestly i really loved this game. Having so much fun when playing. The monsters is cute.. but please tell me why, i cannot open the games. I cant play with these cutes monster anymore :'( please fix it and i gave u 5 star.
  16. Pretty good
    Kristla Wingo
    I really like this game. I wish they'd make it more challenging. Increase the difficulty as player move forward.
  17. Paint monsters
    Jessica Ferreira
    It is a very fun game so play it!☆★
  18. Painting
    Relien Lita
    5 stars just pls. Fix game it always hang..loving the challenges..
  19. This is a real fun game you will it so much
    Ernestine Williams
    Fun Fun Fun I it so much
  20. Kayla Johnson
    I wish there was more of a goal, but it's a pretty enjoyable game.


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